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= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)
D/S = steam ship D/T = steam tanker
D/F = steam ferry M/S = motor vessel
M/T = motor tanker    M/F = motor ferry
M/K = motor cutter T/T = turbine tanker


Name of Ship
Shipping Company
D/S Topaz *
Ola J. Grønås, Mosterhamn
142 gt
Built in Hull 1895.

Pre war history: Built by Cook, Welton & Gemmel Ltd, Hull as steam trawler Topaz for Kingston Steam Trawling Co.Ltd, Hull, engine - tripple expansion 250ihp. Sold to Sweden at some point (year unknown), then sold in 1931 to Einar Woxen, Oslo. Sold in 1932 to A/S Transportfisk (Sigurd Hegstad) Trondheim. Taken over in 1934 by A/S Forretningsbanken (bank). Sold in 1935 to Jens Lillenes, Vestsmøla. Sold in 1938 to G. Meling, Stavanger. Sold in 1939 to A/S Topaz (Ola Olsen) Bremnes, Bømlo (H-127-B).

WW II: Sold 1940-41 to Ola J. Grønås, Mosterhamn, freighter between Haugesund-Oslo. Sunk by allied aircraft on Dec.14-1941 when en route from Haugesund to the pyrite mines at Sagvåg with 35 tons of dynamite. All 6 on board died, namely Ola J. Grønås (born 1892), his son Ola Grønås (born 1922), Aksel Grønås (close relative of owner, born 1914), Steward Kåre A. S. Kjær (born 1920), Edvart Frøyset, Masfjorden and Engine Room Assistant Lars Lunde, Åmøy ("Våre falne" and "Minner og minnesmerker fra 1940-1945", Øistein Wiik, also list Mate Edvard Hegland from Masfjorden among the casualties - his mother's maiden name was Frøyset, so he might be identical to Edvart Frøyset?). This accident was a hard blow to the small community of Mosterhamn, having lost 4 of their own. The Icelandic engineer on board (name unknown) had just left the ship in Haugesund to celebrate Christmas, and thereby his life was saved.

(From T. Eriksen, Norway - his source:”Fraktefarten i Moster” Moster Sogelag 1998).

Related external link:
Those who died - 5 are listed here, the birthdates of some don't agree with what is given in my text. The Norwegian text says she was attacked by aircraft at Haugesundsletta when en route FROM Sagvåg to Mosterhavn with a cargo of explosives. The cargo exploded when the ship was hit by a bomb. 5 are said to have died.

D/S Topdal
Dampskibsselskabet Topdal A/S, Bergen
70 gt
Built in Kristiansand 1874.

Pre war history: Delivered in 1874 from Christiansands Mek. Verksted, Kristiansand as Topdal to Dampskibsselskabet Topdal, Tveit, Kristiansand. Iron hull, 76,5’ x 14,3’ x 5,2’, 70 gt, 2cyl Compound 15nhp. In regularly scheduled service in Topdalsfjord near Kristiansand. In 1894 she went back to Christiansands Mek. Verksted as partial compensation for the building of a new vessel, and was in use at the yard. In the summer of 1896 she was lent out to Kragerø Fjorddampskibsselskab, Kragerø, while that company was waiting for the completion of a new ship. Sold that year to Ingebrigt Christiansen, Bergen and in service Bergen-Laksevåg (Gravdal, Skålevik, Kjøkkelvik, Olsvik og Gjerdingsnes)-Kleppestø and Strusshamn, Askøy, registered for 159 passengers. Transferred to Aktiedampskibsselskabet Topdal (Ingebrigt Christiansen, Bergen) in 1898, same service. Rebuilt in 1902, new engine installed. In 1910 the owning company changed its name to Dampskibsselskabet Topdal A/S, Bergen, and the route was extended to Bergen-Laksevåg-Kleppestø and Strusshamn/Askøy-Alvøen-Håkonshella, and later also to Sotra (Døsjø, Ekerhovd, Ebbesvik, Brattholmen and Bjorøy). It was very popular during holiday seasons when people living in the cities took to the countryside. In 1925 Topdal was used in the summertime but otherwise laid up.

WW II: Sold on Dec. 31-1940 to Eilert Østbø, Hundvåg (Stavanger), then sold again on Aug. 8-1941 to Ole Sivertsen, Bergen. Sold in 1943 to Skibs-AS Farmann (Finn Eide, Bergen). Occasionally used as tug in Bergen harbour, but often laid up in Store Lungegårdsvann, Bergen.

POST WAR: Sank on July 10-1946 while laid up in Store Lungegårdsvann.

(All details on this vessel received from T. Eriksen, Norway - his sources: "Fjordabåten" by Dag Bakka Jr. 1994, "Skipet", and "Bergenske Fjordabåter", Dag Bakka Jr. for Bergens Tidende 1974).

M/S Topeka
Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tønsberg
4991 gt
Built in Kiel 1925.

Pre war: Launched on Jan. 12-1925 by Deutsche Werke A.G., Kiel (Yard No. 198), completed March 24. 4991 gt, 3030 net, 6385 tdwt, 366.3' x 51.2' x 31.4', two 6 cyl. 4 SCSA oil engines totalling 2500 ihp by the shipbuilders, driving twin screws, service speed 10.5 knots. (I've also seen the tonnage 5060 gt for Topeka).

Picture of Topeka - Received from Ragnar Iversen (who in turn received it from his partner; they run this website).

WW II: Captain Kristoffer Thoresen. In German control. Bombed on Oct. 4-1943 by aircraft from USS Ranger and set on fire, north of Sandnessjøen (Operation Leader, U.S. Navy Carrier operation). The captain and 2 men were killed. She was badly damaged and subsequently beached near Horn.

Ragnar Iversen also sent me a newspaper article, which I understand was in Helgelands Blad recently (2006 - written by Steinbjørn Mentzoni). The article states that Topeka had a cargo of cement and materials, and was en route to Narvik when the attack took place, having been at anchor at Alstahaug the night before. Topeka was fully armed with anti aircraft guns, and the German gunners opened fire at the planes. After the attack on Topeka, several fires erupted on board. The 2nd mate took command in the attempt to get the aft lifeboat launched, while the 1st and 3rd mates tried to get the captain removed from the shattered bridge (he had been injured already during the first attack), then ran back to help the pilot, who had also been injured on the bridge. Meanwhile, the current had taken Topeka towards land at Løkta and she ran aground. The lifeboat was rowed ashore and an attempt made to get hold of medical assistance, but this proved in vain. The 2nd mate and the chief engineer then went back to Topeka with the lifeboat in order to rescue the German gunners from the foredeck. A fisherman from Løkta also took part in the rescue work, transferring survivors from the after deck into his fishing vessel and taking them ashore. In the meantime the 3rd mate and the boatswain had managed to find a small rowboat which they used to go back to the ship to look for injured men, finding 3 dead Germans which they brought ashore. By this time, the after part of the ship was also on fire, making it difficult to remain on board. The captain died en route to the hospital in Sandensjøen, as did the pilot and the steward.

The German Ibis was also damaged in this attack, while M/S Skramstad was sunk. See also my text for Vaagan.

Another picture - Clipped from the newspaper article mentioned above; it shows Topeka and Vefsen aground near Løkta - Vefsen had collided with the tanker Kløveren of Oslo, near Langnes Light, Løkta in Jan.-1945. The picture was taken after the war, before Topeka was towed away (ref. post war details below).

POST WAR: Topeka was purchased by Stavanger Skipsopphugging A/S, refloated and towed to Stavanger, though was found to be beyond economical repair, condemned and sold for scrap. Left Stavanger on Nov. 27-1945 in tow of the Swedish Fram and the Norwegian Vesle Marit for Gothenburg, but she broke adrift in heavy weather and in the early morning hours of Nov. 28 she ran aground at Sele (near Stavanger), total loss. The 5 on board had been rescued by people from Reve Rescue Station. Broken up by Stavanger Skipsopphugging A/S in 1946/47.

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2 Norwegians who died/Oct.-1943
- Steward Trygve John H. Nilsen and Captain Thoresen are commemorated at this memorial for seamen. This site adds that Topeka was in convoy from the south of Norway to Narvik/Ofoten with a cargo of cement and lumber. The convoy was dispersed near Alstahaug, and she was alone when she was attacked by around 20 allied aircraft. The pilot, who died later from his injuries is not named. 3 German gunners were also killed.

Hyperwar - Linked directly to Robert Cressman's book entries for 1943 - scroll down to Oct. 4 for details on the allied air attack. The German Schleswig is also mentioned, this is the ex Norwegian Austanger, which had been seized by the Germans and renamed Schleswig.

D/S Rabat - (German ship) - An excellent website for divers; this section discusses Operation Leader, and has several pictures of the air attacks, as well as of Rabat. The text is in Norwegian, but included on page 2 is the German maritime declaration for Rabat. This site says that Topeka was sunk. (Ships sunk and damaged are listed on page 4). The site also has a picture of Vaagan after the attack.

Norway - A grateful Nation remembers - Air Group 4, Operation Leader (great article).

(Misc. Sosurces, incl. Wilh. Wilhelmsen fleet list and "Senkninger og forlis fra Åna Sira til Haugesund 1939-1945" by Øistein T. Berge).

Wilh. Wilhelmsen later had another ship by this name 1949-1967.

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Tor - Tou
D/S Tora Elise
A. Hauge, Arendal
721 gt
Built in Maasdijk 1919. Previous name: Spind until 1921, Lathom until 1922, Binbrook until 1934

Pre war history: Delivered in Nov.-1919 from NV van der Kuy & van der Ree, Schiedam, Holland (33) as cargo vessel Spind to Skibs-AS Salvesen (A. Salvesen, Farsund). Steel hull (bridge amidships, engine aft) 180.6’ x 28.1’ x 12.4’, 721 gt, 345 net, 1060 tdwt, Triple Expansion (Kuy & Ree) 133nhp. Sold in July-1921 to Lathom SS Co. Ltd. (Thos. E. Kettlewell), Goole, UK, renamed Lathom, then Binbrook in 1922. Sold in Oct.-1934 to Skibs-AS Hauges Rederi II (Adolph Hauge), Arendal, renamed Tora Elise.

