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Brevene på norsk

(to a cousin in the U.S.A., whom he had never met)

My father wrote this in English, and I've left it unchanged.

Brev 8 og brev 9 var skrevet på engelsk og jeg har ikke oversatt dem til norsk. Dette skaper litt forvirring i linkene, men benytt linken øverst til venstre for å komme tilbake til den norske brevlisten.

M/T Thorshov, November 4-1944 (in New York).

My Dear Grace.

Thank you very much for your very interesting letter which I received from you when I was in Africa.
It was very kind of you to write me. Your letter were dated 6/4-41. I wrote you at once, but I don't think you have got my letter because it was very difficult to get any letter through the censor that time. I was interned a long time, had little and bad food. The last three months before the American came, I was in a consentration camp 350 miles south of Oran. It was a terrible place in the desert, sun and sand and of course very hot, so I was very glad to get out of it. I was working for the American Navy for some time, but later as a Norwegian I had to join a Norwegian ship, and since then I have been sailing all about. I am now onboard a Norwegian oil tanker. We use to have 14 days in the Atlantic and two-three days in port, so we are almost always at sea. But it is all the same to me. I hope the war soon is over, so I can be able to send a letter home and get an answer without any German interference.
You told me you were working in a Carnegie Public Library, but I suppose you had to quit the job for the benefit of war production, if so I think you will be able to get your job back again as soon as the war is over if you wish to.
I should like to visit you in Dell Rapids and uncle John too, but I have not got time enough to do so, I am probably going to pay off in an American port some time after Christmas, and then I will be glad to visit my friends (it would be another year and a half before he could finally go home).
My twin sister and I was born in 1918. My sister is married and live in Norway. My other sisters are older than I, except one. She is 19 year old. I have two brothers, both past thirty.
As you may know, my father passed away in February 1942, 62 year old (I think he's mistaken here, Conrad died January 6-1943 as far as I know). I have not been home since 1937. I feel a little lonesome occasionally, but having plenty of work and much to learn, I am too much occupied to feel homesick, and find the life and my job very interesting.
I wrote your mother when I was in Philadelphia for some days ago, I hope she has got my letter.
We are now laying in New York only for a night. When I get more time, I will write you a longer letter. I would appreciate hearing from you and your family. Wishing you the best of health, and complete happiness.

Very truly yours,
Odd Conrad Holm
M/T Thorshov. The Norwegian Shipping and Trade Mission. New York. N.Y

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