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E-mail addresses have been withheld to avoid Spam, but can be supplied on request (my contact address is at the bottom of the page).

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Dec. 29

From: William Cridland

MS Noesaniwi

I served on the MS Noesaniwi as the 2nd Radio Officer during WW2 1943 - 1944 I was born in South Wales. I have the ships manifest issued by the port authority in New York City Sept 4th 1943. I attended while in NYC together with several Dutch Officers a meeting discussing Convoy strategy for our trip back to the UK. I can see and remember all my Dutch shipmates and one other British Radio Officer who was the 3rd R/O. The only Dutch phrases they taught me were the swear words which I am fluent.
Ms Noesaniwi was captured in Sourabaya Dutch East Indies. The cargo ship was origially named MS Wuppertal. One German Officer was killed in the capture at Sourabaya. The Noesaniwi was driven by three big diesel engines two on line one off-line and usually in the repair cycle. These were coupled to three large alternators which drove the propellers. For her day she was very modern, had a salt water treatment plant. The first Radio Officer was Otto A. Mees he was 27 years old from Holland. I was one of the youngest officers 20 years old aboard the M.S. Noesaniwi. The 3rd Radio Officer also Welsh born was only 18. The Captain was Otto De Ronde 53 years old from Holland. Chief Engineer was Riccleoa Van Den Boa.

If by chance any crew member who served on the Noesaniwi is reading this please drop me an email at (E-mail address witheld - can be supplied via contact address at the bottom of this page).

Bill Cridland Bolton MA USA


Dec. 27

From: A Håkon Zachariassen

D/S Hallfried

First of all I must say these web pages impress me very much. It must have been a tremendous work to collect all the information.
Regarding this poem written by Karl Hansen is very interesting for me. I am grand child of old captain Abraham Asvald.
My grandmother, mother nor my uncle, who is still living 90 tears old, did not get much information regarding grandfather after the war started. They told me they visit him in Oslo 7.april 1940 just two days before the invasion of Norway. That day he leave Norway bound for England with a boat named "Vigør".

The next and only information my family get from him was a red-cross letter send from a prison camp in North Africa. My grandmother told me very little from this letter. But one thing has burn into my brain that it must been very hot working as a slave out in a dessert with a temperature around 50°C.

Just for a coincident I read a book called "Tusen Norske Skip", by Lise Lindbæk for a couple of weeks ago and in one of the chapter my grandfather Captain Asvall was mention. He and another captain from Langesund, Captain Solgård, were delivery secret newspapers inside the prison camp. From there on my interest of my grandfather started. Then I start searching on the internet and suddenly I find these impressive pages with all the information and also the moving poem by Karl Hansen.
It was very strange to read in the chapter 16 "the kindest man I've known". This word was the words I heard from all the people I know since I was born. So reading this from a man you never have heard of and under such conditions must indicate that old Captain Asvall indeed was I kind person.
In the poem Karl Hansen also mention the escape from French Dakar. It would be very interesting to get some information regarding this escape. I wonder if Hansen can recall some more of that. Or information from other people that have experiences with same type of escapes.
I hope that anyone also have information about a ship named "Harpefjell". I find it in the convoy lists but it seams to me that she was not hit by any accidents during the war. My father, Håkon Zachariassen, was sailing on this ship during the war. He died two months after I was born so I have very little information regarding him too. I am born 02.12.50.

So again thank You for the interesting data base and please give Karl Hansen a very big thanks. That goes for my uncle too. Son of Captain Asvald.

Best Regards
Alf Håkon Zachariassen

Here's Hallfried and the poem referred to above. Harpefjell is also available on this site.


Dec. 24

From: John Ross

MV Thistle (A717)

Date of Message 5th Jan 2006 Alf Rasmusson
Can you please put me in touch with Mr Rasmussen as i have some information to share with him regarding the above motorboat in which several Norwegians escaped to Scotland in 1941 and which was visited by Soren Brandsnes in 1980.
John Ross.

(John is referring to the very first message of this year at the bottom of this page)


Dec. 24

From: Mark Gaultier

Ship BUR

I have information about the ship BUR during the last world war in October 1940. I know where she was in the begining of October 1940.

My father was in the DE GAULLE headquarter (admiralty). He was to go to CANADA in October 1940 on the BUR who was at that time in NEWPORT (Newport-moon).
The port supported an air raid and two bombs exploded not far from the ship.
I am looking for informations about that crossing when it started and when the ship came back.
Feel free to get in touch with me if you want.

Mark Gaultier

Here's my page about Bur


Dec. 22

From: Mr Jack Coffin

Nice site, very professionally done.


Dec. 20

From: Bryan Cromwell

SS Annavore

Decided to take another look at your website and was delighted this time to see a photograph of the D/S Annavore. This was the ship which was torpedoed in December 1941 and in which my grandfather Robert Greenaway (a passenger) lost his life.
Just a note on the name 'Annavore'. I learned from your website that the ship was built in Port Glasgow, Scotland. If the ship was named there then "Annavore" means 'Big Anne' from the Scottish Gaelic 'Anna Mhor' (MH pronounced as a 'V'), in contrast to Anna Bheag meaning 'Little Anne' ('bh' also pronounced like a 'V'). However, it is curious that the ship's owner had the name 'Vore'.

Here's Annavore


Dec. 17

From: John Stevenson


Good Job.


Dec. 10

From: Donald Smith

Atlantic convoys

Fantastic site. Very comprehensive. I love it and am greatful for all the information on it.


Dec. 7

From: Mady Poelman d'Haene


I discovered your website while searching for an ancestor who, according to oral family history, was lost at sea when the ship he was on, burned and sank. Apparently, this happened in 1912, but not certain. It definitely was not the Titanic. However, I can't get more info. In any event, I wanted to congratulate you on your website. It is truly awesome.

Greetings from Québec, Canada.


Dec. 6


David Anderson

Looking for info about my Father

I am the son of William Charles Anderson. I know that he served at one point onboard the Gudvin.

If you have any info on him, crew list and voyages I would like to make contact.

Thank you,

Later, in an E-mail, David said: "I would like to make contact with someone who might have known him and for information about the Gudvin and its connection to Canada".

Here's my page about Gudvin. I'm afraid the only ships I have crew lists for are those that were sunk. If anyone can help David, I can provide his E-mail address. My contact address is at the bottom of this page.


Dec. 6

From: Steve Udrisky

Hey Siri,

Came by to take a look at the website. It is amazing how much you have done. Take care.



Dec. 2

From: Michael Skretteberg

Son of Arne Skretteberg/"Pelagos"

Great Site. My father, Arne Skretteberg (1917-2006) served on the whaler 'Pelagos" from 1935-1940. Joined Norwegian Air Force in Toronto, Canada & became sergeant & sports Director at "Little Norway". Married in Toronto to Irene Czajkowski & had 3 kids; Martha, Melvin & Michael. Arne was born in Amot, Modum, Buskerud Norway. He shared much about his time at sea, all fascinating. I'm proud to be his son...

Here's my page about Pelagos.


Nov. 27

From: Marlene Sandberg Hurney

Your South Dakota relatives

You should go into this site: svgs-sd.org to find your ancestors who lived in South Dakota. They have a lot of information. Jasper, MN is just a couple of miles East across the border from Dell Rapids, South Dakota. There is a lot of information on this site for South Eastern South Dakota. It is called Sioux Valley Genealogy Society.

I am also related to persons from Nord Trondlag and Sor Trondlag but I do not see any matches with the surnames you listed. My great grandfather was a sailor out of Trondheim. There are many Norwegians in this area.

Marlene Sandberg Hurney
Sioux Falls, SD


Nov. 27

From: F22Raptor

Congratulations for your web. Keep the good work! Greetings from Spain.


Nov. 26

From: William

Convoy SC 83

I note that in your listing of the ships in convoy SC 83 you are unsure if the 'Windrush' was in fact the US registered 'Wind Rush' - the wind Rush in convoy SC 83 was indeed the US ship. My father was the Chief-Engineer on the SS Wind Rush (owned by the Shepard Steamship Co.) and I know from my mother that he sailed to the UK in May 1942 (from NY) and that after sailing to Russia, he returned on the 'Wind Rush' to the US in convoy ON 166.

My congratulations on your site - you clearly have laboured long and hard and it is a very useful tool. I frequently am in the PRO in London and have access to the ADM files - if at times I can be of service, do ask.


William Maynard

Here's my page for Convoy SC 83


Nov. 26

From: Pete Smith

From: Gudjon Bjarnason/S S induna

My grandfather was her captain, in the 1920s I think - and I have a picture of her - if it is possible to contact mr Bjarnason I will have the picture scanned to e-mail to him as a jpeg, if this would be possible.
best regards

(Gudjon Bjarnason posted a message in Sept.-2003. See also Convoy PQ 13 and Induna's report there)


Nov. 25

From: Peter Pennington


I have an elderly cousin who I look after and who was on the Sarna when she was mined in the Suez Canal on 25 February 1941.
He was also on HMS Vanquisher at Dunkirk.
His memory is still quite good about both events so if anyone is doing research please let me know.

(I'm not sure, but this may be in reference to an old posting in my Ship Forum in 2002, or possibly a more recent posting).


Nov. 24

From: Brian 'Canuck' Murza


I enjoyed your web site warsailors.com

My late father was a sailor during W.W.II, serving with the R.C.N.V.R.

For a precise writing concerning the ships mentioned and convoy ON.202/ONS.18, search the DISCUSSION BOARD-NAVAL HISTORY at www.naval-museum.mb.ca

'Calm Seas and Smooth Sailing'.

Brian 'Canuck' Murza,
W.W.II Naval Reseracher/Author.

Here's my page about convoys ON 202 / ONS 18, and here's the discussion board mentioned in this message.


Nov. 20

From: Hugo Troberg

wwII - grandfather

Thank you for a very informative site. This is just what I needed. I have startet collecting information regarding my grandfather Arvid Magnus Troberg. He served in the wwII. I hope this site wil help me get information regarding his life at sea between 1938 -1946.

Have a nice day!


Hugo Troberg

(Hugo has since received help via this thread in my Forum, giving the names of the ships his grandfather served on).


Nov. 19

From: Jill Elton-Wall

Contacting Vince Borg re Franconia

Do you have an uptodate e-mail address for Vince Borg who appealed for information in Dec 2005 re the sinking of the Franconia?

An e-mail sent to (address withheld) was not able to be delivered.

I would like to make contact as I had a relative on the same ship and may be able to help his research.

(This is in reference to a posting to my Ship Forum. The poster now appears to have a new address, which I do not have).


Nov. 19

From: Robert Torsvik Hansen

Grandson of Botolf Torsvik

Hi, not sure if we're related somehow, but just thought I'd let you know there are some Torsviks (now Hansens) in the U.S. (Il. & Fl.) my Grandfather, Botolf Torsvik emmigrated from Torsvik Norway, after landing at Ellis island his name was changed to Hansen, my father, a nephew, and myself, were all given Torsvik as a middle name.
I came across your site as a result of a Torsvik image search on google, it was a real pleasure to read.


Nov. 14

From: Dean

19 Refugees / SS Henry Bacon

You have a great Web site! I am quite interested in researching the story of the 19 Norwegian refugees who were initially removed from Norway to Russia - then later boarded the SS Henry Bacon Liberty Ship. Do you know of any information regarding there initial rescue / removal from northern Norway? The name of the boat that took them away? Information on any British SOE agents involved?

