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Brevene på norsk

(to a cousin in the U.S.A.)

Translated into English in 1941 by the recipient's mother, who was my father's first cousin.
I've left it unchanged.

The Norwegian original is dated Casablanca, May 28-1941. My father and his shipmates from the S/S Ringulv were sent to the first prison camp at the very beginning of July, 1941. The envelope is in bits and pieces, but the following can be made out: It has been opened in Morocco; inside an oval stamp it says "ouvert - YB 604 - par les autorite de controle", and then it looks like it has been opened and checked again in Lisbon, Portugal on June 18-1941. It has a large sticker that says "OPENED BY EXAMINER 4128". In the top right hand corner of the same sticker it says in smaller letters "P.C. 90". On the back of the envelope there's also a red, circular stamp about the size of a dime with the number 10 inside it. It's impossible to read the date on the postal stamp but it looks like it was sent from Safi, Morocco on June 5-1941. It has three, beautiful Moroccan stamps, a 1 Franc, a 5 Franc and a 10 Franc stamp.

My dear Grace.

It was agreat surprise and pleasure for me to receive aletter from you dated Dell Rapids 6 of april-41 It was very kind of you to write me and Thanks alot for the lovely picture of you and 2 brothers.
I received aletter from uncle John some time ago, and I answered imediately
I was born 16-12-1918 together with sister Anna, we are twins in good old Norwegian language. I have 2 brothers the oldest 30 – the other 27, also 6 sisters the youngest 16 the oldest 29, 9 altogether I have not been home for 4 years. When the war started in norway, I was on my way home. But had to turn back, wich I was glad of. It was afull year I heard nothing from home But now I received 15 letters in ashort while. I see there by all our family is living. I don't know if you read norwegien. Your mother can read it for you
the first year of the war I sailed in the war zone then. There were many nasty things to be seen there we laid for 2 months under steady bombing. But we wont give up we will win in the end. the years I have been at sea I have been in many citys both on the east and west coast. I like America very much. It is the best land in the whole world. You can very well be very proud of your land there.
I see by your letter you are workin in alibrary. There you have access to much good reading. vi have here aboard many things (the original actually says "we have here aboard nothing"). you understand we are laying here interned. But in time we will be freed. The greatest part of the people are Arabian, and very unpleasent to deal with If I had had your address sooner, I should have visited you. But will now at the first oppertunity. one picture is of anorwegien church at foreign port. Hope you write soon in your language. I have also wrote your mother

Yours. Wery. Truly
Odd Conrad Holm

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