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Brevene på norsk

(to an uncle in the U.S.A.)
Translated by Siri Lawson

Dated Casablanca, March 9-1941, just a few months before he was sent to the first prison camp. Letters 5 through 9 were recently (June 2000) sent to me by a newly discovered relative here in the U.S.A., the great grandson of my father's uncle Johan.

Good uncle Johan.

I will now take the opportunity to write a few words to you. My name is Odd Conrad Holm, and I'm the son of Conrad, I was born 16-12-1918 and am a twin. You may have seen me as I seem to remember father telling me you were home at that time. I have now been out at sea since 1936 and haven't been to Hegra since. During this time I have been travelling about the world have also been to America a few times, which I really liked, I wish I were there again. Since I left home I have been to Heggedal to visit aunt Laura. I haven't heard anything from Norway since the war started. Would you please send me a letter and at the same time give me some addresses of our relatives over there. If I ever come to America I may get an opportunity to visit you. If you get a chance please write a few words as soon as you can and preferably send by Air mail, my address

Odd Conrad Holm
S/S Ringulv
Konsulat de Norwege
Casablanca Fransk Morrokko

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