WW II: Captain Gullik Ramberg. Tora Elise is listed in Convoy HN 14 from Norway to the U.K. at the end of Febr.-1940.

She was attacked and damaged by a group of Heinkel aircraft off the coast of Scotland on March 20-1940 (Norway was still neutral). She's said to have been en route to England in convoy at the time, but she was, in fact, en route from England in Convoy ON 21.

1st Mate Berner S. Berntzen, 2nd Mate Anders M. Gulliksen and Able Seaman Stian Hansen were killed in the attack. The captain and 2 deck crew (Ordinary Seamen John Andreas Hvidsten and Bertil Knudsen) were badly wounded. D/S Cygnus went to assist and 1st Mate S. J. Svendsen of that ship took command of Tora Elise. The captain was found on the after hatch, bleeding heavily from his injured legs, and on the deck amidships the bodies of the 1st mate and 2nd mate were found, as well as the able seaman and the 2 injured deck crew.

The ship was examined, and in addition to many other damages the after hatch was found to be destroyed and open, but the steering gear and engines were found to be working ok, and as the seas were growing heavier in the increasing wind it was decided to head for the Orkneys, for fear the open hold would fill with water and sink the ship. The compass proved to be unreliable and at 01:25 on March 21 the engines were stopped as they estimated to be off Auskerry light. They attempted to contact land by morse code, and shortly afterwards a trawler came out to assist. Tora Elise was then guided through the mine fields and into Kirkwall, arriving off Kirwall at 02:45. A couple of hours later a patrol boat with 2 doctors on board came alongside, and after the injured had been given first aid they were transported to a hospital. Later that morning a pilot came on board, and they anchored in the inner harbour. Following orders from the consulate and the police, the casualties were also taken ashore in the course of that day; they were buried in Kirkwall on March 23. The crew set about repairing the damages, and on March 24 Tora Elise departed Kirkwall, joining Convoy ON 22, arriving Bergen 3 days later, where the maritime hearings were held on March 29.

When the Germans invaded on Apr. 9-1940 she was still in Norway and ended up in the Homefleet, possibly in supply service to the north of Norway for Skipsfartsdirektoratet (Directorate of Shipping).

According to a posting to my Ship Forum she was attacked and damaged by allied aircraft from Banff Strike Wing in Nordfjord on Dec. 12-1944. The cargo vessel Molla was damaged in the same attack.

POST WAR: Owned in 1948 by Skibs-A/S Hauges Rederi (Adolph Hauge), Arendal. Sold in Nov.-1954 to Brødrene Anda, Hundvåg in Stavanger for breaking up.

(Misc. sources incl. "Skip og menn", Birger Dannevig, and "Arendals Sjømandsforenings 150 års Jubileumsbok" ["Arendal's Seamen's Association's 150th Anniversary Book] by Kristen Taraldsen, and some details [from Lloyd's] received from Jan-Olof Hendig, Sweden. Pre war and post war info received from T. Eriksen, Norway - His source: Article by Dag Bakka Jr. about A. Hauges Rederi in "Skipet" 3.2003).

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The 3 who were killed
- The same 3 men as I've listed above but will full names and birthdates/home towns.

Sorties Flown by Banff Strike Wing - scroll down on the page to Dec. 12-1944 - Molla is mentioned here, but not Tora Elise.

D/S Torafire * later raised
A. Hauge, Arendal
894 (823?) gt
Built in Groningen 1920. Previous names: Bergpolder until 1924, El Abid until 1925, Oued El Abid until 1937.

Pre war history: Delivered in Apr.-1921 from J. Koster Hzn., Scheepsbouwwerf De Gideon, Groningen, Holland (53) as cargovessel Bergpolder to Handels Maats & Technische Scheepsvaart Bureau, Groningen. Steel hull, 198.7’ x 30.8’ x 12.7’, 894 gt, 478 net, 1350 tdwt, Triple Expansion (L. Straatman, Dordrect) 134nhp. Sold in 1923 to NV Algemeene Nederlandsche Scheepsvaart Mij., Rotterdam, Holland. Sold in 1924 to Cia de Navigation Paquet, Marseilles, France, renamed El Abid, then Qued El Abid in 1925. Sold in Jan.-1937 to Skibs-AS Hauges Rederi IV (Adolph Hauge), Arendal, renamed Torafire.

WW II: Torafire is mentioned in connection with Convoy HN 10B from Norway to the U.K. in Febr.-1940, bound for Aberdeen with pulp. Early in March we find her in the U.K.-Norway Convoy ON 17 - follow links for more convoy info; several Norwegian ships took part in both.

Captain Trygve Byholt. Taken as prize by the Germans on Apr. 9-1940 when en route from Uddevalla to Wick with cargo of military houses. She was taken to Hamburg and was not freed until Oct. that year. Ended up in the Homefleet, probably used for carrying supplies to the north of Norway for Skipsfartsdirektoratet (directly translated: Shipping Directorate).

Bombed and sunk by allied aircraft at Menstad on March 30-1945. According to the Banff Strike Wing website below the attackers consisted of twenty four rocket firing Mosquitos and another eight Mosquitos who were providing air cover and fire suppression, from 143, 235, 248, and 333 squadrons. Gudrid and Svanefjell, as well as the German Scharnhorn were also sunk in this attack. There's also a Norwegian Qudrid Borgstad of 1664 tons mentioned (obviously misspelt); I'm not sure what ship this could be.

POST WAR: Raised in Aug.-1945 by salvage vessel Uræd, towed to Pusnes Mek. Verksted, Arendal for repairs, new interior, engine overhauled. Delivered on Febr. 10-1948 and back in service. Owned by Skibs-AS Hauges Rederi (Adolph Hauge), Arendal. Sold in Sept.-1957 to unknown breakers in Antwerp, Belgium for breaking up, arriving Antwerp on Sept. 7.

(Misc. sources, incl. "Arendals Sjømandsforenings 150 års Jubileumsbok" ["Arendal's Seamen's Association's 150th Anniversary Book] by Kristen Taraldsen, and some details [from Lloyd's] received from Jan-Olof Hendig, Sweden. Pre war and post war details were received from T. Eriksen, Norway - His source: Article about A. Hauges Rederi in Skipet 3.2003 by Dag Bakka Jr.).

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Sorties Flown by Banff Strike Wing - This webpage describes the air attack on March 30.

D/S Toran *
Chr. Christensen, Oslo
3318 gt
Built in Sunderland 1918.

Toran is listed in Convoy HN 14 from Norway to the U.K. in Febr.-1940, returning to the Norway early in March with Convoy ON 17A. At the end of that month she's listed in Convoy ON 24 to Norway - follow links for more info.

Torpedoed on Aug. 4-1940 by the British submarine HMS Sealion (Bryant) and sunk 58 17N 08 38E, off Homborsund, when on a voyage from Oslo to Thameshaven. Stoker Alf Reinert Ingebretsen, 3rd Engineer Arne Næss Johnsen, and Donkeyman Einar Matheus Karlsen died, 27 survived.

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Stavern commemorations

D/S Toratre
A. Hauge, Arendal
1016 gt
Built in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht 1920. Previous names: Nicholas Toussant until 1935.

Further details under Valør.

M/F Torefjell
Brødrene Wilhelmsen A/S, Steinestø
80 gt
Built in Løvfallstrand 1939.

Pre war history: Delivered in 1939 from Edvard Løvfalds Båtbyggeri, Løvfallstrand in Hardanger as car ferry Torefjell to A/S Ferjetrafikk (Brødrene Wilhelmsen A/S, Steinestø / Bergen). Wooden hull, 80 gt., 2cyl 2tev Wichmann 115bhp, 2 wheelhouses. Could take 10-12 cars. Placed in ferry service Steinestø-Isdalstø in Nordhordland on May 27-1939.

WW II: Requisitioned by Den Konglige Norske Marine (Royal Norwegian Navy) on Apr. 14-1940 and used as minelayer, stationed in Fresvik in Sogn. Returned on Apr. 27-1940 and went back to Steinestø. Requisitioned by German authorities on March 5-1941 and used as transport.

POST WAR: Found in Harstad on May 17-1945 in bad state of repair, extensively repaired and returned to ferry service Steinestø-Isdalstø on July 1-1946. (In June-1951 the company's recently converted ferry Bjørn West [ex gunboat Tyr from 1887] was also placed in this service). Later hired out for other runs, primarily for A/S Bergen-Nordhordland Rutelag. Hired out in 1968 for use in the ferry service Stamneshella-Vikanes. Extensively upgraded in 1971 by Gunvald Ottesen, Sagvåg, Stord. Sold in July-1973 to Ole K. Kristoffersen, Flekkerøy / Kristiansand, in ferry service between Flekkerøy and the mainland. Sold in 1980 to Sørlandske Skjell Mergel, Grimstad. Rebuilt, boatdeck removed, only one small wheelhouse on one side. Sold in 1984 to Unitrans A/S, Bergen. Laid up in 1985 as "mothership" for Gullaks in Eivindvik (salmon farm). Sold at some point to Jostein Daltveit, Fosse, not in use.

(From T. Eriksen, Norway - his source: "Fjordabåten" by Dag Bakka Jr., 1994 and "Båtene våre, Hvor ble de av?" by Dag Bakka Jr. for Bergens Tidende 1984(?))

D/S Tore Hund
A/S Nordlandslinjen, Harstad
428 gt
Built in Larvik 1920. Previous name: Bergslien.

Pre war history: Delivered in March-1920 from Hølen Verksted, Larvik (35) as cargo vessel Bergslien to A/S Leif Gundersen (Ejnar Stensrud), Porsgrunn. Steel hull, 153.1' x 26.3' x 12.1', 428 gt, 226 net, 550 tdwt, 4cyl Compound (W. Beardmore & Co., Coatbridge, UK) 44 nhp. Sold in May-1921 to A/S Nordlandslinjen, Harstad and renamed Tore Hund. Used in the company's cargo routes between Oslo and the north of Norway.

