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D/S Sigurd Jarl
Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab, Trondheim

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Pictures were received from Bjørn Milde, Norway
(from his own postcard collection).

 Pre War History: 

Delivered from Akers Mek. Verksted, Kristiania (Oslo today) as Sigurd Jarl (147) to Nordenfjeldske D/S on May 8-1894, 884 gt, 547 net, 470 tdwt, 208' 10"/198' (loa/lpp) x 29' x 15' 9"/23' (d/dl), triple exp. steam engine, 1060 ihp, doing 13.9 knots at trials - service speed 12.5 knots. Built for the Hamburg-Western Norway-Vadsø service (Route 1 a), painted white in the summertime and used in the tourist trade. Certified for 260 passengers on short voyages along the Norwegian coast, with beds for 78 people. Arrived Trondheim on her first voyage on May 14-1894. In 1896 her passenger fittings were thoroughly fixed up and at the same time elctric light was installed in some of the cabins. Had some repairs done in 1897 after having collided with Valund in Bergen. Put into one single voyage for Hurtigruten (express/cargo passenger service) in Aug.-1897. In Febr.-1898 she had some damages to her propellers while in Hamburg, spare propeller added in Bergen. On June 11-1898 she went on trial runs in Trondheimsfjorden on completion of remodelling at Trondheim mek. Verksted, docked in Bergen in Sept. that year for some repairs, then in June-1899 she was especially fitted out for occasional voyages in Hurtigruten.

1900-1940: Docked for new propeller and propeller shaft in 1900. Ran aground north of Aalesund on Sept. 11-1901, was damaged but managed to continue, then went to Bergen for repairs. Ran aground again on Dec. 3 that same year near South Kråkø in Roan, unloaded some of her cargo and was able to continue on her own. Put into the Newcastle service in Nov.-1902. Arrived Bergen with extensive damages on Nov. 7-1902 after encountering a hurricane in the North Sea. Ran aground in the harbour at Sandnessjøen on Nov. 16-1907. Ran aground on Stornesset on Jan. 30-1908, no damages, then ran aground again near Grønnes on Febr. 2, no damages. Rebuilt for Hurtigruten service that same year. Ran aground at Tungenes, Jæren on March 16-1909, when in service Kristiania-Tromsø-Vadsø, pulled off by local vessels. Struck an underwater rock on March 16-1912 on the west side of Jæderhalvøyen, but was able to get loose with the assistance of the steamers Robert and Skjold, after having unloaded her cargo. Collided in Trondheimsfjord on July 6-1917 with M/K Agder. At Trondhjem Mekaniske Verksted (shipyard) in 1920 to be rebuilt and modernized, new boilers, larger funnel installed, midship building covered. 3rd class section was modernized in Apr.-1931. Suffered engine damage on Vestfjord on Nov. 22 that year, towed to Bodø by Erling Jarl. Ran aground again near Tyrhaug Light in Oct.-1935 and towed to Trondheim for repairs.

 WW II: 

Attacked by German aircraft while in port at Bolsø outside Molde on Apr. 21-1940, en route from Bergen to Kirkenes with general cargo. Bombed and sunk by German aircraft at Vågsætervågen near Molde on Apr. 23-1940. She had moved from Molde to Bolsø in an effort to get way from the frequent German air attacks, and after the Germans had tried to sink her there on Apr. 21, she moved further into the fjord to Vågsæterbukt near Veøy. Raised in 1942 and towed to Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted for repairs in Nov., but laid up due to the high costs of repairs.


Sold to Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted in 1947, which in turn sold her for breaking up in Stavanger.

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Another Sigurd Jarl was delivered in 1942, listed on the page that I've linked to above.

(Source for the text on this page: "Nordenfjeldske - 1857-1985", Finn R. Hansen).

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