Thank you very much - I'm a Minnesota Norwegian.


My page about Skiensfjord has some info on this incident - see also Idefjord.


Nov. 10

From: Jerry

Nice Site!


Nov. 7

From: Ben

Hi, this is great work. Have you been to brooklyn? There are a ton of old Norwegian seadogs out there. I passed your site around to my friends who do work in the Norwegian American community here in NYC. I am part Norwegian, my grandmother was born in Tysnes, and also i have slekt in Andalsnes, but most of us are in South Dakota. I also was contacted by a young writer from Norway about this subject and will forward it to her, she is from Bømlo.

ja, takk, Ben


Nov. 6

From: Peter

Nice site


Nov. 4

From: Eric McKee

SS Bengore Head

My grandfather served on the Bengore Head for many years I would be interested in a brief history of the ship. Any photographs would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Please use my Ship Forum for questions on ships. (See note on Page 1).


Somebody left a message on Nov. 2, but it disappeared due to a problem with my E-mail program. If anyone is missing their message here, please re-send it.


Nov. 1

From: Iris Steensma

Love your site!


Oct. 26

From: P. Greenland

Gabriels San

I wanted to write, in case this information is useful. From the Merchant Marine page ...

"Trygve Magnussen served as cook on Brimanger until he became ill and had to pay off on June 13-1944. Died on July 25-1945 at Gabriel's (Gabbel's?) Sanatorium, New York."

Gabriels (no apostrophe) is a tiny town seven miles north of Saranac Lake, and was home to the Gabriels Saniorium. The sanitorium was founded and run by the Catholic "Sisters of Mercy" and was named for a Catholic leader, Bishop Gabriels. The sanitorium was for tuberculosis patients. The building still stands.

Here's Brimanger


Oct. 25

From: Gerald Harris

m/t Nyholt

Dear Siri Lawson,

I told you that I intended writing about my father who was killed in action aboard the Nyholt. I have written a background which runs to 4500 words. In it I have mentioned your website and also something of your father's experience at that time.

I would like to send it to you as an attachment to an EMail so that you can alter it or add to it as you think best. I will take full account of anything you suggest. Please let me have your EMail address so that I can send it on to you.

I am visiting my father's memorial in Portsmouth tomorrow and have not begun writing my account of his war service and death until after I have offered my respects to him. It is thanks to your website that I found out he was commemorated there. Thank you. I will, of course, send you a printed copy of the full work at the appropriate time.

With good wishes

Gerald Harris

PS. I was interested to know that 'Warsailors' is a pejorative term in Norwegian. You may like me to expand my reference to your father to explain this.

Here's Nyholt.


Oct. 25

From: Per Joergen Olafsen

The fate of SS Raceland, DS Trolla and their crew

I discovered this site by coincidence a couple of days ago. By reading a number of articles and following many of the links, I have finally got to know how one of my uncles died during convoy PQ13 and the circumstances under which another uncle survived after being torpedoed just five months later, serving in convoy ON122. Thank you for an invaluable and most useful site!! By the help of this site I have already got in contact with other relatives, supplying me with even more very useful informations.

Able seaman Asbjoern Olafsen (born 16.11.1918) died following the sinking of Panama registered SS Raceland on 28./29. March 1942 (convoy PQ13), while ordinary seaman Trygve Olafsen (born 29.10.1921) survived the torpedoing of Norwegian DS Trolla on 24. August 1942 (convoy ON122). They were both born in Tjoelling, now part of Larvik, Norway. Trygve stills lives there, with wife, children and grandchildren.

Best regards
Per Joergen Olafsen

Here's Convoy PQ 13 (with info on Raceland), and here's Trolla.


Oct. 24

From: Kristin Ann High

Merchant Ship Lists

Hullo, and thanks! As the information derives from the Public Records Office, Kew, I presume it is alright if I use the information in giving names to otherwise anonymous merchant ships in Wargames? Here is the citation I intend to use:

"Information collected, organized, and presented by Siri Holm Lawson, at http://www.warsailors.com/convoys/hx8.html; based on lists supplied by Roger Griffiths, from the Public Records Office, Kew (Great Britain)."

The games are **not** ahistorical "Woflpacks devour convoys", they are the best naval wargames I have ever played (and at 48 years old, that's a fair number!).

I believe it is important to provide the names of these otherwise anonymous ships, and the almost-eqially anonymous convoy escorts, even if only in a wargame, so that some of us, at least, will not forget that they were real ships, built by the labour of real women and men, crewed and fought against sea and the Axis navies by real men, whose loss robbed us all.

Preaching over. Thanks again


Oct. 24

From: Tordis Jodoin


I have more detailed information regarding the Novik family who fled Norway on the Kaare. I am a direct descendant.

If interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Personally, I would like to know who translated one of the two books written about the family.

Yours sincerely,

Tordis Jodoin

Kaare II is discussed on this page


Oct. 17

From: Dan Vegard Hansen

At your website, which I love to visit, you state the following:

M/T Glittre

Ordinary Seaman
Hans Chr. Hansen

Mr. Hansen was my Grandfather and he was NORWEGIAN, born in Sandefjord, Norway. His son is alive and lives in Larvik, Norway. He would appreciate learning more about the ship and to get in contact with survivers alive.

Best regards
Dan Vegard

Address can be provided. Here's my page about Glittre.


Oct. 12

From: Hans Hauss

I think my birth father may have been a crew member on the (M)T Fenris. Wilfred Gulbrandsen

Page about Fenris


Oct. 8

From: Anne Trandal- Kellett-Mcgoon

Kristian E. Trandal

Kristian was my father. I am so overjoyed to see you have included his part in History. I have his medals he recieved from the War. I went to see "Trandal" in 1980; see his home place and meet my family in Norway. I have news articles from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA of my father's experiences.

Anne is referring to a name found in the crew list for D/S Frisco.


Oct. 6

From: Pam Roper

Could you please find me info on the following details.
MT KOLGIER MT Oddberg Oslo

Norweigian lines
Merchant seamen John Roper
0151 426 3293 England.

The WW II Kollskegg is listed on the K-list of this site, Kollgier should probably be Kollgeir (possibly a post war ship). I directed Pam to my Ship Forum (see my Note regarding questions on ships on page 1).


Oct. 5

From: David Tranter


I think another possible Vandyke (all one word) is the Lamport & Holt liner 13241 GRT and built 1921.

best wishes

Dave Tranter

Dave is referring to a ship on this page.


Oct. 6

From: Rev. N Edmonds

Nice Site - Very informative.


Oct. 4

From: Anne Papendick

M/S Duala

I am currently writing an account of my husband's early life. His family escaped from Pillau aboard the ship Duala on 25th January 1945. I have been reading about Duala on your website. There does not seem to be any way that the Duala which has been written about there is the same ship. Is it possible that there was another ship sailing under the same name, or is it indeed the same ship?
If it is the same ship, my husband can supply some information to add to the site.
It would also be wonderful for him to get in touch with any one who sailed on Duala that day.
I look forward to your reply.

(Here's my page about the Norwegian Duala).


Oct. 2

From: Gerald Harris


Dear Siri Lawson,
In my last message I said that I intended to write a full account of the Nyholt sinking and the events prior to and subsequent to that sinking. At the appropriate time I will contact you again with a view to sending you a copy of that account. Meanwhile, from the information I have already gathered it is clear just what a truly awful campaign was waged in the North Atlantic. The outline I have established is as follows:-

17/1/42 Nyholt sunk by U-87.

27/1/42 23 survivors rescued by HMCS St Clair (2 later died)

04/3/43 U-87 sunk by HMCS St Croix and HMCS Shediac (no survivors).

20/9/43 HMCS St Croix sunk by U-305 (81 survivors picked up by HMS Itchen).

22/9.43 HMS Itchen sunk by U-666 (only 3 survivors - 2 from Itchen, 1 from St Croix)

16/1/44 U-305 lost with all hands.

10/2/44 U-666 lost with all hands.

HMCS St Clair survived the war and was scrapped in October 1946.

It will be seen that the train of events linked to the sinking of the Nyholt involved the loss of 6 vessels with some 500 dead and only 24 survivors.

Words fail me.

Gerald Harris


Oct. 1

From: Jill Pavelle

Nils Nesbo(e)

At one point in time my grandmother was married to a Norwegian Sea Captain by the name of Nils Nesbo(e). I have a few old photos of this man. My grandmother was interned in Lungwha Camp Shanghai China during the war.

After liberation, my grandmother and mother moved to Hong Kong.

Is it at all possible that the man in question was indeed Nils M. Nesbo?

I so look forward to hearing from you!

The above refers to a name found on my page about Norwegian prisoners of the Japanese.


Oct. 1

From: Gerald Harris

Robert Griffith Griffiths m/t Nyholt

Dear Siri Lawson,

Thank you for your kind reply to my earlier guestbook entry. Thank you also for your marvellous initiative in establishing this website. It has led me to discover (through other sites and sources) a huge amount of information which I never hoped to know. I now know, for example, that my paternal grandparents' names were Griffith and Sophia and that my father's death is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial on Southsea Common in Hampshire. My wife and I will take a short break in Hampshire around the 28 October (our 45th wedding anniversary) and will visit the Memorial for the first time and pay our respects. I also intend writing the fullest possible account of the sinking of the Nyholt and the fates of all the other vessels linked through to the U-666 lost on 10 February 1944. I shall have the account published privately with a view to donating a copy to the National Library of Wales as a lasting testament to my father's sacrifice and that of all the other young men who did not come home.

With sincere gratitude and good wishes.

Gerald Harris

(See Sept. 25 below)


Oct. 1

From: David Todd


I have an old photograph of ms Belray taken by me in the early 1950's (b&w). Will gladly e-mail it to you if you wish.

Best Regards
David S Todd
ps. Congratulations on your excellent website War Sailors

I'm always happy to receive pictures. Belray can be found on this page.


Sept. 29

From: Austin H Butler

Convoy T J I JUNE-JULY 1943

Hi folks seeking help re the above convoy,the number of ships in this convoy???? or listing,was envolved in helping a young chap years ago, that had a friend on this ship the M V B P NEWTON that was lost on the o8-07-1943,and the person was lost on her. Believe it sailed from TRINIDAD she was a NORWEGIAN TANKER. Have been amazed how many NORWEGIAN SHIPS that were sailing with the UK MERCHANT FLEET IN WW2, having seen same at the NATIONAL ARCHIVES UK.
Smooth sailing.

All Norwegian merchant ships sailing for the Allies are discussed on this site, including B P Newton. See links to Norwegian Merchant Fleet and Master Ship Index at the top of this page.


Sept. 25

Gerald Harris (formerly Griffiths)

m/t Nyholt - sunk 17 Jan 1942

I am the son of Robert Griffith Griffiths of the Maritime Regiment of the Royal Artillery who served as a gunner on the Nyholt sunk by U-87. My mother married again in January 1944 to Leslie Harris (my father's best friend) hence my change of name. This website contains so much information that I did not have. It has been quite a shock since although I never knew my father the website does tie in with some of the stories told within the family surrounding the events which led to his death. It is strange, but it is only now as I approach old age that I have begun to think about and to miss my father. If anyone has any information or perhaps even knew him I would very much like to hear from them. Thank you.

Gerald Harris

Here's my page about Nyholt. If any one knew Gerald's father, I can supply his E-mail address.