WW II: In a posting* to my Ship Forum there's mention of Tore Hund being in Convoy Al-134-Be (Aalesund - Bergen), one of two convoys attacked by allied aircraft at Eidsfjord on Jan. 25-1945. Tore Hund escaped unharmed, while Løvaas received very minor damages. The German cargo vessel Radue was also in this convoy. My text under Svanholm has more details on the other convoy under attack that day (Svanholm was the former name of Bjergfin).

*The posting says that in addition to being escorted by V-5305 (Schnepfe? whale catcher Hval VI?), V-5105 was also escorting Convoy Al-134-Be. As can be seen by the posts to a later forum thread starting here, there's some confusion with regard to the idendtity of the latter escort. V-5105 Tornado (seiner Anders Liaaen) was lost at Stadlandet on Sept. 12-1944 and was not raised and repaired until after the war. Erling Skjold provides a possible explanation in one of his responses, saying that the escort might have been V-5109 (Eber), and not V-5105. Additionally, as can be seen in my text under the Hval whale catchers, there also seems to be some confusion as to the German name given to Hval VI - was it perhaps renamed again by the Germans at some point after 1944?

POST WAR: Sold in Apr.-1954 to Stokka & Innvær (Anders Stokka), Haugesund. Converted to motor vessel by Br. Lothe A/S Flytedokken, Hasseløy in Haugesund; 445 gt, 550 tdwt, a 6cyl Vølund 420bhp motor installed (A/S Vølund, Copenhagen). Entered service as freighter Stokksund in Nov.-1954. Owned by A/S Stokksund (Anders Stokka), Haugesund from March-1956. Sold in Oct.-1959 to Bjørn Hansen & John H. Hansen jr., Trondheim, renamed Lofjord. Rebuilt at Storviks Mek. Verksted, Kristiansund N in 1960. Sold in Jan.-1966 to Thorleif Gamst, Rotsund, renamed Uløytind. Sold in Dec.-1974 to Brødrene Anda, Hundvåg (Stavanger) for breaking up. Converted to barge Ba-To and used to transport scrap iron in connection with owner's operations. Partly broken up around 1980, with the bottom section sunk in Nedstrandsfjorden.

(Misc. sources, including posting to my Ship Forum, and info received from T. Eriksen, Norway - His sources: Dag Bakka Jr., Erling Skjold, Norway, "Våre Motorskip" Leif M. Bjørklund & E. H. Kongshavn, 1999 and misc.).

Other ships by this name: Harstad had previously had another ship by the name Tore Hund until 1916, built 1898 and delivered as Snefond (Sigvald Bergesen, Stavanger), 387 gt. Named Fjelland from 1916 (T. H. Skogland & Søn, Haugesund). Sunk by U-54 off Utsira on Apr. 1-1917, voyage Hisken-Hull. Nordlandslinjen also had a Tore Hund post war, originally delivered as Kloster for ownrs in Sandnes in 1956, sold to Nordlandslinjen in 1958 and renamed Tore Hund. Later names: Pokal 1968 for owners in Ålesund, Remito in 1974 for owners in Molde, Frenafjell in 1989. This ship was lost in 1992 when she capsized in Fedjefjord, voyage Bergen-Verdal. The company also had a Tore Hund delivered in 1969, lost near Måløy when she capsized and sank on Sept.17-1977. Yet another Tore Hund was delivered to Nordlandslinjen in 1978. Later names: Greek Valerios in 1995, Panamanian Florinda from 1998 - still in service.

M/S Torgeir I *
Hauge, Bjellebø, Fjellberg, Haugesund
431 gt
Built in Larvik 1919. Previous names: Lardal, Regia until 1931.

Pre war: Delivered in 1919 as Lardal to Ole Johanssen, Larvik, later Regia of Trondheim until 1931. Managed by Chr. Fagerland, Haugesund from 1931 until sold in the fall of 1934 to Hauge, Bjellebø, Fjellberg, Haugesund.

Used for herring fishing near Iceland.

WW II: Under German control from the summer of 1940 with German crew. Sprang a leak due to ice damage and sank in Skagerak, about 10 n. miles from Groningen Light on Febr. 25-1941 on a voyage from Haugesund to Fredrikshavn, Denmark with iced herring. No casualties.

D/S Torgtind *
A/S Torghattens Dampskibsselskap, Brønnøysund
298 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1881. Previous names: Hjalmar, then Lister.

Passenger/cargo vessel. Sunk by German aircraft on May 19-1940 near Bratland in Lurøy, north of Sandnessjøen, on a voyage Velfjord-Bodø. No casualties.

Another Torgtind was delivered in 1981, 145 gt, later named Vesleø in 1995, Clippercruise in 1997.

D/S Torridal *
Ingvald Bjørneboe
1381 gt
Built in Langesund, Norway 1930

Torridal is mentioned in connection with Convoy HN 10B from Norway to the U.K. in Febr.-1940. In the middle of March-1940 we find her in the U.K.-Norway Convoy ON 19 - follow links for more convoy info; several Norwegian ships took part.

Torpedoed and sunk on Apr. 5-1945 on Folla by the Norwegian submarine Utsira (Valvatne, based on Shetland), when in a German convoy on a voyage from Bodø to Trondheim in ballast. 15? out of the 18 on board died, among them Captain Arvid Marinius Jonassen, Mate Alf Abrahamsen, Mate Olaf Sigfred Torp, Ordinary Seaman Andreas Johnsen Iversen, Steward Toralf Willy Larsen, Cook Sverre Nikolai Aune, Able Seaman Charles Lunde, Donkeyman Knut Karl Johan Nilsen, Able Seaman/Carpenter Birger Johan Olsvik, Stoker Kristian Olav Skåland, Seaman Linas Bernhard Skålsvik, Trimmer Leif Stamnes, Jr. Ordinary Seaman Trygve Johannes Storvik, Coastal Pilot Jens Olaf Kibsgaard (these names were found in "Minner og minnesmerker fra 1940-1945", Øistein Wiik).

(Charles Hocking gives this ship 1501 gt).

Related external link:

M/S Torvang * as Varafjell
Johs. Taranger, Torangsvåg/Bergen
412 gt
Built Norrköping, Sweden 1918. Previous names: Calcium until 1924, Julia until 1927, Hagar until 1937.

Pre war history: Delivered as Calcium to Rederi-A/B Nordtransport (Gustaf Lindegren), Stockholm. To Svenska Staten (Swedish State), Kungl. Statskontoret, Stockholm in 1923. Sold to A/B Fraktfart, Stockholm in 1924 and renamed Julia. Sold in 1927 to V. H. Andersson, Oscarshamn and renamed Hagar. To Hagars Rederi (O. J. Engmann), Mariehamn, Finland in 1932. Under Norwegian flag from June-1937 as Torvang (Johs. Taranger).

WW II: Purchased by Leif Skogland A/S, Haugesund in March-1940 and renamed Varafjell. Aground on Dec. 29-1942 off Korsnes in Uskedal, later slid off and sank.

Norway also had a Torvang later on. This was originally the German Greetchen Müller built 1909, which became Gisela of Emden in 1937 and used for the Kriegsmarine from 1940. She sank in Stavanger following a collision in 1944. Raised and taken over by Direktoratet for fiendtlig eiendom, Oslo (Directorate for Enemy Property) in May-1945. In Nov. that year she went to J. Taranger, Torangsvåg and renamed Torvang in Dec. that year. Sold to Haugesund in Apr.-1951 and converted to cargo vessel, 1564 gt, then taken over by Th. Joh. Kyvik A/S Haugesund as M/S Knausen in Nov.-1951. Sold to Bergen in 1954 and renamed Straum. Ran aground in the river Dee on Febr. 3-1958 on a voyage Huelva-Mostyn - refloated that same day and towed to Mostyn, but was condemned and sold for breaking up at Barrow. ("Våre motorskip").

D/S Torvestad
A/S Torvestads Dampskibsselskap, Torvastad
53 gt
Built in Opsanger 1911.

Pre war history: Delivered in 1911 from H. Gravdal, Opsanger in Kvinnherad as Torvestad to A/S Torvestads Dampskibsselskap, Torvastad, Karmøy. Wooden hull, 63,6’ x 16,1’ x 8,7’, 53 gt, 2cyl Compound (HMV) 16nhp, built and installed at Haugesund Mek. Verksted A/S in Haugesund, 7-8 knots. Registered for 141 passengers, in service Dalen-Salhus-Gunnarshaug-Storesund-Viken-Vibrandsøy-Haugesund. Somewhat rebuilt at A/S Haugesund Slip, Haugesund in 1922, mast moved forward, roof installed above after deck. On Febr. 26-1927 she was hired out for a convention in Kopervik and was on her way back to Haugesund with about 170 passengers when she sprang a leak near Prestøyene in Karmsundet and had to be beached on an islet off Avaldsnes rectory, where the passengers had to disembark. The captain was given a fine for having had too many passengers on board. Repaired at A/S Haugesund Slip. In 1936 a conversion to motor vessel was considered, but this did not happen. Rebuilt in Oct.-1937 at A/S Haugesund Slip (wheelhouse somewhat raised).

WW II: In her regular service through the war?

