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Brevene på norsk

(to an uncle in the U.S.A.)
Translated by Siri Lawson
(using the same wording, punctuation and capitalization as in the original Norwegian version).

Written in Morocco about a month before he was sent to the first prison camp. On both sides of the envelope the following is stamped inside an oval: "Ouvert (which is French for "opened") YB604 par les autorites de controle", and there's also a sticker which says "Controlé" in big letters along one short edge of the envelope. On the back of the envelope there's a little red circle about the size of a dime with the number 10 inside it. The stamps have been removed.

Safi-Africa May 5

Dear uncle John.

I received your letter a few days ago, for which I thank you very much. It was pleasant to hear from you and to see that you all are doing well. You think I'm a son of uncle Aksel's, but I'm not. I was born at Holmstrø, where you were born too, and I'm Conrad's son. We are 3 brothers and I'm the youngest. I have 6 sisters the oldest is 30 years old, and the youngest is 16 years old. I'm a twin and am 22 years old as you may know uncle Aksel has 2 sons and 1 daughter who are still living. I have received 10 letters from Norway since Christmas and from those I see that all of ours are still living, and that's more than I expected, after what has happened. My father Conrad has lately been sick, but is better now. He writes that he has had a letter from uncle John. Your sister Laura lives in Heggedal she has, as you probably know a son. Since I left home I've visited them, and they were doing well. There are many in Hegra who have fallen in the war and among them many of my Friends. it has now been 4 years since I was in Hegra, and since then I have travelled around in the wide world, and have seen and experienced a lot, especially the last 2 years. It has now been over a year since I was in the States. I've been to several cities both on the east and the west coast and like the States very much. I wish I were there, but I don't have an entry visa. You say that Alma Wilson is writing to me I don't think I know her (she was his 1st cousin), but I know her relatives in Trondheim. They visited us when I was at home (this is probably somebody else). I hope I receive her letter. If I were to send some money over there would you, uncle take care of it, because if I get to live I'll, maybe not until after the war come and visit you. I'll have to end this for now, and hope you all will keep well.
I'm healthy and am doing well under the circumstances. I'm on board a Norwegian ship (S/S Ringulv).

Hearty greetings Odd Conrad Holm
Konsulet De Norwege
Casablanca French Morocco

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