Sept. 24

From: Brian K. Lupton

S.S. Pan New York, Convoy ON 117

Dear Siri:

I have received some material form Joseph Comtois conceerning the S.S. Pan New York. One of the items is a booklet he wrote; titled "Fallen Brother, Unknown Uncle" which was for his children. In that booklet is a Ship Movement card for the S.S. Pan New York; which lists her as being in Convoy ON 117 sailing from Belfast, about 30 July,1942. I know this convoy is not among your lists, however do you know of any way to obtain information on this convoy? I have also recontacted Mr. Comtois via E-Mail and attached some of my grandfather's letters which are loaded on computer disk. If you would be in the need of any of these letters for any research just let me know.

Yours truly:
Brian K. Lupton

I suggested the Public Recors Office in Kew, England.


Sept. 24

From: David Timmins

Suderøy IV

Great site!
I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I'm writing a page on Wikipedia about the Suderøy IV, V VI, RCN minesweepers and the book, The Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910 - 1985 by Ken Macpherson and John Burgess, states that the crew numbered 25 on these ships. This seems to be a rather large number needed to man these small ships. I wonder if you have any information that could confirm or correct this number. I have in my possession a crew shot, which includes my father, showing 2 officers and 7 ratings.
My dad served on HMCS Prince David and HMCS Suderøy IV among others, and while his favourite was the David, he always talked lovingly about the Suderøy IV (except for her low of freeboard).

Here's my page about the Suderøy vessels, referred to above. I'm afraid I don't know how many men the whale catchers' crews consisted of.


Sept. 23

From: Wilfrid Warner

June 2003 Silverdawn

Astrid Stephan could perhaps be interested in knowing more about this crew. Wilfrid I could help.

(Høegh Silverdawn is discussed on this page, includes a crew list. The message [by Astrid Stephen] referred to here was posted on June 22-2003, and can be found on Page 3 of the Guestbook).


Sept. 22

From: Brian K. Lupton

S.S. Pan New York, Convoy ON 117

Dear Siri:

I just wanted to let you know that I have found the S.S. Pan New York returned to New York from Iceland via Belfast; in Convoy ON 117, unfortunately this convoy is not on your list. In my grandfather's letters the ship was at Avonmouth, England, therefore it must have proceeded to Belfast from there.

I discovered this fact from documents that were sent to me from Mr. Joseph W. Comtois. Your website was correct in that he has some declassified U.S. Navy documents; which are in a booklet he made for his children; titled "Fallen Brother, Unknown Uncle". I have E-Mailed him several times; and I have advised him that I will provide him with any additional information I may have in my grandfather's letters.

Sincerely yours:
Brian K. Lupton

(This is in relation to previous messages, posted further down on this page).


Sept. 21


President Herrenschmidt

On the Warsailors site we found:

"M/T President Herrenschmidt NS * later raised Sigvald Bergesen, Stavanger 9103 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1932.
One of the 26 Norwegian ships interned in North and West Africa 1940-1942 - see Interned Ships for a list of all 26. As will be seen there's quite a bit of conflicting dates and info to choose from with regard to this ship. According to "Sjømann - lang vakt" (Book 3 of "Handelsflåten i krig") by Guri Hjeltnes she had a crew of 36 Norwegians, 2 died, 18 escaped, 9 went home. She says the ship was sent from Oran to Martigues near Marseilles, as the only Norwegian ship to be sent to a port in France. 23 of the crew were interned on board the ship S/S Asie in Marseilles. J. R. Hegland's "Nortraships flåte" has it the other way around, saying she was interned on June 24-1940, possibly in Marseilles and later moved to Oran, then requisitioned Sept. 9-1943. A French visitor to my site has told me that she sailed from Casablanca in Convoy 12-K under French escort on June 23-1940 and was at Oran on June 25. "Sjøforklaringer fra 2. verdenskrig" says she was retained in Oran ca. June 24-1940, moved to L'Etang de Berre on July 18-1940, seized by Vichy French authorities on June 21-1941, reported in Marseilles harbour in Nov.-1942. Birger Dannevig's "Skip og menn" says she was seized by the Vichy French on June 21-1941, sunk in Naples May 30-1943. Roger Jordan's "The World's Merchant Fleets" says she was seized in Oran June 22-1940 by he Germans (this can't be right?), sailed with the name Toni II (probably incorrect), torpedoed by the British submarine HMS Tribune March 22-1943, 39 14N 15 59E and towed to Naples, bombed by allied aircraft May 30-1943, burnt out, Naples, scuttled in Naples Sept. 9-1943. A visitor to my website, Platon Alexiades, Canada, who has her war diary from the National Archives (Washington) confirms that she still had the name President Herrenschmidt when she was torpedoed, adding that she was hit astern in 39 02N 16 00E and taken in tow by the Italian torpedoboat Sirio (her escort) and later by tugs Salvatore Primo and Athleto back to Naples.
POST WAR: Raised in 1946 and repaired. Sold in 1948 and renamed Vampa (Italian). Laid up at Genoa from Aug. 6-1960. Sold by Citom-Sorsma Navigazione Ricuperi e Salvataggi SpA to Ilva-Alta Forni Acciaieri d'Italia, Genoa, during Sept.-1960, to be broken up.
Related external link:
HMS Tribune - Uboat.net's info for this sub."

This boat is unknown to our family of which I am the genealogist.
Indeed Fernand Herrenschmidt (Maurice Fernand) Strasbourg 1865-1938 was a president of many companies.

Why a Norwegian boat bore its name?
If you have a photograph.

You can consult my site:

Thank you for your answer

The above is quoted from my own text about President Herrenschmidt - I'm unable to help with this question, nor do I have a picture.


Sept. 18

From: David Tranter

Lloyd's Registers.

In a recent message you mentioned the difficulty in finding war time Lloyd's registers and their very high cost if found. I agree completely.

However, I have just found a new site which is copying all Lloyd's Registers between 1930 and 1945 on to the net.

The site is www.plimsollshipdata.org It appears that most of the 1940 to 1945 registers have been transcribed but the arlier volumes are a little patchy. There is a search engine on the site.

I hope that you find this of use.

best wishes

David Tranter.

Thank you! Very useful indeed!


Sept. 18

From: John Blackman

Site Layout

You have set out this site in a simple easy to use fashion, i enjoyed veiwing it.


Sept. 17

From: Brian K. Lupton

S.S. H.M. Flagler

Dear Siri:

I am contacting you just to inform you that the S.S. H.M. Flagler and the S.S. Henry M. Flagler must be two different ships. I discovered that the S.S. H.M. Flagler was still operational as an Esso Fleet tanker through 1944.
I also saw on a different website that the S.S. Henry M. Flagler was renamed the U.S.S. Abarenda a U.S. Navy minelayer and net tender. I just hope someone reads my guest posting; and can give me more information about the Esso tanker, S.S. H.M. Flagler.

Thank you so much:

Brian K. Lupton

The Panamanian H. M. Flagler is listed in several convoys on my site - they can be found by running a search through the Search page. This ship was built in 1918, while the much smaller Henry M. Flagler was built in 1914.
(For questions on ships, my Ship Forum is much better to use than the Guestbook - see also my note regarding this on the main Guestbook page).


Sept. 15

From: Tony Rees

RMS/HMS Edinburgh Castle

My father served aboard this vessel at Freetown from 40-42, being the RM Printer of the C-in-C's Office, South Atlantic. I would like to post on the thread that relates to Freetown and would appreciate if you could register me to do so.


Tony Rees

(Tony is referring to my Ship Forum, to which he has to register himself through this page)


Sept. 14

From: Brian K. Lupton

Mr. Joseph Comtois

Dear Siri:

Just a quick note to thank you very much. I have made contact with Mr. Comtois via the E-mail address you provided. He is sending me copies of the information he has on the S.S. Pan New York. I mentioned it to him; however I do not believe I informed you in earlier E-mails from myself, that someone aboard that ship, possibly the radioman, had seen my grandfather still alive just after it was torpedoed. I was told that whoever saw my grandfather alive was going to the gasmask locker, and my grandfather was behind him. When this person turned around my grandfather had disappeared. My guess is that maybe since he was 3rd Mate, he was attempting to proceed to shut off the ventilators that were sucking flames into the ship.

In conclusion I really appreciate your help and just let me know if any of the information I can receive would assist you.


Brian K. Lupton


Sept. 13

From: Bjørn Ingebrigtsen, Bergen, Norway

Free Fleet

Hei/hello Siri.
I am a member of a British Organisation called Servicepals. (Servicepals.com) A friend of me there wrote to me about your site, telling me it was the best site he had ever visited, and I agree!! IMPRESSIVE!!
Jeg sjekket opp båten min grandonkel var på, Sveve. Jeg fant den og mange andre opplysninger vi ikke kjente til. Johan Molvik was a mechanic onboard. What we did not know, was that Sveve was sunk by U-96, Das Boot!! I have the book and have also watched the movie. Uncle Johan (Molvik) came onboard Sveve in 1939. My family knew he had been torbedoed, but that was all. They did not get any words from him, and supposed he was dead. When he in 1949 walked into the COOP (Samvirkelaget) and said "hello mother, now I'm back" she, my great grandmother, fainted. Uncle Johan was a bachelor all his life, sailed on merchant vessels during the whole war until 1949 when the ship he was on was bound for Bergen. What he was told for not having sent them a letter or a telegram, I have never been told. I have his medals and the diploma signed personally by king Haakon, the Norwegian PM and one more person. (Ink has different colours). At the Bottom of the diploma is written
PT London 24. november 1944.

All the best

I had a mate at Laksevåg whose mother was born Holm. She was an opera singer and her father came from up North. He was a pilot (Statslos).

The ship referred to in this message is discussed here.


Sept. 11

From: Eddie Thompson

Your site War sailors

I would like to thank you for all your hard work, it will take me ages to go through it all, a real joy and pleasure it will become, now bookmarked.

A jewel in the Crown, without a doubt.

I also have joined up as a youngster, being as I served after the War on Norwegian ships. Einar Rasmussen Rederi Kristiansand South, joining my first ship MT Polyglory from Kwinana in Western Australia.

Once again, Bravo Zulu for a great site.


Sept. 11

From: Dr Frank

This is great


Sept. 10

From: Diane Sharrier

Sandra Sloly

Ref: message posted on Feb 22 from Sandra Sloly-Adamson I believe I know of the whereabouts of Hector Sloly. Can you please supply me with Sandra's email or postal address so that I can make contact. Sandra's message was as follows:

Febr. 22

From: Sandra Sloly

Hector Sloly

Mr. Hector Sloly is my father he served on the Royal Navy 1943-1945 his last ship was Jamaica Planter, also he was a merchant seaman who visited Jamaica until it sank, he now resides in England. I was born in Kingston Jamaica w.i.
If you think this the Hector Sloly email me
or write Sandra Sloly-Adamson (address can be provided).

(The message referred to above can be found under Febr. 22 further down on this page).


Sept. 7

From: David Tranter

Convoy HG 79

Dewdale was a RFA tanker built in 1941 and survived the war. (From Lloyd's 1946/47)

Edencrag was British, owned by Magee, Son & Company and was sunk on 14.12.1942 by U.443 (From Tennent)

With best wishes

David Tranter.

Here's Convoy HG 79.


