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Norway Related Links

Norway Genealogy

Ancestors from Norway
If you're new to Norwegian genealogy this is the best place to start. Includes an online Norwegian/English dictionary and a lot of very helpful information and links, the best site I've ever seen on Norw. genealogy.

Norway Genealogy
One of the better ones, with farm and parish index, surname queries, a long list of excellent Norwegian research sources incl. list of "bygdebøker", several links AND Norwegian recipes!

Cyndi's List
Incredible site! I have linked this to Cyndi's section on Norway, but she also has info. on several other countries, and an index for sites on emigrant passenger lists.

Census Records & Archives

National Archives of Norway
Misc. Norwegian censuses, church records, emigrant lists, census for Norwegians in the U.S. 1880, forum for questions.

The Norwegian Historical Data Center
In addition to Norwegian censuses and other helpful information, this includes valuable information on methods of census taking at various time periods in Norway.

Norwegian Emigration and Genealogy Center
Offers to help you find your Norwegian ancestors for a small fee.


Bygdelag page
Bygdelag are organizations made up of the descendants of emigrants from particular areas of Norway who are now living in North America.

Bygdelag for Rogaland.

Bygdelag for Nord Trøndelag.

Genealogy & Norwegian History

Norwegian American Homepage
Links to genealogy and history sites. Also has a section for questions and answers on culture and habits etc. Check out the "Misc." section for lots of info on traditions, 17th of May, Easter, jokes etc.

A very comprehensive site on Norway, includes a "search for relatives" section.

15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
Scandinavians in The Civil War.


Nordic Characters
Explains the Norwegian letters œ, ø and å and how they are pronounced.

Typeart Foundry Inc.
Ever wonder how to type those Norwegian (or Swedish, Spanish etc.) letters on your keyboard? This might help you out.

The Norwegian "bunad"
Not at all genealogy related, but I wanted to show off our beautifully embroidered national costumes!

The Norwegian Royal Family
Pictures and information.

Captain Gorple's Norwegian Cuisine
Again, not much to do with genealogy, but you'll have great fun with this one! Recipes for several of our traditional dishes.

More links to web sites about Norway can be found on my Links page.

Emigration and Passenger Lists

The Promise of America
SUPERB SITE ON EMIGRATION FROM NORWAY, developed by the Norwegian Emigrant Museum and National Library of Norway. It has 100's of letters and pictures, along with great articles, video and audio. Very well laid out and lots of useful links. The best site I've ever seen on emigration!

Emigration Exhibition
175 years have passed since the first emigrant ship left Norway, and to commemorate that fact the Digital Archives of Norway has created this exhibition. Many interesting articles and stories, as well as pictures. (The links do not work in IE on my imac, but can be seen in Netscape or on a PC).

Utvandringen til Amerika
The emigration to America
Marvellous site with lots of interesting articles. This site is mostly in Norwegian, but some articles are also in English. From Norway's Association for the Deaf and Blind.

Norwegian-American Historical Association Publications
Very interesting articles; some were written by immigrants. Click on the various volumes to find an index.

The Olive Tree Genealogy
Ships and passenger lists from several countries back to the 1400's, even includes a list of the people on board the Columbus.

Passenger lists on the Internet
Links to sites with ships and passenger lists.

Cyndi's List
This is linked to her page on immigration and Naturalization. From here you can go to her huge page on ships and passenger lists.

100 years of Emigrant Ships from Norway
Passenger lists, Shipping Lines, immigrant stories and links to other similar sites, several interesting articles, and a forum for queries.

Ships and passengers lists

Whalers Heritage Project
Some good links - crew lists mostly for 1700 and 1800's.

International, Archives, Cencus Records, Obituaries, Forums

World searchable Sites

The Genealogy Home Page

Web site of the Mormon Church in Utah.


You wont find a better one!

Which County?
Find which county a specific town is located in (U.S.A.).

Find your Forum of interest from an alphabetical list of surnames. (From Genealogy.com).

Census Records & Archives

The Records Room
Search Vital Records by state.

Census Online
American census records.

Census Links
Collection of links to world wide census records.

Obituary Central
Search for obituaries.

Family Records Center
U.K. Census records, births, deaths and marriages, wills, parish registers, military records, adoption etc. etc.


Barrel of Genealogy Links
100's of links

Part of "Our Lost Family" web site. Superb site, includes information on ailments, old occupations, shipping disasters, wars, convict ships, prison records, stories, emigration, you name it, it's here! (But I'm tempted to remove this one from my link list, because it has a lot of annoying pop-ups now).

International Yahoo
Alphabetical list of personal genealogy home pages.

Having problems understanding some of the Norwegian web sites (or others)? See if this service might help.

International Yahoo
General genealogy.

Web Sites in Norwegian:


Yahoo Norway
Surnames, personal web pages (a few are in English).

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