POST WAR: Converted to oil fuelling in the spring of 1947 at A/S Haugesund Slip (oil fuelling equipment had previously been used at Dallands Sildoljefabrikk (herring oil factory), Hauskevågen on Karmøy). Collided in 1948 with the motor vessel Viken I (which sank with the loss of 1 man) off Møllerodden Verksted at Vibrandsøy in Haugesund. Renamed Karsund in 1949 when the company's Torvastad was delivered (spelt a little differently), laid up as reserve. Sold on Oct. 25-1950 to Berge Sag & Trelast, Ølensvåg, converted to freighter by owner in Ølensvåg, 49 gt, 80 tdwt, a 2tev Union 60bhp motor installed. Sold in 1951 to P/r Ola H. Økland, Auklandshamn in Sveio, renamed Høievarde I. In coastal service, and also occasionally stepped in for the owner's Høievarde which was in cargo service Stavanger-Haugesund-Bergen. Sold in the spring of 1953 to Jens Eldøen, Leirvik, Stord, renamed Eldøysund, in coastal service. Sold in 1955 to P/r Erling & Sverre Ingvaldsen, Mosterhamn, Bømlo, in coastal service. In 1957 owned by P/r Erling Ingvaldsen & Torkel Bjørnevik, Mosterhamn. Sold in 1958 to P/r Harald, Gunnar & Alf Grønningen. Mosterhamn, costal service. Sold in 1966 to Alf O. Lidahl, Balestrand in Sogn, coastal service. Sold in 1968 to Magne Hansen, Trondheim. Sold in 1969 to Trygve Wassæter, Barmannfjorden near Hitra. Sold in 1977 to Øystein Førre, Stavanger. Sold in 1978 to Christoffer Sørensen, Stavanger. Sold in the fall of 1981 to Frode Idsøe, Tau in Ryfylke with the intention of using her in connection with building quays, diving and other underwater activity, but this did not come to pass. Apart from transporting some cabins (in sections) in Ryfylke she remained inactive at Tau. Sold in Aug.-1982 to Bjørn Tore Bentsen, Mo i Rana and used in connection with building quays, diving and other underwater activity, among other places at Kalstø and on Karmøy, in connection with the laying of the gas pipeline to Kårstø.

Was in a buoy in Risavika in Tananger on Dec. 31-1984 when a powerful wind and current caused the vessel to get so close to the buoy that it started to dig into the ship's side. After a while she sprang a leak and started to take in water. People on shore became aware of what was happening and brought a pump on board but it was too late and she sank, leaving only the top of the masts above water. Raised in March?-1985 and towed to Rott west of Tanager where she was sunk in deep water.

(Details on this ship received from T. Eriksen, Norway - misc. sources).

D/S Torvåg
Aug. Kjærland, Bergen ?

See Rona.

D/S Torwood * neutral

J. S. Jakobsen & Karsten Ohm
254 gt

Built in Buckie 1921.

Picture of Torwood - Received from the webmaster of Riversea International who say she was a wooden hull steam coaster, built by Jones's Buckie Slip and Shipyard, Buckie (5) for T. B. Jones of Buckie. Between 1935 and 1940 she was sold to Torwood A/S (Jakobsen & Karsten Ohm), Stavanger.

WW II: Had a cargo of carbide when she struck a mine on Dec. 25-1939(?) west of Karmøy, Norway. The crew was able to keep her afloat until the next morning, but then all 11 left the ship in 2 lifeboats, 4 in one, 7 in the other. Only the 7 survived, rescued by D/S Hild and taken to Skudenes.

M/S Tourcoing *
Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tønsberg
5798 gt
Built in Odense 1924.

Pre war: Launched on July 22-1924 by Odense Staalskibsvaerft, Odense (Yard No. 17), completed Oct. 22. 5798 gt, 3578 net, 9590 tdwt, 435.9' x 56.2' x 27.8', two 8 cyl. 4 SCSA oil engines totalling 5100 ihp by Burmeister & Wain's Maskin- og Skibsbyggeri A/S, Copenhagen, driving twin screws, service speed 13 knots, 12 passengers.

Painting of Tourcoing - Received from, and painted by Jan Goedhart, Holland, who served on Norwegian ships for 15 years. (He posted some messages in Norwegian to my Ship Forum, one here, and another thread starting here).

WW II: In German control from 1940. Bombed and badly damaged off Hoek van Holland in 1942. Sank off Swinemünde on Aug. 24-1942 after striking a mine when on a voyage from Gdynia to Oslo.

Some history: Wilhelmsen's Tourcoing, Touraine and Trianon were put into the profitable voyages from Australia to Europe, in the valuable and prestigious wool trade (1920's). The French names were directly related to this trade, which entailed considerable shipments to France. On her maiden voyage home in 1925, Tourcoing completed the voyage Sydney-Dunkirk in 39 days, and was hailed as the winner of the wool race (though was beaten in the following years by other Wilhelmsen liners).

(Main Source: Wilh. Wilhelmsen fleet list).

Wilh. Wilhelmsen later had two more ships by this name, 1947-1967 and 1978 (still existed in 1994).

D/S Tourist I
A/S Riskafjord, Stavanger
ca. 71 gt
Built in Elbing, Germany 1898. Previous names: Elsa until 1920, Odden II until 1922.

Pre war history: Delivered in 1898 from F. Schichau, Elbing, Germany (613) as steamer Elsa to A. Zedler, Elbing, Germany. Steel hull, 86.3’ x 15.8’ x 7’, 67.90 gt, Tripple Expansion (Schichau) 126ihp. By 1920 she had an unknown owner in Haderslev, Denmark. Sold on June 15-1920 to H. Rich. Aass, Oslo, renamed Odden II. Sold on Oct. 29-1920 to Nordøstre Nesodden Skibsaktieselskab, Follo (T. Torgersen), Nesodden, in regularly scheduled service Oslo-Bundefjorden (Oksvald-Ursvik-Helvik). Company went bankrupt in Dec.-1921. Sold at auction on Febr. 27-1922 to Ole J. Raanaas, Bærum. Sold on May 24-1922 to A/S Bundefjord-Helvig, Nesodden, in tourist trade Oslo-Vestfjorden, renamed Tourist I on June 9-1922. Remeasured on Dec.5-1922, 71.06 gt. On Febr. 19-1925 the owning company changed its name to A/S Bundefjord Dampskibsselskap, Oslo. Sold on June 20-1925 to A/S Nesodden Dampskibsselskap, Nesodden, in local service Oslo-Nesoddlandet. Sold on May 2-1936 to Lovin Bratlid, Oslo. Sold on May 22-1937 to A/S Riskafjord, Stavanger. After a while she was called Turist I, which was also written on her wheelhouse, but this name was never registered. Registered in Stavanger on July 23-1937, somewhat rebuilt that year, entered service Stavanger-Hommersåk-Riskalandet.

WW II: Remeasured in 1942, 91.92 gt.

POST WAR: Rebuilt at Rosenberg Mek. Verksted, Stavanger in 1946, 114.94 gt, 4cyl 2tev Union dm 200bhp (1940). In 1968 a 4teb Callesen 240bhp was installed in Stavanger (foundations built at Sigurd Sagens Båtbyggeri, Hommersåk). Sold on Nov. 23-1976 to Sigurd Hillestad, Høylandsbygd, Halsnøy, derigged there - motor removed. Sunk in Bjørnefjorden in Apr.-1980.

(From T. Eriksen, Norway - His sources: Article about A/S Riskafjord in "Skipet" 3.91 by Hagbart Lunde and Arne Ingar Tandberg, Article about A/S Nesodden-Bundefjord DS in "Skipet" 3.90 by Harald Lorentzen, and Fjordabådane" by Magnus Torgersen, 1981).

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D/S Trafik I
A/S Trafik, Fredrikstad
? gt
Built in Fredrikstad 1892.

Pre war history: Delivered in June-1892 from Fredrikstads Mek. Verksted, Fredrikstad (26) as cargo vessel Trafik I to A/S Trafik (O. Korsgaard), Fredrikstad. Steel hull, 86.5’ x 18.2’ x 8.3’, 2cyl Compound, 8 knots. In cargo service in Oslofjord, often with paper pulp and cellulite.

POST WAR: Sold in Aug.-1956 to Mikal Espedal, Vedavågen, Karmøy. (At the same time Espedal sold his newly built freighter Espedal to A/S Trafik; this vessel was renamed Trafik 3). Converted to freighter by Br. Bjørnevik, Hundvåg, Stavanger, 118 gt, 150 tdwt, and a 2cyl 2tev Union 140bhp motor installed. Entered service as freighter Espedal in 1956, in cargo service for Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab, Stavanger in that company's Skjoldavik-Stavanger route. Owner became Olga M. Espedal (Mikal Espedal), Sevelandsvik, Karmøy in 1959, continued in the same service. 1961: Olga M. Espedal (Mikal Espedal), Stavanger, same service. Sold in Oct.-1961 to Kristen Jonassen, Høyland near Sandnes, same service. In 1965 a 2cyl 2tev Union 150bhk (1956) motor was installed, replaced in 1972 by an 8cyl 4tev General Motors dm 242bhp motor. Sold in Dec.-1977 to P/r Espedal (Sevald Svendsbøe), Vikebygd, continuing in service for Stavangerske until Sept.-1978, at which time she started service for Skretting with feed concentrate Stavanger-Isvik. As per May-1987 she was no longer in service for Skretting. Suffered engine failure in the summer of 1987, repaired. Laid up in Skjoldavik. Sold in Jan.-1989 to Ocean Ltd., London. On Jan.11-1989 she took on board owner's camper at Garpeskjærskaien in Haugesund, then remained in Kopervik for quite a while due to bad weather. Sold that same year to Nautica Yachting Sub (Frank Knickelmann), Hamburg, Germany and converted to sailing vessel in Emden; used as mother ship for sport divers in the Mediterranean. On Apr. 15-1993 Espedal was off Hurghada, Egypt when she at 09:00 ran into an unmarked coral reef and sprang a leak. At the same time a fire erupted in the engine room. A Mayday signal was sent out via VHF, but there was no response. Instead the Egyptians brought tourists out to show them the sinking ship for a fee. At high tide Espedal slipped off the reef and drifted south, and at around 18:00 she capsized to starboard and sank.

(Info from T. Eriksen, Norway - Misc. sources. Dtails on final fate is from a message in my Guestbook from her last owner).

A/S Trafik also had a Trafik in the late 1880's, broken up in 1936.

D/S Trafik 2
A/S Trafik, Fredrikstad
123 gt
Built in Fredrikstad 1893.

Pre war history: Delivered in June-1893 from Fredrikstads Mek. Verksted, Fredrikstad (33) as cargo vessel Trafik 2 to A/S Trafik (O. Korsgaard), Fredrikstad. Steel hull, 83.3’(lpp) x 18.1’ x 8’, 123 gt, 2cyl Compound. In cargo service Oslo-Sarpsborg/Østfold.