Sept. 6

From: Brian K. Lupton

My Grandfathers U.S. Merchant Service

Dear Siri:
I probably should apologize for E-Mailing you so much; however I am really interested in finding out more about my grandfather, I never met him since he died 23 years before I was even born.
I have mentioned before that his name was Sherman Elexander (He legally changed his middle name from Alexander) Lupton. According to my father he did that because of a bad experience with a girl named Sal; and his initials were SAL.
He was the 3rd Mate (although he had his Chief's Mates license), aboard the S.S. Pan New York when it was torpedoed by U-624. My father also told me that after the ship was sunk, that the radioman came to North Carolina and talked with my grandmother. He told her that he saw my grandfather still alive after the ship was torpedoed; my grandfather was behind him going to the gas mask locker, but then my grandfather disappeared?
This is why I wish to contact Mr. Comtois, Joseph W. Could it be that he has some information that would explain what happened to my grandfather. Possibly my grandfather was attempting to turn off the ventilators, which were sucking the burning fuel into the ship?

Thank you very much for your assistance:

Brian K. Lupton

(Brian, I sent you the E-mail address again via regular E-mail, as well as a casualty list for Pan New York. Hopefully, you've received it).


Sept. 6

From: Brian K. Lupton

Joseph W. Comtois E-Mail address

Dear Siri:
I received your E-Mail on Sept. 5; or actually I should say your E-mail posting about convoy HX 209 and ON 124. I have reviewed more of my grandfather's letter about being aboard the S.S. Pan New York. He and his ship were in New York Harbor from Aug. 16- Sept. 17 1942; therefore the Pan York mentioned in convoy ON-124, could not possibly be the S.S. Pan New York. You had also mentioned that you had fowarded Mr. Comtois' E-Mail address. I hope you ment you sent it via postal delivery, as I do not see it posted in your response to me online.

In closing I would like to commend you on an excellent website and wish you well.

Thank you very much:

Brian K. Lupton

Brian, I have replied to all of your Guestbook messages by E-mail, using the address you left in each message. In my first mail to you I gave you Mr. Comtoi's E-mail address.

Perhaps it would be safer to send me a rgular E-mail mail, using either the address I sent my own mails from, or the one provided at the bottom of this page, rather than contacting me through the Guestbook - that way I know for sure I've reached you. (Also, Guestbook messages have to be physically added to the website by me, and uploaded before you can see them).


Sept. 5

From: Brian K. Lupton

Question concerning S.S. Acme HX 209

I am somewhat perplexed about the status of the S.S. Acme. In a letter from my grandfather dated 12 July 1942; he states that he observed his old ship the Acme torpedoed and sunk, with all crew saved.
I have also seen another ship named the S.S. Acme torpedoed and damaged off the North Carolina coast on 17 Mar. 1942, with 11 crew lost. I am wondering about the time frame involved, and could the ship listed in convoy HX 209, station #82 be the same ship listed in his letter. Possibly the ship was repaired an sent back into service?

Sincerely Quite curious:

Brian K. Lupton

P.S. If possible could you determine what U.S. shipping line this tanker belonged to.

As far as I can determine, no ship named Acme was sunk during WW II, nor can I find any ship by this name torpedoed and damged on the date of this letter. The one torpedoed and damaged in March-1942 and the one in Convoy HX 209 in Sept. of that same year have the same tonnage, so is probably one and the same ship. For more on Acme's history, I suggested U-boat Net's page about this ship.


Sept. 4

From: Andy Leiper

Secret Norwegian naval base Peterhead

I have photos of some crew members of the cutters. One family in Norway were delighted with one taken on 1944, it was the last picture of him, sadly to say he was killed on 1945. He was a lieutenant on board a m.t.b.

Regards Andy.


Sept. 4

From: Brian K. Lupton

Information about S.S. Pan New York in Convoy ON-124

I noticed on one of your web pages that there was some confusion as to whether or not the American ship S.S. Pan New York was in Convoy ON-124. I have some letters from my grandfather; on computer disk, who was stationed with the Pan New York at that time. He wrote to my grandmother on 3 Sept. 1942 that they were preparing to sail from New York Harbor. Therefore since Convoy ON-124 did not arrive in Boston until 6 Sept. 1942, the S.S. Pan New York could not have been the ship listed in that convoy.

Hope this helps with your information:
Brian K. Lupton

P.S. Your Website is spectacular in providing key and necessary information about these convoys!!!

Here's convoy ON 124 (there was originally a question as to whether the Pan York in this convoy, was Pan New York).


Sept. 3

From: William Conran

MV Thorsile

My standing joke is....Oh yes I did time in Oklahoma ..Oh were you in prison there?...Oh no it just felt that way. Please say hello to Dr.Harris Moreland for me.

I actually started out to get info on S.S.Bluejacket..an incident in the Falkland Islands.coming from New Zealand....people including Charlotte Conran Saxon in lifeboats for some weeks? Eventually survived..to die in England 1891. A ship named Bluejacket rams the coast of South England but this is later..1898...probably a later Bluejacket. Oh and the Thorsile..Fiji to San Francisco...1957..saw her at pier in S.F. years later but no no more?

Cheers Bill Conran in Reno.

(I suggested a query to my Ship Forum)


Sept. 1

From: Andy Leiper

Secret Norwegian naval base, Peterhead

This was a base for Norwegian fishing cutters from 1941 to 1945 used to take it was not declassified until 1980. I worked aboard these & the m.t.b boats from 1941 to 1945 with a team of engineers. Sadly to say I am the only survivor left who worked on the base at the age of 83. I have written my memories with photos, and put them into the museum in memory of all the brave lads who lost their lives. This operation was different from the Shetland Bus fab by the Norwegian Intelligence Service .

I was prompted by your escaping boats many of which I recognised

Best regards



Sept. 1

From: Wendy Briscoe

R.N Grave Vadsø Norway

On a recent trip to Vadsø to visit Relatives, I came across a War Grave with the Name Edward J. Howard Midshipman He Served on HMS Active. I Would love to solve the mystery why he was so far away fom home.

Kind Regards

I suggested various tings, including a Google search for HMS Active.


Aug. 31

From: Barry Morgan

D/S Bjørnvik

Following a recent death in our family I found your articles on D/S Bjørnvik. I was able to fill in the blanks in our family history and can help you fill in one of yours. The Thomas Davies you cannot trace was Thomas George Davies of Swansea South Wales, he was 16 1/2 years old and was on his first trip. He signed on in Newport after running away to sea. He was my uncle. Our family believed the ship had been mined, your article has been of great help.

Thank you
Barry Morgan.

Here's my page about Bjørnvik.


Aug. 30

From: Michael Holtermann

M/S Randsfjord

I want to thank you for taking time to research and post all this information about war sailors. This is the first time I've found any information that could confirm one of the stories I grew up with told by my father Jan Holtermann who died about 30 years ago. He was one of the survivors when M/S Randsfjord was hit by a torpedo in 1940, and I remember him telling about the bottle of Brandy. We were told the submarine was German.

My father was awarded a war medal many years after his death as happened with so many sailors from the "Nortraships flåten."

It's incredible to read this story so many years later.

With deepest respect,

Michael Henrik Holtermann
New York

Here's my page about Randsfjord.


Aug. 28

From: Brian K. Lupton

My Grandfather's U.S. Merchant Service

I read on you site about my grandfather's ship the S.S. Pan New York. I wish to contact Mr. Joseph W. Comtois to learn more surrounding the sinking of that ship. My father stated that the radioman survived; and saw my grandfather still alive, until they reached the gasmask lockers. My grandfather had his Chief's Mates license but was sailing as Third Mate.

I have some letters to my grandmother for the last few months he sailed on CD disks. He also sailed aboard a ship the S.S. H.M. Flagler (or Henry M. Flagler), dated 2 Sept. 1939(or 37 his cursive writing?). Could you assist me on obtaining the voyage date for that ship? Please!!!

Thank you very much: Brian K. Lupton

The info referred to here is on my page about Convoy HX 212. Mr. Comtois posted to the Guestbook on Aug. 17-2004. I have passed on his E-mail address. I'm afraid I cannot help with any voyage info for Henry M. Flagler, but H. M. Flagler is listed in some of the convoys on this site (they can be found through my Search page, using "Flagler" as search word).


Aug. 25

From: John Bedigan

Operation Performance

Thank you for a rather wonderful website.

It was quite a discovery last year to find so much detail about the operation, particularly the ship lists.

My dad, also John Bedigan is listed as crew on the Norwegian freigher 'Charente' and I have been the willing listener to many stories. He wrote a book, privately published, which of course gives his experiences. He's still healthy at age 85 and retired as a master in 1974, then as a deep sea pilot in 1987.

I wonder if there are any survivors from the ship, or children of survivors who might like to share any of their recollections.

John Bedigan

Here's a link to my crew list for Charente. I can pass on John's E-mail address.


Aug. 24

From: Ian Smith

M/T Strix - Convoy SL68

Many thanks for your website, it is material like this which reminds me that we do not give sufficient respect to a generation now departing who saw a world that we should hope never to see.

After the recent death of my uncle Mr James McCallum, I was sorting through his papers when I found a log of the lifeboat voyage kept by the survivors of Clan MacNab after their collision with M/T Strix. The log covers the sinking of Clan MacNab and the subsequent voyage under sail to Cape Verde. Even as a former merchant navy officer myself I cannot begin to imagine the lives that these men led so imagine my astonishment to find the other half of this story on your website.

Would you be be prepared to publish the text of this log on your site so that the story can be complete.


Ian Smith (ex R/O BP Shipping)

Here's my page about Strix.


Aug. 23

From David Tranter

Convoy HGF.29

Follwing from Graeme Somner's book "From 70 North to 70 South".

Sabra British /ex- Nor. Haval II '31
Bouvet 4 British /ex- Nor. same name '32
Polar 5 Nothing known at this time
Sirra British
Sukha British
Bouvet 3 British /ex- Nor. same name '32
Sevra British - Lost 06.11.40
Sulla British - Lost 24.03.42
Stefa British
Bouvet 1 British /ex- Nor. same name '32
Shika British / Nor. after WW.2
Shusa British - Lost 20.11.42
Sluga British
Polar 6 Nothing known at this time.
Helier II Nothing known at this time.
Sarna British - Lost 25.02.41
Hav British/ex- Nor, same name '35
Shera British - Lost 09.03.42

I strongly suspect that the three whalers marked 'nothing known at this time' are British.

David Tranter

Here's the convoy referred to.


Aug. 23

From: David Tranter

Convoy HG.56

I hope that the following information will be of use.

Crane 758/37 British ~ General Steam Nav. Co. Ltd.

>From Lloyd's 1946/47

Aldergrove 1974/18 Sunk by U-boat 23.08.1941
Owner: Alexander, David & Sons, Glasgow.
>From Tennants

Verkena could be Verbena (Flower Class Corvette) completed 19.12.1940

Arabis (Flower Class Corvette) completed 05.04.1940 ~ 1942 in U.S.N.

Sardonyx (Correct Name) ~ Old WW.I destroyer.

Leopard (French) Destroyer ~ served with Free French and wrecked 27.05.1943.

Waterman ~ unable to identify this vessel ~ could it be the old destroyer Watchman ?

Olympus was a submarine.

I hope that the above will be of use.

David Tranter

Here's Convoy HG 56


Aug. 22

From: Ole Johan Bryn Petersen

Kvarstad Baatene

I got the link to this page from my big brother who lives in London.

