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D/S Skjerstad
Det Nordlandske Dampskibsselskap A/S, Bodø

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Received from Bjørn Milde, Norway (from his postcard collection).

Tonnage: 762 gt
Dimensions: 191.9' x 29.4' x 12.7'
Machinery: Tripple Expansion (Lübecker Maschinen-Ges.) 148nhp 817ihp

Delivered in June-1925 from Schiffswerft von Henry Koch AG, Lübeck, Germany (252) as Hansa to Hallands Ångbåts A/B, Halmstad, Sweden. Steel hull, 191.9' x 29.4' x 12.7', 762 gt, Tripple Expansion (Lübecker Maschinen-Ges.) 148nhp 817ihp, 12.5 knots - in regularly scheduled service Western Sweden - Germany.

 WW II: 

Sold on Dec. 14-1940 to Det Nordlandske Dampskibsselskap A/S, Bodø (to replace the Skjerstad they had lost). This purchase was accepted by German authorities, but when the company tried to get a written guarantee that the vessel would not be requisitioned, this was not obtained. She arrived Greåker on Dec. 17-1940 in tow of Röda Bolaget's steamer Harald and was taken over there. Somewhat rebuilt at Fredrikstad Mek. Verksted, Fredrikstad in 1941, 732 gt, then entered service as regularly scheduled coastal vessel Skjerstad, registered for 250 passengers and used in the express cargo service Bergen-Tromsø.

Rescued 18 survivors from the Norwegian ship Barøy in Vestfjord on Sept. 12-1941 (also picked up 15 casualties) - follow the link for more details. Requisitioned on Apr. 9-1942 by Reichskommisar, while in Trondheim and on the 12th, almost 500 arrested teachers were embarked for transport to prison camps in Kirkenes, arriving on Apr. 29 after a horrendous voyage in the crowded holds and 'tweendeck (teachers had been arrested because they had refused to teach the Nazi ideas in Norwegian schools during the German occupation).

In the winter of 1944-45 Skjerstad went to Pusnes Mek. Verksted, Arendal to be extensively rebuilt for use in Hurtigruten service (to help replace the many Hurtigruten ships that had been lost). Among other alterations, more cabins were added, and the bridge and wheelhouse moved up one "floor", 202.5' x 29.4' x 12.7', 930 gt.


Conversion completed, delivered on Nov. 17-1945 (work having been delayed due the Germans' need for space at the yard, and the danger of allied bombing) and placed in Hurtigruten service Bergen-Tromsø, extended in the spring of 1946 to Bergen-Kirkenes. Converted to oil fuelling at Trondhjems Mek. Verksted, Trondheim in Jan.-1948. Was completed but still at the yard on Jan. 26-1948 when Yrjar started to list towards Skjerstad, causing them both to sink alongside the quay, Skjerstad on her side with only parts of her showing above water. Repaired at Trondhjems Mek. Verksted, new interior, back in service in July-1948 (later heftily compensated by the yard for this accident). In the summer of 1952 the arrested teachers sailed a round trip with her, this time as tourists. Laid up for a while in 1956 due to high prices of oil in consequence of the Suez crisis (the hired Salten sailed in her place meanwhile). Back in Hurtigruten service later that year. Laid up in Bodø in 1959, then sold in Sept. that year to Holiday Cruise Lines Inc., Miami, USA / Panama, renamed Holiday. Stopped by the U.S. Coast Guard in 1965 due to several inadequacies. Taken over by an unknown U.S. yard, as the owners could not pay for repairs and went bankrupt. Sold at some point to an unknown owner. In 1971 she was used as hotel vessel near Cap Haitien, Haiti. Deleted from Lloyd's in 1982. Observed as wreck near Cap Haitien.

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(The majority of details on this vessel was received from T. Eriksen, Norway - his sources: Article about Nordlandske D/S by Jens Chr. Egenæs in the Norwegian magazine "Skipet", 4.93 and "Skipene som bandt kysten sammen, Hurtigruten 1893-1980" by Dag Bakka Jr. for Bergens Tidende, 1980 - document re. sale in 1940 received from Jan-Olof Hendig, Sweden).

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