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Brevene på norsk

(Furious letter to the mail department for Nortraship in London, Aug. 24, 1945).

Translated by Siri Lawson.

This will be no news to you but I take the liberty of reminding you that we arrived Glasgow this past Monday the 20th. To date not one letter has arrived on board, which surprises us all. Most of the crew has not heard from home since the German capitulation and not much before that time either worth mentioning. I assume you were aware of the ship's destination almost a fortnight ago, at least by the 17th of this month at the latest.

If there is mail to "Thorshov" at your office and you have done nothing, nor plan to do anything to get it forwarded, I call it sabotage of the worst kind, and that is using a mild expression for such an abominable crime. At the same time, consider the consequences for the sailors of not being able to hear from their families as late as three months after the capitulation.

Until you can give a proper account which can explain away an error I prefer to sign:

With sincere, deep contempt,

Odd Conrad Holm
Radio Officer

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