Our Father, Kaare Bryn Petersen, Second Mate aboard MT Lind, did not talk much about the war, but I did get some war stories out of him before he passed away from lung cancer in -92, and later from one of his note books he kept in an old desk, recovered years later.

MT Lind was the slowest ship, and I believe the smallest, and that could have been working in their favour since the German Armed trawlers were more interested in the bigger vessels, carrying more cargo.

He was happy to reach the UK, but at the same time, the destiny of many of the ones that did not make it, disturbed him for the rest of his life. The brave, but less lucky, were in his thoughts till the very end and until this day, I regret not having asked more questions about his life to sea ( I guess I was too young at the time...) , and especially what he lived through during the Kvarstad affair. Your page helped fill that void, it is just fantastic. I am not used to a web page that provokes tears in my eyes....

Ole Johan Bryn Petersen
Mexico City

Here's my section on Operation Performance.


Aug. 17

From: Eric Macdonald Keys

D/S Stargard

I am impressed reading your wonderful pages. In particular I was interested in the D/S Stargard as it was one of the ships on which my father sailed in 1941.

Dad never spoke much about his war years but did say that he was on deck when the Stargard was hit and the concussion blew him right out of his laced up boots. He next remembers being revived on one the British vessels that picked up survivors. He and two other, including Jacobsen then cook, were on his particular rescuer.

Amongst the many folds of the cook's coat, Dad remembers that Jacobsen had secreted the ship's cat. The cat seems to be missing from your survivors' list.

Thanks for the great pages and the little bit of history I can add to my father's file. Too bad he didn't live to read your pages which he would've done with much zeal and interest.

Here's my page about Stargard.


Aug. 13

From: Laurel Bergren

Edward Wullum

I am looking for information on Edwar Wullum. He died in a shipwreck off the Cape of Good Hope in the late 1880's or early 1890's. He was my Grandfather's father. Edward or Edvard (V)Wullum was the captain of a ship: I don't know the name or what kind of ship. He was from Trondheim; Var Frues Kirke has him listed as Einar Wullum's father and a seaman. As my mother has told me, years after the shipwreck was reported someone brought the ship log to our house in Chicago. I never saw the log, and my mother does not know what happened to it. I am searching for relatives in Norway. Any information is appreciated.

Thank you.
Laurel Bergren

I suggested the National Archives of Norway website, and the Norway Heritage Project website, which both have discussion forums.


Aug. 9

From: James Greene


My father was skipper on the hmt Kennymore on the 25 nov 1940, in the Thames Estuary the kennymore was sunk by a mine. My Father and some of the crew were rescued by the trawler Conquistador. On the way in to land with the survivers the Conquistador was in collision with another ship and also sank, my father spent several months in hospital in Sheerness. What I would like to find out is how many crew where on the Kennymore, how many survived, and wich ship collided with the Conquistador and who took them into Sheerness after the collision. I do hope this is not too much to ask but any information would be most helpful.
Yours cincerely James Greene

I've suggested my Ship Forum for this query.


Aug. 6

From: Eric Byron


I was a Radio Operator on the Toronto from June 1944 until July 1945 and would like to have the details of the voyage of that period if possible. I remember sailing to South Africa, South America, USA, East and West Africa and Italy but the order escapes me.
Can you help??

I'm afraid I can't help with this. Here's what I have on Toronto (on which my father served as radio operator after the war).


Aug. 3

From: Patricia Thomson

MV OA Knudsen

Sorry I did not use your forum for my enquiry but I could not find a search box on the ship forum. However I think that the Kaia Knudsen in your ship list is probably the one that I was looking for.
Pat Thomson

Again, see my note below. I think what might be confusing Patricia is that she has the name as MVOA Knudsen.


Aug. 3

From: Patricia Thomson

MV OA Knudsen

My brother-in-law served on this oil tanker in 1940. He was 19 and in effect ran away to sea as he didn't like the war time job to which he was assigned. He was taken on as a deck boy. Unfortunately this ship is not in your list of ships. Can you give me any information as to how I can find out what happened to this ship? She was 22,000 tons and built in Hamburg.
Many thanks
Pat Thomson

O.A. Knudsen is listed on Ships starting with O, as well as on a separate page.


July 30

From: Ian Menzies

Golar Freeze

Dear Madam,

I was researching an old ship of mine when I came across your excellent web sight. I think it's really important that someone document this way of life as it has nearly disappeared from Norway forever. (I work for one of the last great old Norwegian family owned shipping lines~Wilhelmsen)

Any way I have in my file a photo of Golar Freeze departing Tokyo bay in the mid/ late 70's. Arounnd 77, I think. Please let me know and I can forward it to you. Best of luck with your research.


Ian Menzies

Golar Freeze was one of my father's ships.


July 27

From: Jennifer Clark

Einar Forsman history

Who was looking for history on Einar Forsman? I wonder if you are looking for was my father and just recently passed away.

2 people have posted to my Guestbook re someone named Einar Forsman, one on Oct. 29-1941, the other on Sept. 30-2004.


July 22

From: David Tranter

Convoy RU 12

The following mainly from Lloyd's 1946/47 and Starke Registers.

ex- Brockabeck '32 ex- Zamora
3621/05 o.n. 120582
Requisitined by U.K. 1940 from Estonia

ex- Lexa Maersk '37 ex- Lexa '32 ex- Lexa Maersk ex- Nyljobing
Requisitioned by U.K. 1940 from Denmark

Br. flag
Owned by George Gibson & Co. Leith.

I think that the 'Stockport' mentioned is the Convoy Rescue Ship which according to Arnold Hague's book arrived at Reykjavik.
Actual quote
"ON 65 Clyde to detachment to Reykjavik 8 to 14 Feb 1942
HX 174 from joining to Clyde 17 to 21 Feb 1942"
End quote.
I wonder if she sailed with RU.12 and left the convoy at sea to join HX 174.

Hoping that the above information will help.

David Tranter


July 17

From: Graham Moore

M/T Solheim

Just a quick message to say that the photo of Solheim is the postwar vessel ( ex. Norbris ). I have a print of the same photo which was taken by Skyfotos, I believe in 1953. It is certainly post-war as the company did not start operations until at least 1948. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the Solheim of 1934 which was lost in the war, but recognition drawings in the 1942 Talbot-Booths Merchant Ships bear this out. I'm looking at the history of Hvalfangersselskapet Norge A/S at the moment, so there's a few Sols to sort out !

Cheers, Graham

The picture Graham is referring to used to be on my page about Solheim, but has now been moved to Norbris.


July 15

From: James Ray Adams

Ship Name

In 1945, I sailed from Norfolk, VA to Oran, Algeria in a convey. I cannot recall the name of the ship. It was a c-3 motor vehicle piston type ship. We went from Oran to Marsell, France and then returned back to the states. I need the information for my Vet. benefits. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


Ray Adams

I have no way of assisting with this.


July 13

From: Jose Gonzalez

Empire Warrior - 37º06´49´´N 007º23´48´´W

I dive in the Empire Warrior. I dont speak English, sorry.
from Ayamonte, Huelva, España


July 13

From: Hugh MacLean

ss Baluchistan

Hello Siri,

Have been back to your site often and am still trying to take in the amount of information that you have made available on your site. Great credit to you.

I was reading through your Guestbook and noticed the entry from Stuart Smith Walton below. I believe he may have seen the picture of Balucistan from my website.

If he would like to get in touch he can contact me via my website.


Thanks again

Hugh is referring the a message posted on Jan. 22 this year (further down on this page). I've provided him with the E-mail address.


July 13

From: Wayne McKay

Maloja sign (plaque)

I wanted to send you a photo, but this will have to do. I have aquired 2 large signs or shields that I was told came off of a ship.

They depict an oval shield under a sun with four countries shown possiably India, Rome, asia & Egypt. In the center of this is a masted ship which I believe has a steam paddle on it

under this crest it has writted Quis Separabit

further down it has Maloja engraved

Would you have any Idea if these belong to the M/S Maloja?

All the best

I'm unable to help with this request.


July 5

From: Ray Cooke

My father served on a number of Norwegian merchant ships during WW11. Those I have managed to trace are; Berto, Kul and Lysland.

His name was Samuel Wilson Cooke and he died some years ago. On many a night he would tell his tales of the war years at sea but I have only tales which have faded with the passage of years. I am 58years old. b. 1948. I am researching his 'sealife' and any help you may give would be appreciated.

His ID Card is number BS 01273 but I also have a photo of him from an ID card holding the number R10781 on a sign over his chest. He was a boatswain.

Thank You Sir
Ray Cooke


July 4

From: Gillian Hopkins


My name is Gillian Hopkins and I'm trying to find information on my Grandfather Francis Reginald George Hall who was a 4th Engineer and was on the CHARENTE when they scuttled her, he then ended up in MILAG NORD POW No was 623.

I would like information on who he served with and what it was like for the crew in OPERATION PERFORMANCE and any other information like did anyone know him I would be very gratefull as his grand daughter I never knew him.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind Regards Gill.


July 4

From: Richard Ng

Anna Odland

This is a wonderful and comprehensive website that is very informative and beautifully done. I have seen a bell in someone's possession in Malaysia which has the name "Anna Odland - 1950" enbossed on it. I understood that this bell was obtained in Chittagong some years ago but wonder about the authenticity of the bell. Since the Anna Odland was produced in 1939 and subsequently Anna Odland 2 in 1961, I wonder why the the date 1950 is embossed on the bell.


July 2

From: Kelly Simrajh

For your "Kos Whale Catchers" page.

1947 "Kos 32"
Hvalbåt (Whalechaser)
ton: 511
output: 1655 IHK
Sold to: A/S "Kosmos", A Jahre
Machine: Framnæs mek.

1947 "Kos 31"
Hvalbåt (Whalechaser)
ton: 511
output: 1586 IHK
Sold to: A/S "Kosmos", A Jahre
Machine: Framnæs mek.


Kelly Simrajh (Australia)


June 30

From: Paul Sturrock

Very Interesting site...


June 26

From: Elizabeth Rossvold

Hello! My name is Elizabeth, daughter of Øyvind Rossvold, son of Kari Holm and Kyrre Rossvold. I have never seen pictures from my family on my fathers side. I have a son now, his name is Ruben and he's 10 years old. We live in Trondheim. It was nice knowing about my relatives. Thank you.
Have a nice summer.

From Elizabeth and Ruben Rossvold

Elizabeth is referring to information found in my Genealogy Database - Kari Holm was my father's sister.


June 23

From: Justin Andersen



In an earlier entry I said my father was Chief Officer and wireless operator on the Thorøy during WW 2. You refer to the bombing in Bristol. I have just been talking to my aunt (his sister) who had been in contact with a fellow sailor who was badly injured in the leg (later amputated) by the bomb. He said my father stayed with him during the raid and by applying torniquets saved his life until the ambulance was able to get through.

Your site must be about the best on the web!! Keep up the good work

Justin Andersen

(Here's the Thorøy referred to).


June 19

From: James T. Kirk

Exellent site, keep up the good work.
Very interesting indeed.


June 19

From: Rev. Shaw Moore

Great Work, Take a bow.


June 16

From: Tine MacKay

War service


My uncle, Hilmar Thuv served as a Merchant Marine during WWII. My mother, Alma Thuv, and her sister and brother, Laura and Odd Thuv, were sent to Drumtochty Castle in Scotland for the duration of the war. They are from A i Lofoten.