POST WAR: Sold in Febr.-1952 for breaking up in Belgium.

(Info from T. Eriksen, Norway - His source: "Langs Kysten i Femti år, fraktenæringen 1946-1996" by Dag Bakka Jr. 1996).

D/S Trafik 3
A/S Trafik, Fredrikstad
127 gt

Built in Oslo 1903.

Pre war history: Delivered in Nov.-1903 from Akers Mek. Verksted, Oslo (233) as cargo vessel Trafik 3 to A/S Trafik (O. Korsgaard), Fredrikstad. Steel hull, (as per '49) 90.8’ x 18.6’ x 7.8’, 127 gt, 2cyl Compound (Akers) 19nhp - in cargo service Oslo-Østfold.

POST WAR: Sold in Jan.-1955 to Hallvard & Torbjørn Koløy, Sæbøvik, Halsnøy, rebuilt - 128 gt, 150 tdwt, a 2cyl 2tev Union 100bhp motor installed. Entered service that year as freighter Koløyholm. Sold in Jan.-1967 to Martin Stabben, Kristiansund N and renamed Sagholm. Remeasured at some point in the 1960's, 121.07 gt, 152 tdwt. Sold in Febr.-1974 to P/r Jan Henry Sauholmen, Berggrend in Fusa, renamed Sauholm in Dec. that year. In 1977 she was owned by P/r Sauholmen (Jan Henry Sauholmen), Berggrend. Sold in May-1978 to Bjørnar Nymo, Nygårddsjøen near Bodø, and in Febr.-1984, A/S Nevi, Tromsø. Sold in Nov.-1985 to Jan Gunnar Klausen, Stokmarknes. Sold in Apr.-1987 to Brettesnes Aqua A/S, Brettesnes near Stokmarknes. Converted to well ship. Sold again in Nov.-1989 to Hamnes A/S, Svolvær, and in May-1992 to Laksfrakt A/S, Svolvær. (Seen in Svolvær in March-1994, used as freighter?). Sold in March-1998 to Dåfjord Laks A/S, Hansnes.

(Info from T. Eriksen, Norway - Misc. sources).

D/S Trafik 5
A/S Trafik, Fredrikstad
136 gt
Built in Fredrikstad 1907.

Pre war history: Delivered in Apr.-1907 from Fredrikstads Mek. Verksted, Fredrikstad (113) as cargo vessel Trafik 5 to A/S Trafik (O. Korsgaard), Fredrikstad. Steel hull, 95.8’ x 19’ x 8.5’, 136 gt, 2cyl Compound 25nhp, in cargo service Oslo-Østfold.

POST WAR: Sold in June-1956 to Selmer Jacobsen, Auklandshamn in Sveio, converted to freighter by Øklandsnes Slip, Auklandshamn, 138 gt, 170 tdwt, a 3cyl 2tev Wichmann 150bhp (1942, from Egil) installed. Entered service in 1957 as freighter Friland. Sold in Sept.-1960 to P/r / Ola H. Økland, Auklandshamn. Remeasured in 1962, 141 gt. In 1965 a 2tev Normo sd 210bhp motor was installed. Renamed Høievarde in July-1966, service Stavanger-Haugesund-Bergen. Sold in Nov.-1972 to P/r Nils Blom, Blomgangstø, renamed Blomås. Owned in 1979 by P/r Blomås / Joakim J. Blom, Blomgangstø. Sold in Aug.-1980 to P/r Knut & Ole Vik / Knut Vik, Rosendal, used as freighter for Storemøllen in Bergen, mostly Bergen-Førde. Sold in Oct.-1995 to P/r Waagene & Kjørvik ANS / Finn Waagene, Kumle, in coastal service. Sold in the spring of 2000 to Geir Aadne Hansen, Svelvik, then sold that same year to unknown owner in Stockholm, Sweden (still very well maintained up until that time).

(Info from T. Eriksen, Norway - Misc. sources).

D/S Trafik 7
A/S Trafik, Fredrikstad
218 gt
Built in Moss 1912.

Pre war history: Delivered in Sept.-1912 from Moss Værft, Moss (10) as cargo vessel Trafik 7 to A/S Trafik (O. Korsgaard), Fredrikstad. Steel hull, 107.2’ x 21.7’ x 9.9’, 218 gt, 2cyl Compound 34nhp, in cargo service Oslo-Sarpsborg/Østfold.

POST WAR: Rebuilt in 1951, 212 gt, a 4cyl 2tev Union 200bhp motor installed. Placed in cargo service Oslo-Østfold-København in 1957. Sold in March-1964 to P/r / Konrad Mallasvik, Naustdal, TC to A/S Trafik, same service. In 1965, when the charter period was up, she was renamed Kvellvik and registered in Florø, in coastal service. Remeasured in 1965, 199 gt. In 1966 a 4cyl 2tev Normo sd 280bhp motor was installed at Øklandsnes Slip & Mek. Verksted, Auklandshamn in Sveio. Remeasured in 1968, 199.80 gt. Sold in Nov.-1982 to Leidvin Hjartholm, Brekke. Sold in Sept.-1984 to P/r Into / Ingvald Drillen, Vallersund, in sand trade. Sold in Febr.-1987 to P/r Frøyfrakt / Geir Ole Søreng, Verdal, renamed Frøyvaag, in sand trade. Sold in June-1989 to Atle Eikenes, Sunde in Sunnhordland, in local sand trade for A/S Vestfrakting, Mosterhamn, Bømlo. Sold in March-1991 to Br. Nistads Rederi (Arvid & Ivar Nistad), Odda, in coastal service for Selboe Shipping, Trondheim and Felleskjøpet, mostly Sandnes / Stavanger – Trondheim. On Jan 1-1992, when on a voyage Sandnes via Stavanger and Haugesund for Kristiansund N and Trondheim, she broke away from Møre Montasje's quay in Kristiansund N during a hurricane and drifted into Ormtunga Light in Dalasundet, Kristiansund N. A salvage vessel tried to pull her off that same day, but did not succeed. On Jan 8 her cargo was transferred to a barge, and the next day she was refloated by tug Waterchief. Slipped at Kristiansund Mek. Verksted, Kristiansund N; apart from a minor leak she was undamaged. In 1995 she was "arrested" in Svolvær, owner bankrupt. Sold in Jan. that year to P/r Br. Johansen ANS / Viggo Johansen, Kjøpsvik, later sold to an owner in Hamburg, Germany and renamed Trafik.

(Info from T. Eriksen, Norway - Misc. sources).

D/S Transport
1998 gt
Built in Caen, France 1921. Previous names: Député René, then Le Merlier until 1934, Alkimos until until 1937.

Transport is listed in Convoy HN 6 from Norway to the U.K. in Dec.-1939/Jan.-1940. At the end of Jan.-1940 she shows up in the U.K.-Norway Convoy ON 9, returning in the middle of Febr. with Convoy HN 10B, bound for Leith in ballast. At the end of that month she went back to Norway with Convoy ON 16, and in the middle of March-1940 she's listed in Convoy HN 18, bound for Blyth in ballast. At the end of March she joined Convoy ON 23 in order to go back to Norway, and was still there when the Germans invaded on Apr. 9-1940 - follow links for more convoy info; several Norwegian ships took part.

In coal trade to Svalbard?

D/S Traust * later raised
Norsk Bjergningskompagni A/S, Trondheim
222 gt
Built in Wilhelmshaven 1921. Previous names: Münsterland until 1921, Oevelgönne until 1930.

Pre war history: Delivered in May-1921 from Marinewerft, Wilhelmshaven, Germany (45) as steam trawler Münsterland to Reichstreuhandgesellschaft AG, Wilhelmshaven. Steel hull, 126.9’ x 22.6’ x 10.2’ / 13.4’, 220 gt, Tripple Expansion (Marinewerft). Was originally contracted in Febr.-1919 by the German State / Reichskommissar für Fischversorgung. Transferred to Reichstreuhandgesellschaft AG on Apr. 1-1920. Launched Dec. 27 that year. Sold in 1921 to Altonaer Hochseefischerei AG, Altona, Germany, renamed Oevelgönne (fishery No. SD.118). Ran aground in the evening of Dec. 22-1928 near Angersholmen (?) in the north of Norway. Salvage attempts given up Dec. 23, wreck sank to a depth of 27 meters, declared total loss. Taken over in 1929(?): by A/S Nordenfjeldske Bjergningsselskap, Trondheim (salvage company), "as is, where lies". Raised in June-1929 by owner. Repaired and converted to salvage vessel, new interior, 127.9’ x 22.5’ x 9.2’, 222 gt. Entered service in 1930 as salvage vessel Traust. Owned by Norsk Bjergnings-Kompagni A/S, Trondheim 1931. Ran aground near Strømsøya, Rørvik on Oct. 25-1938, refloated and repaired.

WW II: Requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine in 1941, in service for Bergungskommando Norwegen, Stutzpunkt Drontheim. On Apr. 12-1945, while laid up at Porsgrund Mek. Værksted, allied aircraft from Banff Strike Wing attacked, sinking several vessels, among them Traust, Dione and Nordsjø.

POST WAR: Returned in 1945 "as-is". Raised and repaired. Rebuilt in 1953, 225 gt. Sold in 1958 to A/S Haugesund Slip, Haugesund, renamed Bleiskjær. Converted to seiner, 136.6’ x 22.6’ x 13.5’, 255 gt, 3500hl, a 6cyl 4tev MAN dm 300bhp (1939) motor installed. Sold in 1959 to Johannes Vermundsen m.fl., Vedavågen, Karmøy, renamed Falkholm (R-418-A). On Jan. 1-1964 the fishery No changed due to several municipalities being joined (R-??-K). New motor installed in 1965 - 2tev Alpha dm 680bhp, 11 knots. Rebuilt a couple of times (new interior 1969, 286 gt), condemned in 1970 and broken up that year in Norway.

(Info received from T. Eriksen, Norway - His sources: Alf Johan Kristiansen, Hans-Jürgen Heisse and misc. others).

