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D/S Tyssedal
Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
(later Bjørnungen)

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Source for both pictures: Bjørn Milde's postcard collection.
He also sent this picture, showing a wider view of Vaagen in the 1930's.

 Pre War History: 

Delivered in Jan.-1912 from A/S Mjellem & Karlsen, Bergen as Tyssedal to Hardanger Søndhordlandske Dampskibsselskap, Bergen. Steel hull, 113,2’ x 22,1’ x 9,8’, 225 gt (300 tdwt), 2cyl compound 28nhp, 8 knots. In cargo service Bergen-Odda, in particular for the heavy industry in Hardanger. Company name changed to Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen in Oct.-1930. Rebuilt in 1932 and 1939, 233 gt.

 WW II: 

Laid up in 1941. The Germans wanted to requisition this vessel several times, but the company avoided it by pointing to the fact that she was being rebuilt from car ferry to cargo vessel. The Germans then threatened to take the ferry Folgefonn instead. To get out of the dilemma Hardanger Sunnhordlandske chose to sell Tyssedal, having received a good offer, so in Nov.-1941 she was sold to D/S A/S Bjørnungen (A.F.Bjørnestad), Oslo, renamed Bjørnungen. Attacked by allied aircraft near Lista in 1943, no damage. In Oct. that year manager became Andreas Stoltenberg, Oslo.


Laid up in Trondheim from the fall of 1949 until March-1951, then sold to Sivert Rundhaug, Kopervik, Karmøy. Rebuilt by Br.Lothe A/S Flytedokken, Haugesund, 225 gt, 300 tdwt (6cyl Widoop 300bhp [1942] 9 knots). In Sept. that year she entered coastal and North Sea service as freighter Elsi. Ran ashore on Oct.1-1953 near Pirholmen Light west of Austevollshella in heavy rain, on a voyage Slemmestad-Tromsø with 5600 bags of cement. The company's freighter Busta helped her get to Austevollshella (nearly sank due to leaks). Uller came to, straightened and bailed her, whereupon Elsi was towed to Bergen after 800 bags of cement had been dumped overboard. Her cargo was by then water damaged so the rest of it was also dumped in Byfjorden. Repaired at A/S Mjellem & Karlsen, Bergen. Lengthened in 1954 (Br.Lothe A/S Flytedokken, Haugesund), 135,6’ x 22,1’ x 9,8’, 266 gt, 330 tdwt. Sold in Apr.-1955 to Alf Sætre e.a., Bergen, renamed Budal, in coastal and North Sea service. Rebuilt at some point in the 1950's, new wheelhouse, winches and radar installed. Owned by the Budal company (Alf Sætre), Bergen in 1956. In 1959 a new motor was installed in Århus, Denmark (4cyl 2tev Alpha 280bhp [1957], 9 knots). Sold in Dec.-1961 (Kurt Larsen, Jacob Risdal & Johs.Solstad, Skudesneshavn) and renamed Skudebu. Sold in May-1967 to Sverre Koch, Tollnes near Skien and renamed Bente. Sold to Gudmund Hansen, Trondheim in Dec.-1975, registered in Torndheim 1978. Ran aground in Vesterålen on Nov. 1-1978 and sank 1 n. mile off Straumsjø on a voyage from Namsos to the north of Norway with lumber and iron. Complement of 5 rescued.

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(Details on this vessel received from T. Eriksen Norway - misc. sources).

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