June 14

From: Karla Hetland Weir

1938 Hetland Reunion

Hi Siri!
We are 5th cousins. Your grandfather Lars Hetland (1794-1881) was a brother to my grandmother Kirsti Hetland (1799-1883). I would like the names of the people in the reunion picture. Was the reunion at little Hetland or big Hetland? We have heard of a Martin Luther Hetland from Iowa but he was no relation to us.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Karla Hetland Weir
Sycamore, Illinois

(The picture in question can be found on this page - Lars Hetland was actually my grandmother's grandfather).


June 13

From: David Tranter

Convoy RU 17/RU18

I think that the following are the missing ship identities ~ information from Lloyd's Registers 1946/47 and various W.S.S. publications.

Coxwold - British 1124/38
Skjold - Danish 1345/04
Willodale - British 1777/09
Rallus - British 1871/22
Svava - Danish 162/07 Tug
Frigga - Danish 1095/22
Korab - II Polish 263/38 Fishing.
Sado - Norwegian 925/17
ex- Pan

The Danish vessels were all taken over by the MOWT and placed under managment by British companies such as Ellerman's Wilson Line. I'm not sure about the tug. As there was no Danish Government in exile in London, I believe that all Danish ships were seized and placed under the British flag for legal reasons.
The 'Sago' appears to be the most likely as, due to Icelandic port limitations, most vessels going to/from Iceland appear to be under 2,000 GRT ~ anything over more likly to be in connection with Russian convoys ~ Tankers always excepted.

Convoy RU.18

Tomsk - Danish 1229/11
Owned by D.F.D.S.

A large number of the small ex- Danish ships appear to have been employed to/from Iceland.

All the above must be considered to be "Best gusses" but I think that they will be correct. From the the remarks in RU.17 under 'Sado' it appears that the tonnage was given in the original documents for most ships ~ is this correct ?

With best wishes

David Tranter

Here's my page for RU 17, and here's RU 18.


June 13

From: David Mosdale


Please if you can answer a question for me, which is- who was the M/S MOSDALE named after ??? as you can see I am a Mosdale from England born and raised till I was 15 then we moved to the U.S.

By the way this site is absolutley fantastic, hats of to you and who ever else helped, I have spent the last half a day looking thru this whole site, very good.

David Mosdale

(I'm not sure that Mosdale was named after anybody in particular. Her manager, Martin Mosvold, named a lot of his ships with names starting with Mos. Here are a few of the WW II ones)


June 8

From: David Tranter

Convoys HG.29 & HG30

I am sending you the following information which I hope will be of use.

I think that all the vessels mentioned were requisitioned at the end of the 1939/40 whaling season. Returning to the U.K. for conversion they would have been in the Gibralter area about the time these two convoys sailed for the U.K.

The following information is from "From 70 North to 70 South" by Graeme Somner.

ISBN 0 9509 199 0 X
Published 1984


Southern Breeze 344/36
Southern Chief 295/26
Southern Field 250/29
Southern Flower 328/28
1945 Torpedoed & sunk by U-1022 off Reykjavik - 03.03.1945
Southern Foam 295/26
Southern Shore 328/28
Southern Spray 319/25
Southern Star 340/30
1930 Built by Smith's, Middlesborough for Southern Whaling & Sealing Co. Ltd.
1940 Requisitioned by R.N. March 1940
1941 Purchased by Salvesen in Sept. 1941
1946 Returned to owner in January 1946
1963 Scuttled off South Georgia 21.1.1963


Silja 251/29
Stina 251/28
Sumba 251/29
1929 Built by Smith's, Middlesborough for Salvesen.
1930 Requisitioned by R.N. March 1940
1942 Transfered to Soviet Navy Feb. 1942
1943 Acquired by Admiralty March 1943
1947 Handed back by Soviet navy to R.N. March 1947 but uneconomic to refit, so transfered to M.o.T. and laid-up.
1950 P/f Lopra, Faroe Islands
1955 P/f Hvalaveidufelagid, Faroe Islands, renamed GRANI
1957 Broken up in Germany.
Svega 251/20

The two careers shown above are only samples. I can send further information about the other vessels from the source if required.

Best wishes

Dave Tranter

Here's my page about HG 29 and here's HG 30.


June 8

From: Jeffrey Fox

My grandfather

My grandfather was in world war 2 and it is nice to learn about parts of the war I had no idea about.


May 21

From: Dena Palmer

How does someone find information

How does someone find information on someones sailing record if you only have his name and that he was a chief engineer aboard a Norwegian Merchant Ship that sailed regularly into Liverpool England in the late forties as I am a family history researcher and I am looking for this information for a friend and found this great site from google and hope you can give me some pointers.

(See my text towards the end of this page, as well as this external site. If the seaman was British, the Public Records Office at Kew might be another option).


May 19

From: Andrew Thurson

Wonderful website

Under the heading of M/S BILL, you refer to me, wondering whether I could possibly be crew member Arnfinn Torkildsen. Yes, I anglicized my name when I became a US citizen in 1953. Recently became aware of your site thanks to the daughter of a deceased SSH gunner, Oddvin Liseth.

For more than 30 years my avocation was Norwegian sailors, their histories, etc. during WWII. I edited a newsletter sent to all known US and Canadian gunners. In January of 2001 I had a paralyzing stroke.
This is being written by Nancy Thurson, my wife.

I know that we will have much enjoyment from your website. Looking up former shipmates has given me great pleasure.

Andrew Thurson a/k/a Arnfinn Torkildsen

Here's my page about Bill.


May 15

From: Sheila Rowat


Hello, my father, Ole Nyland came to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to be trained as a pilot at Little Norway in Toronto. I have contacted both the consulate in Ottawa and Toronto to no avail. Would you be able to give me any idea where to start? All I have is his name and that he came from Oslo. Mother is deceased and there is no futher info available to me. I understand that there may be other children in Norway. Would appreciate any help you may be able to offer.

Thank you, Sheila Rowat

(I have Sheila's address)


May 15

From: Chris Smith


Have been impressed by your site for a long time and posted a request for information about the Lylepark which has been very helpful. Unfortunately I have tried to log on without any luck, I have treid to re-register and the verification process does not work for me either!!!! Very frustrating as I really have found your site so helpful especially as I notice a source of information giving me the possibility to contact the Grandson of the Lylpeark Chief Engineer which I can't do as I can't get registered......
Would appreciate any help or advice please.
Chris Smith

(This has now been remedied - Chris is referring to my Ship Forum)


May 13

Samson Calhoun


You have a wonderful site. As a collector of 19th century shipping documents, I found your site particularly fascinating. I look forward to many more visits.


May 12th

From: Den

This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!


May 9





May 1

From: Carl Ottersen

M/S Siranger

I was hoping to find out more of this ship, as I am in the process of scanning in my father's old fotos, and amongst the notes to the negatives came the name Siranger.

My father, Finn Georg Ottersen, was a teenager at the time; my grandfather Reinhold Bastian Ottersen, was the resident surveyor in Trieste for Det Norske Veritas.

The Siranger was built under his supervision, in 1938-39.

The fotos, taken by my father up in the stands, are of her launching.

Happy to send you them if you like.

Carl Ottersen

Here's my page about Siranger.


Apr. 29

From: Greg Slager

SS Brask

Thank you for the Great site. My Grandfather was the 1st Engineer on the Brask. I located some information several years ago. The presentation you have prepared is outstanding. I have a black and white photo of the Brask that was taken off the coast of Africa.

Thank You
Greg Slager

Here's my page about Brask


Apr. 27

From: Mary Ward

Crew Member on "Basilea" 1943/1944

A friend of mine served on the Basilea during World War Two and is rather keen to gain as much information as possible. I have printed details of the ship from your website together with photographs and now he is curious about the various Norwegian War Medals. No doubt he would be eligible for some form of medal recognition so perhaps you can assist with a contact address where he can check up on this. In view of the fact that he was very young when he served on this ship he thinks he may be the only survivor. He can also give you information in respect of the captain's death which is written up as "unknown cause" in your website. If you could make contact with him that would be absolutely brilliant - he does not have a computer but his contact details are as follows:
(address and phone number witheld - can be obtained via my E-mail address, which has been provided at the bottom of this page).

I do not mind if you make contact with him through my e-mail address as I would contact him immediately with any information in respect of the above.
Thank you very much in anticipation and greetings to you and yours from the southernmost city in New Zealand.
Mary Ward

Here's what little I have on Basilea.


Apr. 19

From: Sebastiano Gernone

Charles Henderson Bari 1945

I am Italian and I live in Bari. About the Charles Henderson every year in the date 9 April we have a celebration in the place in which there had been the explotion of the ship.
In my town there is a friend of mine that has written articles and introduction to books about the ship Henderson, the name is prof. Antonio Leuzzi, his editor is http://www.edizionidelsud.it. On my web http://www.telestreetbari.it there is also a document, an article by Nicola Bottalico who is living and he was working on the Henderson. We have also movies with interviews with Bottalico and others, but also in the documentary Combat Film there are American movies with about the explotion and the 9 april 1945 in Bari. Sorry for my English

Sebastiano Gernone


Apr. 18

From: Bill

Love the site!!


Apr. 17

From: David Tranter

Convoy SC.122

The following from 'Ships Without Names' by Brian MacDermott. ISBN 1-854409-126-3

LST 305
Launched 21.09.42
Commissioned in RN 07.12.1942
Sailed in SC.122
Sunk 20.02.44 by U.230

LST 365
Launched 11.11.42
Commissioned in RN 14.11.42
Survived WW.2 in a Damaged condition.

A Great Site ~ one of the best

best wishes

David Tranter

Here's Convoy SC 122 on this site (I was unsure of the nationality of the 2 LST's)


Apr. 11

From: Jennifer

Just found your home page its great, it looks like you folks do great service, keep up the good work.


Apr. 10

From: Irving Tricyu

Just Right

This is just the right thing that I was looking for, thank you!


Apr. 9

From: Betty Bennett

Liberty Ship ww11

I have a picture of a ship and at the bottom of the picture it say Liberty Ship world War 11 and on the side of the ship it says A. Lacy Rollins. It looks to be a pencil stetch drawing. On the back it does have a label that says Meyers Photo Shop Pictures and picture framing 2-2020 325 N. Robinson. Doesn't give a city or state. Under that in pencil handwriting it says March 8, 1944. Then under that there are three initials that look like EGT. That is all the information I have. I can't find any information on the part that says A. Lacy Rollins that is written on the side of the ship. If you could tell me any information on where to look further I would appreciate it.

(I can't find a Liberty Ship by this name)


Apr. 7

From: Etta

Interesting site. Didn't know what I was getting myself into when I clicked on a link and was taken here, but all in all, great job!


Apr. 1

From: Rick Pitz

M/T Thorhild, BP Newton, Sommerstad

Hi. Thanks for the excellent site! I have some additional information on several ships that I am happy to share.

The M/T Thorhild was part of Convoy HK-106 Subsidiary, leaving Pilottown, LA on 27-Sept-1942, to join the main body of Convoy HK-106 (which left Bolivar Roads on 25-Sep). This convoy sailed to Key West, Florida, arriving 29-Sep-1942. Thorhild was listed as final destination UK, so I assume she picked up another convoy in Key West. There were 12 ships in the subsidiary convoy (Thorhild was the only Norwegian vessel). The main convoy had an additional 26 ships plus 5 escorts (Task Unit 91.1.1). In the main convoy were the Norwegian Tankers B.P. Newton (serving as Convoy CDRE) and Sommerstad. The Newton has final destination listed as UK, while the Sommerstad is listed as Port Arthur.