Related external link:
Sorties Flown by Banff Strike Wing - date of attack is given as Apr. 11 here, scroll down on the page for details of the air attack by 143rd, 235th, 248th and 333rd squadrons.

M/S Trianon
Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tønsberg
5805 gt
Built in Odense 1926.

Pre war: Launched on Oct. 31-1925 by Odense Staalskibsvaerft, Odense (Yard No. 19), completed Febr. 28-1926. 5805 gt, 3579 net, 9590 tdwt, 435.9' x 56.2' x 27.8', two 8 cyl. 4 SCSA oil engines totalling 5100 ihp by Burmeister & Wain's Maskin- og Skibsbyggeri A/, Copenhagen, driving twin screws, service speed 13 knots.

WW II: In German control from Apr.-1940.

Picture of Trianon - From Bjørn Pedersen's collection. He has also confirmed that she was seized by the Germans. She's not mentioned in "Nortraships flåte", nor is she mentioned in German sources re. foreign merchant ships in German service, but in confidential documents from the war she's said to have been transporting ore and coal for the Germans all through the war. She was laid up in Oslo several times, from Aug. 17-1943, in May-1944, from Aug. 9-1944 and in May-1945, just before the war ended in Norway. She was also laid up in Oslo from Oct. 11-1945, possibly for repairs.

POST WAR: As mentioned, she was in Oslo in May-1945, returned to owners. Arrived Hong Kong on Sept. 8-1959 and sold on Sept. 11 to Oriental Steel & Rolling Mills Co., Hong Kong for scrapping. Delivered to shipbreakers on Oct. 10-1959.

(Main Source: Wilh. Wilhelmsen fleet list).

Wilh. Wilhelmsen later had another ship by this name,1961-1978.

D/S Trio
Joh. P. Mathiesen, Oslo
183? gt
Built in Sweden 1900.

Owned by D/S Trio (Joh. P. Mathiesen), Oslo, built by C.A. Dösebacka, Sweden. In coastal cargo service between Oslo and Arendal for many years.

My Ship Forum has a thread re. an aircaft attack on this ship on July 27-1940 - follow the link for more details; see also the various responses to the original posting. This message in my Norwegian Guestbook says she had bombs for the Luftwaffe on board at the time. She was abandoned by crew, but Valdemar Høyland reboarded and beached the ship. He was later rewarded by the Germans and used the money he got from them to buy a motorcycle. The message adds that Trio was refloated on July 31. Deckboy Erik Waldemar Sjøholm was shot and injured when in a lifeboat and later died at Rogaland Hospital. The book "Våre falne" also mentions a Captain Hans Olafsen, saying he was injured on a ship by this name (sailing with a German cargo) during an allied air attack on July 27-1940 (same date as above), and died later at Rogaland Hospital (Apr. 27-1941).

POST WAR: In 1949 the owning company changed its name into D/S A/S Rutland (Joh. P. Mathiesen), Oslo. Same service until Sept. 8-1956, when she went aground near Grønnholmen lighthouse near Risør en route to Mandal with various goods. When DS AS Rutland looked for a replacment for Trio soon afterwards, they found old Homborsund 2 in Haugesund - see Post War details for Homborsund. (Source: A posting to my Ship Forum).

Related external link:
Stavern commemoration - The Norwegian text says Trio was torpedoed on July 27-1940, and that Deckboy Erik Waldemar Sjøholm had managed to get in a lifeboat, but was shot during the attack.

There was also a Finnish Trio (1451 gt). A visitor to my site has told me that this ship struck a mine near Borkum when on a voyage from Sundsvall to Germany with a cargo of timber. She sank in position 53 39N 30 57E, her crew of 20 were rescued. Her wreck lies at this spot. His source is Lloyds War Losses Vol 1 which gives the date as previous to July 24-1940, but he says if she was going to Germany she should have arrived at that date or the 23rd. There was also a French ship by the name Trio (this ship was also 1451 gt) and a Swedish one (1739 gt).

M/T Tripp
Osw. Aamodt, ?
364 gt
Built in Alblasserdam 1939.

Captain Johan Pettersen. In Sweden when war broke out in Norway (I have a document received from the Norwegian National Archives saying that she sailed from Åbo on March 27-1940 and was in port in Stockholm on Apr. 28). Returned to Norway. My page about Ships in Sweden has more on the Norwegian ships there.

This posting to my Ship Forum (by Platon Alexiades) states: "I found that HMS TRIDENT attacked the Norwegian small tanker TRIPP at 1255/21 August 1941 in 70°09' N, 21°01' E (German records give the position as AC 7481), missing her with two torpedoes. She appeared to be carrying German soldiers at the time".

M/S Troll
Nils Halvorsen A/S, Porsgrunn
271 gt
Built in Fredrikstad 1893. Previous names: D/S Transport III until 1894?, Transport until 1897, Grimstad until 1939.

Pre war history: Delivered in May-1893 from Fredrikstad Mek. Verksted, Fredrikstad as D/S Transport III to Vestlandske Godsdampskibsselskab, Oslo, 262 gt, used in regularly scheduled cargo service. Sold in Dec.-1893 to Brødrene Jacobsen, Haugesund, renamed Transport. Sold in 1897 to Dampskibsselskabet Veritas (Bertrand Jacobsen), Arendal, renamed Grimstad, used in cargo service Oslo-Arendal-Kristiansand-Stavanger-Haugesund-Bergen, later several other destinations where needed. Manager became O.Børresen, Oslo in Apr.-1938, still in same service. Sold in Oct.-1938 to Nils Halvorsen A/S, Porsgrunn, rebuilt, 271 gt, motor installed (4cyl 2tev Union 250bhk), re-entered service as M/S Troll in 1939.

There's a thread about this ship on my Ship Forum.

POST WAR: When on a voyage Stettin-Århus with 350 tons coal briquets she sank northeast of Middelgrund (Øresund) on Oct. 4-1947 following a collision with the Norwegian Jolantha, which also sank. Troll's crew of 9 were saved, while 6 died from Jolantha. Raised Jan. 22-1948, taken to Nordhavns Værft, Copenhagen on the 28th, repaired, lengthened and rebuilt, 324 gt, renamed Bandak (Porsgrunn). Wrecked in heavy weather near Nesøy in Sognefjord on Febr. 19-1949 on a voyage Larvik-Årdalstangen with general cargo. According to a response on my Ship Forum, 7 of 9 men of Bandak's crew perished, being unable to climb up the cliffs on the spot she struck. T. Eriksen says 3 out of 10 on board were saved according to his sources. He adds that Norsk Bjergningskompagni salvaged some of her cargo in the summer of 1949.

(From T. Eriksen, Norway)

M/S Troma * later raised
A/S. J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen
5029 gt
Built in Sunderland 1937. Previous name: Rodsley.

Pre war history: Launched as Rodsley for Stephens, Sutton Ltd., Newcastle (originally ordered by Thommason Shipping Co., U.K.), delivered in Aug.-1937 from William Doxford & Sons Ltd., Sunderland (638) as Troma to A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen. 5029 gt, 3051 net, 9200 tdwt, 425.4' x 54.4' x 25.6', 3 cyl. 2 TEV DM (Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd., Newcastle), 388 nhp.

Picture of Troma - At Gibostad 1941. Received from Erling Skjold, Norway.
Painting of Troma - Received from, and painted by, Jan Goedhart, Holland.

WW II: Ran aground, Storebelt, Oct. 28-1940.
Damaged due to ice in Jan. 1942 on a voyage from Hamburg to Norway.
Struck a mine on May 4-1942 off the coast of Holland and towed to Rotterdam.
Struck a mine again on July 10-1942 off the coast of Holland, and again towed to Rotterdam.
Damaged by mine explosions on Dec. 12-1942 on a voyage from Rotterdam to Horten via Hamburg with a cargo of coal and coke.
Damaged in air attack in Hamburg on July 25-1943.
Sank following an explosion due to sabotage at Akers mek. Verksted in Oslo on Nov. 24-1944. M/S Taiwan was also sunk, as well as the German M/T Euroland. M/T Austanger which had been renamed Schleswig under German control was badly damaged. Sabotage was also carried out at Nyland Verksted on the same date (see Kaprino).

(See also this thread re Troma on my Ship Forum).

POST WAR: Troma was raised after the war. Sold in 1946 to A/S Olymp (Einar Lange), Oslo, towed to Antwerp and repaired by Beliard Crighton & Co., enetered service in Apr,-1947 under the name Max Manus. Sold in 1963 to Therean Ltda, Panama, renamed Flora N (Greek flag). Had engine room explosion and on fire while discharging cement at Ibiza on Jan. 25-1964. Towed out of port and beached 3 miles southwest of Ibiza to allow fire to burn itself out. Had extensive damage amidships. Three lives were lost at the time of the explosion.

(Sources: "Hjemmeflåten - Mellom venn og fiende", Lauritz Pettersen, and E-mail from Roger W. Jordan [Post War info]).

Other ships by this name: This company used the name Troma again for a tanker delivered to them in July-1950, built in Amsterdam, 10 429 gt. Sold to owners in Monrovia in 1963 and renamed Romano. Sold to new owners in Monrovia in 1964, renamed Dona 10. Broken up in 1974. Another Troma, also a tanker, was delivered to the company in May-1966, built at Kiel, 47 527 gt. Sold to owners in Cameroon in 1976, renamed Fako, used as floating warehouse, having been converted at St. Nazaire. Heavily damaged by explosion off Cameroon on March 3-1983, condemned and broken up. Yet another tanker named Troma was delivered to the company in Jan.-1982, built in Japan, 22 980 gt. This ship was renamed Team Troma in 1982 and had various owners (but same manager) in the years to follow, renamed Team Mars in 1998. Has since had misc. owners, still in service.

D/S Tromsø
Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap, Tromsø
286 gt
Built in Trondheim 1908.

