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D/S Erling Jarl (later Bodø)
Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab, Trondheim

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Received from Bjørn Milde, Norway (from his postcard collection).

 Pre War History: 

Delivered from Trondhjems mek. Værksted as Erling Jarl (73) to Det Nordenfjeldske D/S on Dec. 9-1895 for service in Hurtigruten, 677 gt, 407 net, 189' 6" x 27' x 15' 3/4", triple exp. steam engine 835 ihp, 12 knots. Returned to the yard on Dec. 17-1895 for improvement of the feedwater pump, then delivered again to Nordenfjeldske on Dec. 31 and placed in Hurtigruten service (express cargo/passenger). Ran aground in Grøtøsund in Jan.-1896 and docked for repair of propeller. Ran aground on Oct. 13-1896 near Rolnæsholmen off Harstad. Engine room filled with water, but she was refloated, and with the help of D/S Haalogaland taken to Harstad, then on Oct. 28 to Trondheim for repairs. Ran aground on Apr. 17-1897 on Agdenesfluen, but was able to continue to Bodø, though had to return to Trondhjem Mekaniske Verksted for docking and repairs. Back in Hurtigruten on July 1-1897 (D/S Jupiter was taken out of the service at this time). Erling Jarl was taken out again on Aug. 30-1899 for general maintenance.

1906-1940: Received some damages during heavy weather near Skrova on Jan. 6-1906. Arrived Trondheim on Jan. 31, towing D/S Juno, which had received engine damages on Folla. Lengthened at Trondhjem Mek. Verksted June 29-1908 (14' 8"), new main boiler, funnel and foremast added at the same time, making her 737 gt., 426 net, 250 tdwt. Back in Hurtigruten Febr. 23-1909 (southbound). Boiler damage at Finnsnes on July 9 that year and towed to Trondheim by the salvage vessel D/S Parat while D/S Olav Kyrre replaced her in Hurtigruten (not sure if the Parat I have linked to is the same vessel). Ran aground on Aug. 27-1910 near Oterværgrunnen, not far from Meløyvær and because of boiler damage she went to Tromsø for repairs the following day, taken out of the route for repairs. Collided on Jan.20-1916 with Jernbarden, near Kristiansund. Ran aground on Febr. 20-1919 on Bogskjærene near Brønnøysund. Collided with D/S Argus at Bergen harbour on Sept. 8-1919. Ran into D/S Finmarken in June-1921 while maneuvering to quay in Trondheim. Ran aground in Hindøsund in Sunnfjord on June 16-1923. Collided with D/S Alten alongside Vadsø quay on Febr. 27-1924. During bad weather off Vardø on March 15 that same year she ran into M/K Sjøstjernen, cutting the vessel in two with the result that 2 men died. On Febr. 25-1925 a Russian trawler ran into Erling Jarl while alongside the quay in Honningsvåg. On March 23 that same year she ran aground in Steinsundet. Taken out of Hurtigruten in June-1937 (D/S Prins Olav went in) and laid up in Trondheim, but used as "substitute vessel" in Hurtigruten.

 WW II: 

Requisitioned for service for the allied forces in the north of Norway in Apr.-1940, and in Hurtigruten from July. Ran aground and sank near Brønnøysund when northbound on Jan. 28-1941, 1 man died. The wreck was raised and sold to Erling Sannes, Bodø, repaired and reentered service in Apr.-1942 as Bodø on hire to Ofoten Dampskibsselskap, Narvik as a replacement for their loss in May-1940 of Nordnorge, but ran aground again on Febr. 27-1943, near Bogskjærene north of Brønnøysund and sank in deep water.


Raised in 1960 and broken up by Høvding, Sandnessjøen.

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(Source: "Nordenfjeldske - 1857-1985", Finn R. Hansen).

A casualty / another Bodø - (External link). This was a converted whale catcher, stationed in Liverpool and used in "Local Escort" service. She had departed Aberdeen on Jan. 1 for Norway with 40 commando soldiers from Kompani Linge on board, including the well known Odd Starheim (see Galtesund) whose intention was to capture a German convoy (Operation Carhampton, unsuccessful). They were landed at Tele near Flekkefjord. Bodø was on her return trip when she struck a mine.

Nordenfjeldske later had another ship by the name Erling Jarl from 1949 (2098 gt) until she ran aground in May-1980. Later sold and renamed Balder Earl. Broken up in Belgium 1985.

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