The source of the information is from the voyage report for Convoy HK-106 Subsidiary and HK-106, obtained from the US National Archives and Record Administration. My father, William R. Pitz served in the US Naval Armed Guard as a signalman on the USAT General George W. Goethals, which was also part of this convoy.

Convoy GAT-16 info - Here is some more information on Norwegian ships in Convoys.

Convoy GAT-16 left Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on 22-Oct-1942 for Trinidad, with 24 ships plus 4 escorts (Task Unit 92.1.5). Included among the convoy were the following Norwegian ships, with final destinations listed:
Thorshavet (Trinidad)
Britamsea (Carapito)
Alar (Carapito)
Thorshov (Curacao)
Sandanger (Curacao)
Skandanavia (Puerto Cabello)
Anna Knudsen (Pt. Forte)

Source of information is the voyage report of Convoy GAT-16, obtained from the US National Archives and Records Administration. My father, William R. Pitz served in the US Naval Armed Guard as a signalman on the USAT General George W. Goethals, which was also part of this convoy.


March 28

From: Laughing Moose Wellcome

Thank you

Thanks to you brave Norwegians, my relatives in Denmark did not face the Nazis alone to fight for Scandinavia. My Uncle Paul fought in the Danish underground. I was fascinated by the stories on your website of Norwegians fighting with the Philipino underground alongside Americans and Philippinos. In 2001 I had the honor of meeting one of the Philippino guerillas, Pio Birondo Posadas who fought on Mindanao against the Japanese and hid out in caves carved into the jungle hillsides. He spoke fluent English. It's quite possible he bumped into some Norwegians. God bless you.

(The story referred to above about the Norwegians fighting with the Philippinos etc. in the jungle can be found on my page about Ravnaas).


March 25

From: Jonathan Henriksen

Joan (Aires) Henriksen

I wanted to complement you on your site! My mother Joan (Aires) Henriksen was a radio operater and survived, and still does. I want to thank you, for your mention of her. I think as her son, I even know her a little better now. She is an amazing women, and I love her dearly.

Cheers...again thanks
Jonathan Henriksen
Victoria BC

Jonathan's mother served on the Norwegian Kirkenes during the war. If anyone knew her and would like to get in touch, I can provide her son's E-mail address.


March 22

From: Linda Williams



Would anyone know how I would get some pictures of a concentration camp in Germany known as Marlag and Milag Nord, I would like these as soon as possible please. Thank you and God bless

I have suggested the local Public Library.


Marc 20

From: Carla J. Borgen

Capt. Johan Carlsen Borgen, my father

This is such a fantastic site, thank you for posting all this great information. To my delight, I see one of my relatives has been searching for info on my late father....all this would not be possible without your diligent work. Keep it up !


Carla J. Borgen

Carla is referring to a message posted by Beryl E. Carlsen on Aug. 2-2005 (on Page 5 of the Guestbook).


March 18

From: John Townsend

My visit to your fantastic website

As a Veteran of WW2 who served with the British Merchant Navy from 1937 to 1949, wish to compliment you on a truly wonderful website. Having taken part in both the Battle of the Atlantic and Artic convoys, have found much pleasure in viewing ON convoys as too the JW and RA Russian convoys.
The presentation is simply superb and I so enjoyed the cruising formation, which has been of particular interest to me. I intend to pay many more visits to your terrific website, and once again, many sincere thanks for all your hard work and devotion in creating such a mass of information. Which I only hope will 'show' the present generation all the young lives that were lost during WW2

I have my own website which I have dedicated to all my Shipmates, many of whom only found a watery grave "somewhere out there"


I would deeply appreciate a Link to your own website 'if possible'


March 17

From: Morley Eldridge

A very professional site, a shining example of how good the Internet can be! I have posted a query in the forum on a ship on behalf of my mother.

The forum thread mentioned can be found here.


March 14






March 13

From: Maria Naess Watson

Re D/S Trolla

Thanks to this site, me and my family were finally able to learn in detail about the fate of my great uncle Oscar Julius Naess, who was chief engineer on D/S Trolla. He was one of the casualties when Trolla was torpedoed in 1942 and he was later buried in Halifax, Canada.
We were also able to learn about the fate of his son, Leif Aage Naess, who was one of the casualties from M/S Tabor in 1943. (Had he survided, he might still have been alive today at the age of 85 years old). Thanks again for the opportunity to find out about our loved ones.
Maria Naess Watson

I absolutely love getting message like this - they let me know that what I'm doing means something to somebody!
Here's my page about Trolla, and here's my page about Tabor.


March 9

From: James Mutch Crockett

HMS Hammond

Like you I am also tracing the past life experiences of my father, and I have found a lot of information on the internet so far. But with my success up to now more doors are opening in my persuit of information. If you have time please open my blog http://blog.360.yahoo.com/jamesesq and read the story I wrote about my fathers invovlement in the rescue of the King of Norway from Molde in Norway(1940), my father Skipper (Jakey) Crockett and his crew were also saved! (I cannot find this story at the link provided)

Now I have a few more points of interest to look into:
1. His ship HMS Hammond was sunk by a dive bomber off Aandalses during a heavy bombing raid on Molde. My father and his crew were joined by a group of Norwegians who aided my father to get to Molde and his eventual rescue. Now firstly, the Norwegians who helped my father were also taken onboard the rescue vessel the "HMS Glasgow", at my fathers behest and went with the King to Tromso! (In fact my father insisted that the Norwegians involved in his rescue were taken on board the Glasgow!) So they were taken to Tromso along with the King Haakon and his son Olav. I have always wondered if they stayed in Tromso and if their families are still there!
2. The Hammond was refloated and served in the Kriegsmarine under the name of V5115 Salier, but I have since been told that it appeared back in Norway and sailed under the Norwegian flag!
These two points are where my interest lies now, can you point me in some direction to find out more?
I would be eternally grateful....and thank you for your time, ..........James

I referred James to my Ship Forum


March 6

From: Mavis Marsh

Harold Juniper my dad

I am trying to trace the family of Harold Juniper, he was a ww11 crew member on hms mine carrier "Adventure". He was my "natural" father and I never saw him again after the war. I know there are other offspring. I just need to be able to have closure re my father.

Mavis' address can be provided


March 2

From: Gerry Dunn

Searching for WW2 merchant navy radio officers. Brothers John and Joe Mander who used to live at the City Arms Hotel in York. Any info to Gerry Dunn 01482 866865 or (E-mail address witheld*) - They attended Hull Technical College in 1943 so will now be in their 80's.

* E-mail address can be provided via the contact address at the end of this page.


Febr. 28

From: Giuseppe Bellia

Compliments! it's really an amazing page...lots of information i was unable to find anywhere else an d a lot of useful links too...again compliments


Febr. 27

From: Ewel McCabe

SS Bengore Head May 9th 1941

I would like to thank you for the info I found on this site, regarding the final day of the ss Bengore Head, the one life lost on that day, on board the SS Bengore Head, was my Grandfather Jack McCabe (William John McCabe). I was reading info on convoy ob-318 when it all became very real and very deeply touched by what I had read, all I could do is read it over and over and think of my grandfather, as this was the first news I had found about what happened to him, thank you

kindest regards Ewel McCabe

Ewel has probably come across my text for Borgfred.


Febr. 26

From: Nick Chipchase

Røsten, Bokn, Kongshaug, Isbjorn

I have dived and identified the wrecks of these ships. Anyone requiring further details please contact me.

Nick's address can be provided


Febr. 23

From: Stephen Wright

Thanks - and some info.

It has been a pleasure to look at your site - so well produced and well laid out - thank you! It is clearly a labour of Love! I have been using it to research ships which visited the small port of Silloth in the U.K.

I have some information which you may like to know. In October 1942, the SS 'Bjorkhaug' arrived at Silloth (which is on the West coast of the U.K, in Cumbria). She had come from Devonport (the Naval base on England's south coast). The ship arrived on 25th October and loaded Government stores, probably for delivery to Devonport, prior to the North African campaign. She left on October 29th. This gives you a little more insight into this ship's activity - I hope it is useful.

The SS 'Vestfos' also called at Silloth on several occasions during the late 1930s, to load coke (coal) for Norway.

For info, here's my page about Bjørkhaug.


Febr. 22

From: Terence Hotston

Missing person

I live in australia and i must commend your website as being the most comprehensive on merchant navy ships and personel i have seen on the internet. I have been searching since 1995 for a cousin lost at sea on an arctic convoy in WW2. It seems there is almost no records for many of those sailors that gave their lives for us who live today.


Febr. 22

From: Sandra Sloly

Hector Sloly

Mr. Hector Sloly is my father he served on the Royal Navy 1943-1945 his last ship was Jamaica Planter, also he was a merchant seaman who visited Jamaica until it sank, he now resides in England. I was born in Kingston Jamaica w.i.
If you think this the Hector Sloly email me or write Sandra Sloly-Adamson (address can be provided).

I'm not entire sure what Sandra is referring to here, but I found 2 Guestbook messages re a Hector Sloly, one posted on Oct. 13- 2002 (on Page 2 of the Guestbook), the other on Oct. 19- 2005 (on Page 5 of the Guestbook).


Febr. 21

From: Keith Thomas Cederholm

Fritz W Cederholm / Fernlane 7 May41

Fritz Cederholm was my dear father who sadly passed away 25 September 2004 (He would have been 88 on 23 October 2004)

He was 3rd officer on Fernlane and was unlucky in that he caught malaria fever whilst in West Africa after the sinking. After recovery in New York he saw out the rest of WW2 as 2nd Officer on Montevideo (Ivaran Lines) with Captain Reider Kristiansen, Radio Officer Arvid Naess, 3rd Officer Solfest Kvam.

He met my mother Nora Payne at the British Council in Liverpool, when King Haakan opened the "Norwegian Room" there in 1942, Arvid Naess was with him that day and he met and subsequently married my mother's friend Hilary Craig.

Fritz and Nora married in Liverpool (St Michaels Church, Wavertree) on 14 February 1943. It was not the romantic day but the only one they could both get leave! My mother was a nurse and it was not a good time in Liverpool just then.

Fritz stayed in "Montevideo" until early 1950 when he was chief officer. He was able to gain a job in Port of Liverpool on dredgers and floating cranes. Eventually becoming Captain of "Mersey Compass" 2500DWT dredger, and stayed there until he retired in 1979.

He has 2 sons, myself Keith born October 1950 and my brother Norman born July 1946.

I followed in dad's footsteps and went to sea and in 1986 when chief officer in VLCC London Victory was appointed pilot in Boston, England. I had to retire after 6 years with poor health but after 3 years of treatment went back to work as Cargo superintendent with "Lys Line" (Simonsen and Slang). I have retired again now (more ilness) so we came home to Liverpool and I do a small job teaching navigation.

I have a photo of Montevideo leaving New York on 2nd September 1943. I obtained from US Coastguard archive via the daughter of Solfest Kvam. Solfest took up a similar job to my father but in NY and his daughter worked for the USCG.