Pre war history: Delivered in March.-1908 as Tromsø to Tromsø Amts Dampskibsselskap, Tromsø, 238 gt. Ran aground at Helgøy in Febr.-1910. Capsized and sank in port at Helgøy on Nov. 16-1915. 2 passengers and the engineer died. Raised and towed to Tromsø by Salvator, repaired in Harstad and at the same time lengthened, 286 gt. Back in regularly scheduled service upon completion of repairs in March-1917. Ran aground near Mågøy in 1919. To yard for renewals and maintenance in 1928.

WW II: Requisitioned by the Germans in June-1940 for use as supply vessel between Narvik and Porsanger.

POST WAR: Returned to owners. Collided in Nov. 7-1947 with the freighter Werner in Tromsøysundet. Ran aground near Nordstraumen in Kvænangen on Nov. 25-1949. Ran aground near Karnes in Lyngen on March 24-1951, a passenger died. Rammed in Tjelsundet by D/S Bro of Haugesund on Oct. 31-1951. Beached near Alstad and sank in shallow water. Condemned in 1952. Wreck sold by insurance company to Ila Jernstøperi, Trondheim. Hull later taken over by Erling Kjeldsen, Tromsø for use as barge.

(Source: Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap fleet list, Finn R. Hansen).

Other ships by this name: This was the company's 2nd ship by this name, the first one was built in Newcastle in 1867, 104 gt. Eventually sold to Russia on Jan. 1-1908 and renamed Anatolii. They later had a 3rd Tromsø, see post war information for Bolga. A 4th Tromsø was built in Brevik in 1958, 313 gt. This ship was sold to Simon Møkster, Stavanger in 1981 and renamed Strilvard, then sold to the U.S. in 1983 (The Bible Speaks, Portland, Maine), renamed La Gracia and used in the Caribbean as mission ship, still in service in 1992 but deleted from register by 1995. TFDS's 5th Tromsø was built in 1997, a coast guard vessel. (Info from the company fleet list, Finn R. Hansen).

D/S Trondenes
Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap, Tromsø
321 gt
Built in Trondheim, delivered Jan.-1901. Previous name: Trondenæs until 1936, 305 gt.

Pre war history: In July/Aug.-1904 she was in weekly tourist trade Narvik-Alteidet. Ran aground at full speed near Sandtorg on Febr. 5-1907, repaired in Harstad. Renewed boiler, Bergen, Apr.-1910. Sank after having run aground in Sandsund near Sandsøy on Febr. 4-1913. Raised, repaired in Harstad. Interior altered 1923. Ran aground in Risøyrenna in Dec.-1928, pulled off by Sterkoder. Rebuilt in 1929. 321 gt in 1935. Laid up in Tromsø from Aug.-1936 till May-1937, renamed Trondenes in 1936.

W II: Requisitioned by the Allies as hospital ship on Apr. 27-1940, to Gratanger for evacuation of allied forces.

POST WAR: Laid up for sale in 1956. Sold in 1957 to Høvding Skibsopphugging, Sandnessjøen. Deleted from register in June-1958.

(Source: Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap fleet list, Finn R. Hansen).

Other ships by this name: This was the company's 2nd Trondenæs (old fashioned way of saying Trondenes) the 1st one having been built in 1894, 255 gt. This ship ran aground near Skrolsvik on Oct. 10-1899, total loss. A 3rd Trondenes was built for the company in 1965, 223 gt. Sold in March-1990 and in use as cable layer for Møre Kabelservice A/S. Sold again in Apr.-1992 (Aasmund Torvik, Fosnavåg) and again just a couple of months later to Island Ferries (C.I.) Ltd., Alderney, UK (O. E. Mæland Shipping, Haugesund), Tromsø and converted for Ro-Ro transport, trading between Alderney and Weymouth, Southampton and Cherbourg. Sold to Gabon in 1994 and renamed Buffalo, same owners in 1995. The company's 4th Trondenes was originally built as Esso Harstad for Esso Norge A/S, Tønsberg in 1979, 471 gt. Became Trondenes for TFDS in May-1994.

D/S Trondhjem (II) * raised
Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab, Trondheim
1147 gt
Built Sestri Ponente, Italy 1923. Previous name: Multedo.

Pre war: Purchased by Nordenfjeldske in Dec.-1929 and renamed Trondhjem, rebuilt. Placed in coastal service Oslo-Kirkenes in Jan.-1930.

WW II: Ran aground near Ronglevann when on a voyage from Tromsø to Oslo on July 7-1940. Sank following a collision with the Finnish D/S Oinas on Dec. 14-1942, but raised in Apr.-1943 and towed to Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted for repairs.

POST WAR: Struck a mine on March 8-1947 off Weser Light Ship on a voyage from Stavanger to Hamburg with a cargo of fish.

(Source: Nordenfjeldske D/S fleet list, Finn R. Hansen).

Nordenfjeldske had also previously had another ship by this name, though spelt Throndhjem, built 1865, 346 gt - sold to Brødrene Anda, Stavanger for breaking up in Sept.-1929.

D/S Trondhjemsfjord *
Den norske Amerikalinje A/S, Oslo
6753 gt
Built in Glasgow 1921.

Launched on July 4-1921 by Napier & Miller Ltd., Old Kilpatrick, Glasgow (Yard No. 232) for NAL. 6753 gt, 4147 net, 9050 tdwt, 421.7 x 55.8 x 26.5 ft, two steam turbines, double-reduction geared to a single shaft, by Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd., Birkenhead. Delivered in Jan.-1922.

Picture - Picture of a painting, received from, and painted by Jan Goedhart, Holland.

WW II: Stoker Reidar Eriksen died following an air attack in the North Sea on May 5-1942 (buried in Rotterdam).

Sunk by British aircraft off Ryvingen lighthouse on April 27-1943 while on a voyage from Bergen to Kristiansand in ballast.

(Source: Norwegian America Line fleet list).

Related external link:
Norway Heritage Project has a section on Norwegian America Line with pictures and more details on dimensions etc. on several of the company's ships.

Den norske Amerikalinje had 3 ships by this name through the years, this was the second of them.

D/S Trygg *
Built ?

Sunk by allied aircraft on Jan. 8-1945 in Korsfjord, 2 died. Fusa was sunk in the same attack.

Related link:
The 2 who died
- Mate Eivind Wilhelm Juuhl-Hansen and Machinist Oskar Kristoffer Nilsen are commemorated. This website gives the place as Tysfjord, this is incorrect.

Tu - Ty
D/S Tugela *
Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tønsberg
5559 gt
Built in Newcastle 1921.

Pre war: Launched on Febr. 11-1921 by Palmers' Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd., Jarrow (Yard No. 916), completed Aug. 5. 5559 gt, 3462 net, 7918 tdwt, 380.4' x 52.2' x 33.6', 3 cyl. triple exp. steam engines of 2900 ihp by the shipbuilders. Subsequently fitted with a low pressure exhaust steam turbine, service speed 12 knots, 8 passengers. This was the first ship on the Barber Line.

Picture of Tugela - Source: Alf Helge Omre (from his father's personal album - ref. Fjordaas).

WW II: Scuttled at Oslo in Apr.-1940, but later raised by the Germans and managed by Rob. M. Sloman Jr., Hamburg. Scuttled again on Apr. 28-1943 at Oslo by Norwegian "underground" forces, but again raised by the Germans (Navy). Sank on March 24-1945 after striking a mine near Florø.

Stoker Ragnar Stanley Olsson died while in Ålesund on May 11-1944 (shot by the Germans when returning to the ship after having been ashore).

(Wilh. Wilhelmsen fleet list, and "Våre falne").

Wilh. Wilhelmsen later had another ship by this name, 1954-1976.

M/S Tulane * later raised
Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tønsberg
5488 gt
Built in Oslo 1940.

Launched on Oct. 18-1939 by Akers Mek. Verksted A/S, Oslo (Yard No. 478), completed Jan. 11-1940. 5488 gt, 3240 net, 8300 tdwt, 128.01 (138.15 oa) x 17.47 x 11.89 m, 7848 m draught, 5 cyl. 2 SCDA Burmeister & Wain type oil engine of 5500 bhp by the shipbuilders, service speed 15.25 knots, 37.66 cu. m of refrigerated cargo space, 12 passengers.

Seized by the Germans at Oslo in Aug.-1940 and employed as Sperrbrecher 16 from Nov. 16-1940 (Kriegsmarine). Struck a mine on Apr. 8-1943 at La Pallice and was heavily damaged. Bombed while undergoing repairs and sank on Aug. 11-1944 after having been bombed again the previous day.

POST WAR: Raised on July 30-1946 and repaired. Returned to service in Febr. 1949 under the name Tulane. Sold on June 11-1965 to Eastcote Cia. Nav. S.A. (Michail A. Karageorgis (Hellas) Ltd., managers), Panama and renamed Aristandros. Transferred to Greek registry in 1970. Delivered at Shanghai to China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation on Sept. 21-1971 for scrapping.

(Wilh. Wilhelmsen fleet list).

Wilh. Wilhelmsen later had another ship by this name, 1966-1977.

D/S Tungenes *
Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab, Stavanger
560 gt
Built in Danzig 1922.

Pre war history: Delivered in Apr.-1922 from The International Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. (Danziger Werft), Danzig as Tungenes to Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab, Stavanger. Steel hull, 155.1’ x 24.2’ x 17.5’, Tripple Expansion (Danziger Werft) 50nhp, 9.5 knots, 560 gt, 600 tdwt. At first used in the company's Baltic route (Trondheim / Western Norway – Stettin / Lübeck), but after a short while she was replaced by Jæderen and then entered coastal service Stavanger-Oslo.

WW II: When Norway was invaded on Apr. 9-1940 Tungenes was in Drammen. She was on a voyage Oslo-Stavanger with general cargo on Jan. 24-1945 when she was sunk by mistake by land artillery (German batteries at Lista). All on board took to the lifeboats while she sank west of Ystesteinane, Lista. No casualties.

(Misc. sources, incl. pre war history from T. Eriksen, Norway - his sources: Articles about Stavangerske D/S in the Norwegian magazine "Skipet" 2.90 and 1.91 by Alf Johan Kristiansen).

Other ships by this name: This company also had a Tungenes after the war. Built 1923 as German Pickhuben, 1000 gt. Seized at Lübeck by the Allies in 1945, renamed Empire Condicote. Became Norwegian Grimsnes in 1946, then Tungenes in 1947, Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab. Scrapped in Belgium in 1961. Also, Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab's D/S Rogaland, later became Tungenes.

M/T Turicum
Tschudi & Eitzen, Oslo
7824 gt
Built at Krimpen, Holland 1928.

Follow link to M/T Turicum for further details (and pictures).

M/S Tusna
Jan L. Backer, Kristiansund
372 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1880. Previous names: Oluf Bager, Hutitu.

Pre war history: Delivered from Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen (160) in Nov.-1880 as Oluf Bager to Det Forenede Dampskibsselskab, Odense, Denmark. 372 gt, 425 tdwt, 162.3' x 24.1' x 11.1', Triple exp. (B&W), 450 ihp. Registered in Copenhagen from 1901. Sold in Nov.-1931 to Brødrene Anda, Stavanger for breaking up, but converted to barge, renamed Hutitu for owners in Bergen.

WW II: Converted to motor vessel in 1942, 6 cyl. 4T Deutz DM, 300 bhp, entering service that same year as Tusna for Halfdan Backer A/S (Jan L. Backer), Kristiansund. Owned from May-1944 by A/S Nordhavet, Kristiansund (same managers), and from 1945 by Erling Larsen, Kristiansund.

POST WAR: Sold in Jan.-1947 to Skibs-A/S Vilnes (Monrad Hatlem), Bergen and renamed Vilnes, manager became Sverre Tvedt, Bergen that same year. Sold in Apr.-1948 to Skibs-A/S Karlander, Fredrikstad and renamed Slevik. Ran aground near Leikna, Lysøysund on Dec. 9-1951, voyage Hammerfall-Herøy. Raised in 1952 and towed to Bergen, condemned. Sold for breaking up in Belgium, departing Bergen in Oct.-1953.

Another Tusna was delivered to A/S Nordhavet (Erling Larsen) Kristiansund in Apr.-1947, 397 gt. Had various owners and managers till Nov.-1953 when she was sold to Australia and renamed Karalta. From 1961 she had owners in Hong Kong, from 1965 in New Guinea, became Panamanian Autoly in 1966. Deleted from Lloyd's register in 1985.

D/S Tyrifjord *
Den norske Amerikalinje A/S, Oslo
3080 gt
Built in Newcastle 1919.

Pre war history: Laid down as War Dene for The Shipping Controller, London. Launched on Dec. 6-1919 by Wood, Skinner & Co. Ltd., Newcastle (Yard No. 215) as Ramfos for Skibs-A/S Thor Thoresens Linje (Otto & Thor Thoresen A/S, managers), Kristiania. Delivered in May-1920. 3080 gt, 1881 net, 5500 tdwt, 331.7 x 46.7 x 23.1 ft, three cylinder triple-expansion steam engine by North Eastern Marine Engineering Co. Ltd., Newcastle. Purchased by NAL in 1921 and renamed Tyrifjord.

WW II: A French visitor to my website has told me that Tyrifjord was stopped for examination (54 06N 35 19W) by the German Deutschland on Nov. 4-1939, 300 nm bearing 70 from Cape Race.

Sunk by Allied aircraft near Stavenes lighthouse, south of Florø, on Sept. 19-1944, on a voyage from Germany to the north of Norway for ore. D/S Lynx was sunk in the same attack, while BDS's D/S Ursa escaped unharmed, follow links for more details.

(Main source: Norwegian America Line fleet list).

Related external link:
Sorties Flown by Banff Strike Wing - the other side of the coin, scroll down to Sept. 19-1944.

Den norske Amerikalinje had another ship by this name 1953-1972.

M/S Tysfjord
A/S Saltens Dampskibsselskab, Bodø
200 gt
Built in Kristiansand 1937.

Pre war history: Delivered in Aug.-1937 from Kristiansands Mek. Verksted, Kristiansand (169) as Tysfjord to A/S Saltens Dampskibsselskab, Bodø. Steel hull, 102’ x 22.4’ x 11’, 200 gt, 6cyl 4tev MAN dm 290bhp, 10 knots, registered for 150 passengers. Used in the company's routes in Salten and Ofoten.

WW II: Received misc. damages in connection with war related actions in the north of Norway in Apr.-1940 - repaired. Requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine on May 1-1941 as Friedrich Wilhelm Zu Pferde. Somewhat rebuilt at Greåker (Sarpsborg), used by Hafenschutzflotille Sandnessjøen as guardboat NSa 01. Ran ground near Ålesund at some point, probably not seriously damaged, repaired. On June 1-1944 Hafenschutzflotille Sandnessjøen was changed to 66th Vorpostenflotille and from then on the ship was used as patrol vessel V 6601.

POST WAR: Found in Rørvik in May-1945 in bad state of repair. Formally returned to owners on June 19-1945. Repaired at Trondhjems Mek. Verksted, Trondhjem - back in regularly scheduled service in the winter of 1946. Rebuilt and lengthened at Aukra Bruk A/S, Aukra in 1960, 125.4’ x 22.4’ x 11-6, 266 gt, registered for 180 passengers. In 1965 a 4cyl 2tev Wichmann ACAT dm 600bhp motor was installed, 12 knots. Sold in Sept.-1979 to George Mallion, Kent, UK. Sold in 1979 to Q. N. D. Transport SA, Panama (HO6828), renamed Calypso Lady.

(Info received from T. Eriksen, Norway - His sources: Article about Salten D/S in "Skipet" 1.93 by Jens Chr. Egenæs and a thread on my Ship Forum).

M/S Tysnes
Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
75 gt
Built in Bergen 1930.

Pre war history: Delivered in 1930 from A/S Mjellem & Karlsen, Bergen as Tysnes to Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen. Steel hull, 76,1’ x 16,1’ x 8,2’, 75 gt, 2tev Bolinder 96bhp. In service in Sunnhordland (Leirvik-Mosterhamn-Valevåg-Leirvik-Halsnøy-Sunde). Occasionally stepped in for the company's Kinsarvik as car ferry between Kyrping-Fjæra in Åkrafjorden (had space for 2 cars on deck), and also sometimes for Ternen in the Bergen-Austevoll-Fitjar route.

Here's a picture of Tysnes and Hardangeren (same company) from 1930 - Bjørn Milde's postcard collection.

WW II: Remained in regular service through the war?

POST WAR: Somewhat rebuilt, year unknown. Laid up in Bergen in the early 1960's. Sold in Aug.-1963 to Olaf O. Osnes, Nordbø, Karmøy, converted to freighter by Øklandsnes Slip, Auklandshamn, 78 gt / t.dwt:120, a 1cyl 2tev Wichmann 50bhp installed. Entered service in 1964? as freighter T. J. Osnes, in local sand trade. Sold in 1971 to Tor Vargervik, Jørpeland (near Stavanger) and renamed Vartun. Sold in 1977 to Jacob Jacobsen, Førland in Tysvær, in local sand trade. Remeasured in 1978? 72 gt. Sold in 1980 to Malvin Olsen, Haugesund, in local sand trade. Laid up in Smedasundet, Haugesund (year unknown). Laid up at Birkeland Slip, Avaldsnes in 1987. Sold that year to Geir Røssland, Fana for possible restoration to her original appearance when Tysnes. Picked up from Birkeland Slip in the spring of 1988. At the same time a Bolinder motor from Transport was purchased and some of Tysnes original interior items were also obtained (these had been kept by Olaf O. Osnes when he had the ship converted in 1963). Laid up and maintained at Georgenes Verft, Bergen.

(Facts on this vessel received from T. Eriksen, Norway - misc. sources).

D/S Tyssedal (later Bjørnungen)
Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
233 gt
Built in Bergen 1912.

Further details under D/S Tyssedal (incl. a picture).

M/K Tøtta
A/S Saltens Dampskibsselskab, Bodø
56 gt
Built in Sunde 1914. Previous name: Osterfjord until 1915.

Pre war history: Delivered in 1914 from Hans Gravdal, Sunde in Sunnhordland (177) as Osterfjord to A/S Bergens Fjordexpress, Bergen. Wooden hull, 60.6’ x 15’ x 7.6’, 38 gt, 2cyl 2tev Avance rm (J. V. Svenssons Motorfabrik, Stockholm) 44bhp, 8 knots. In regularly scheduled service Bergen-Osterfjorden (Eknes-Ostereidet-Bernes-Fotlandsvåg), competing with Indre Nordhordlands Dampbaatlag's routes in the same area. Sold in 1915 to H. Evjenth, Bodø, renamed Tøtta. Hired out to Saltens D/S and used in that company's routes in Salten and Ofoten. Sold that same year to A/S Saltens Dampskibsselskab, Bodø, remaining in the same service. Laid up in 1917 together with owner's other motor cutter Osa, due to high prices of oil. Damaged during a hurricane on Dec. 29-1917, repaired, back in service in 1918. Rebuilt in 1921, new interior, 39 gt. Rebuilt and lengthened in 1934, 75.7’ x 15.5’ x 7.8’, 56 gt - new motor installed; 2cyl 2tev Finnøy rm 80bhp, 9 knots (1914, probably from owner's Osa)

WW II: Laid up at some point in the '40's due to lack of fuel.

POST WAR: Back in service in 1945. Entered the daily run Ørnes-Vassdalsvik in Meløy in 1964 while awaiting permission to build a car ferry for use on this route. Hired out to Ofotens Dampskibsselskab, Narvik in 1966 and in use in that company's local routes. On Oct. 8-1966 Tøtta was on a voyage Bodø-Narvik to begin another period of 7 weeks for Ofotens Dampskibsselskab when she ran ground and sank in shallow waters near Nordskott in Steigen. Due to her old age she was not salvaged.

(Info received from T. Eriksen, Norway - His sources: Article about Salten D/S in "Skipet" 1.93 by Jens Chr. Egenæs, "Fjordabåten" by Dag Bakka jr. (1994), and info from Erling Skjold, Norway).

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