Capt Kristiansen worked in Philadelphia as a Cargo Superintendent until he retired, and Arvid (My special "Uncle") sadly passed away in 1975 having never recovered from injuries sustained on another ship later in WW2

I don't know if this is the kind of response you want, but I am very proud of my father and of my heritage. I visit Norway at least once per year (I cannot write the language and my spoken Norwegian is (I am ashamed to say ) - Not the best.

My father's ashes were laid to rest in the family grave at "Dypvaag" near Tvedestrand in November 2004. He was the youngest of 10 and the last to go. My brother and I were joined by many cousins and friends at the simple ceremony, and I will carry on going to see Dad for as long as I am able.

He was a good proud honest and hard working man, who because of the terrible times in those dark years and beyond made a life away from his motherland, but he never stopped being Norwegian and he brought us up to love and appreciate a beautiful land and its wonderful people.

Here's my page about Fernlane.


Febr. 21

From: Kathleen

HMS Hardy

Hello im just wondering if any of you have a member of your family who was on the HMS Hardy, my dad was a petty officer on it. I just know it was a big part of his life and he talked a lot about it but i was just 13 when he died so i do forget lots of things now..i do have some pics of the ship and crew and i was wondering if anyone else has some..this is a great site i could read up on the past forever...thanking you.



Febr. 20

From: John Bakke

M/S John Bakke

I am trying to locate a large picture or photo of the M/S John Bakke. Since there are 5 John Bakke's in our family I thought it would be great to have this picture. I would like to frame it and give it to my 1 year old grandson, John Bakke.

I would appreciate any information you can give to me regarding this request.

The only pictures I have of this ship are the ones on my page about John Bakke.


Febr. 16

From: Ulrich Tiesler

Thank you for this most interesting site. I am one of the three sons of Raimund Tiesler and I enjoyed to reed about my uncle Oscar to whom I became acquainted in 1957. As a small boy I admired him because he was a very cheerfull person. I also knew about those things you wrote about and think it most interesting to read about that in the net.
Best regards

U. Tiesler

Ulrich is referring to some text I have about Raimund Tiesler on my page about Breñas. The "uncle Oscar" he mentions was the captain of Breñas.


Febr. 9

From: Vincent Martlew

Annie Martlieu

I continue to be amazed at the amount of information you have compiled. I was thrilled to see my mother's ship "Iris" listed and details of her sinking. You were right, I did mention that she served on the "Gudvor" in 1944 but that was after the "Iris". She passed away in Nov. '97 at the age of 89. She was always very proud of her wartime service on Norwegian ships and the fine people she encountered as fellow crew. Thank you

P.S., In order for me to obtain papers to sail in the Canadian MN, I told them I was 16 when I was 14 and changed the spelling of our name and legalized it when I became a US citizen

My page about Mosdale has a complete list of Canadian radio operators on Norwegian ships, with links to their ships.


Febr. 7

From: Erik Andersson


I have an Australian friend named Kelvin Johannesen and his grandfather or great grandfather was born in Moss, Norway (I suppose) and left by boat for Australia.

I do not know if you are interested in this but write me if so.

Best Regards,
Erik Andersson, Sweden.


Febr. 2

From: Charles Gallagher

D/S Irma

I found a certificate for my cousin who was a passenger who used the D/S Irma to take "Spitsenbergentur".
The Captain who signed it: G or Jusl Olsen, 4 august 1926.
Thank you for posting to your Website what happened to the ship. Wonder what happened to Captain Olsen.

(Here's my page about Irma)


Febr. 2

From: Richard Nacamuli


I've found your site to be very informative. I've learned a lot on Norwegian shipping. Thanks.


Febr. 2

From: Stuart Usher

Shetland Bus - "Blia" disaster

In the section of your website where you deal with the "Shetland Bus", you make mention of the dreadful loss of the Blia, and I wonder if you can help me in this regard please?

I am currently putting together a Powerpoint presentation on Shetland Bus operations, and would like to say something about the loss of Blia and all of her passengers and crew. I note that you include a black and white photo of what I assume is the Blia on the slip, and that it was sent to you by Bjorn Milde. I wondered if you could arrange for me to have contact with Bjorn to see if he would email me a copy of the photo so that I could include it in my talk. I would be delighted to give credit to whoever is the owner of the picture.

Many thanks and best regards

Stu Usher

Here's my info on Blia - I've put Stuart in touch with Bjørn.


Jan. 31

From: William Olsen

Grandson of Alfred Olsen

Hello and I feel you have a wonderful site here. I have been longing to find out info about my Grandfather Alfred Olsen 3rd Mate on the Bonneville, I have no pictures of him. I see one of my brothers left a comment here, nice to see. If anyone reading this has any photos or stories to share about my grandfather please contact me olsenb at halifax dot ca. (replace at and dot with the appropriate @ and .) I am easy to find. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and work for the Municipal Government. Keep up all the great work, you are a saint.

Regards Bill Olsen

Here's my page about Bonneville. William's brother posted a message in in 2004.


Jan. 30

From: Peter Crush


Anybody looking for good pictures of M/S "Belmoira" can find two very good ones in the April 1938 edition of "Baldwin Locomotives" magazine. One is of the bow alongside the docks and the second a good aerial shot of the ship sailing down the Delaware River with a consignment of locomotives on deck.


Jan. 30

From: Alex Haslam

Kenneth Perkins

Ken Perkins served as Radio Officer on the General Ruge, Grena (where he was torpedoed, and there is a listing for him on that ship on your site) and finally the Astrid in 1945.
Can anyone provide me with pictures of any of these ships or any information in general about his shipmates particularly on the Grena ?
I am trying to build up his story for his great grandchildren.
Anything really appreciated

All these ships are listed on this site - see the Master Ship Index


Jan. 29

From: Nick Chipchase

SS Bokn, Convoy WP183

I have dived all the wrecks of Convoy WP 183 plus many others between Start Point and Needles. If anyone wishes to know positions or other information please contact me.

(Nick's address can be provided. Link to my page about Bokn can be found in the message below)


Jan. 26

From: Annemarie Mathews

SS Bokn, Gunner Hazelgrave (Hezelgrave)

Imagine my surprise, after almost 20 years of searching for information on the ship my grandfather Daniel Hezelgrave served and was killed on during WWII was posted on the world wide web. As my mother never knew her father, and my grandmother, Annie, never got over losing my grandfather it was such an amazing surprise to have found some information finally on the web. As you said you could not find anything for Gunner Hazelgrave under the Commonwealth War Graves website, it is because his last name was misspelled. He is actually Hezelgrave.

Initials: D
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Able Seaman
Regiment: Royal Navy
Unit Text: H.M.S. President III.
Age: 28
Date of Death: 09/07/1942
Service No: P/JX 263494
Additional information: Husband of Annie Hezelgrave, of Leeds.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: Sec. BV. Grave 516A.

I actually am American, my mother immigrated in the 60's from Leeds, England after having met my father, so I/we only get there every several years. I have always gone to his headstone, but never could figure out what SS Bokn was, because British ships were all entitled HMS, then to find out he actually was tied to the HMS President III and SS Bokn, it makes so much more sense.

What I don't understand, is why his and several others serial numbers start with an alpha and not only numeric. What does P/JX mean if anyone knows?

Again thank you for posting the information. If you would like more info about Danny, please feel free to contact me.

Annemarie Mathews
Sacramento, California

Here's my page about Bokn.


Jan. 26

From: AWS

U-Boot 21 and U-Boot 363


Historical moments of the WK II
u-boats in Norway.


Jan. 24

From: Moira Aanonsen

Svein Aanonsen

Thank you for the information regarding my grandfather Svein Aanonsen, 1st mate on D/S Svint. My father Aanon Aanonsen was a boy in Norway when his father was fighting with the Allies. The family did not know of their father's fate until the war ended. Later my father came to Scotland and married my mother. He died some years ago and is buried in north west Scotland. A magnificient place for a man of Norwegian birth; beside asea loch with the Torridon mountains towering above.
My thirteen year old daughter has been asked to write a history essay about people in WW11 and is writing about her great-grandfather.
My father told us that during the war the family had a hidden radio and they listened to broadcasts and messages from the BBC. He had to memorize these and run to neighbours and outlying farms interested in resistence with the news.

I also clicked onto your home page and your daughter's profile and the following may interst her.
My mother's family name is Wallace. Family tradition states that they are decended from John Wallace, brother to William Wallace. Whether this is true or not John Wallace fought with his brother against the English and two years after William's execution John was also captured, taken to London and executed in the same barbaric fashion. She wrote a novel about the brothers which sold quite well.
2006 is the 700th anniversary of Robert the Bruce becoming King of Scotland and my mother has recently had a book published about the patriot king and Scotland's struggle which culminated in the victory at Bannockburn and the Declaration of Arbroath, which some historians believe was the inspiration for the American Declaration of Independence.
The Norwegian connection. Robert's sister Isabel was married to the Norwegian King Eric. Norway was the first European kingdom to recognize Bruce as king of Scots (along with the French - just to spite the English?!)


Moira Aanonsen

(Here's my page about D/S Svint)


Jan. 22

From: Sue Harrison


I just wanted to say that I have been searching for information about my father and his time with the Norwegian Merchant Navy for some time now. I found your site today and was so excited to find a couple of references to him.

Thank you so much for putting together such an informative and interesting site.


Jan. 22

From: Stuart Smith Walton

ss Baluchistan

Thank You.

Very moving to see the photograph of the sinking of Baluchistan (8th March 1942) my father in law was on the ship as a deckhand.

We are trying to trace his life history. Anyone else remember the ship or crew?


Stuart Smith-Ealton

(I believe Stuart has contacted the wrong site re this ship - I have no picture of the sinking Baluchistan).


Jan. 20

From: Leonie Holvey

Re my dad

Hi, my dad was a merchant seaman on the Cornell oil tanker his name was JOHN HOLVEY he was a seaman for many yrs. He died in 1979 or there abouts don't have alot of info on him..great to see this site and if anyone knows of him or has a family member that may have served with him please contact me.



Jan. 13

From: Star Wood

Tai-Yin anchor bell

Believe it or not, the original anchor bell for the Tai-Yin was left at our shop today 1/13/06. It is a 10" bell (bottom diameter) and engraved with the words "Tin-Yin, 1929, Oslo".

It's solid brass with the original knocker inside and absolutely beautiful! A real tribute to this beautiful ship!

Here's my page about Tai Yin.


Jan. 12

From: W. Pop

D/S Bjørkhaug

I have read the story about the d/s Bjørkhaug in Algiers July 16 1943.
Do you have a photo of the Bjørkhaug ?
If not I can send you a photo.

W. Pop

Here's my page about Bjørkhaug referred to above.


Jan. 5-2006

From: Alf Rasmussen

Link to Photo of M/S Dronning Maud

This is a link to a picture of the M/S Dronning Maud that my father, Søren Brandsnes and Gerhard Torp used to escape from occupied Norway in August 1941. It had a one cylinder diesel engine that did not move the boat very fast across the North Sea. They were picked up by a British minesweeper off the coast of Scotland near Aberdeen after a trip of more than 52 hours. As my father told the story, one man had the helm, another would sleep, while the third had to bail continuously to prevent the boat from sinking. The minesweeper took them aboard and towed the boat in to Aberdeen and tied it to a dock. Within a short period of time the boat sank. They were confined for a short period of time until the British government could confirm their identities to ensure they were not Nazi spies.


Note that this is not the actual vessel, but one like it. This story is mentioned in several places on my site (for example on my page about Polykarp).

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