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May 1

From: Hugh Erling Lund

MS Høyanger

First of all, thank you for this fascinating website! I have already spent several hours pouring over the pages. My father, Elling Gustav Lund sailed in the Norwegian merchant service throughout WWII. He spent most of his seafaring life with the Westfal-Larsen Line. Of particular interest to me was the information, and pictures of the old MS Hoyanger (for some reason this page will not allow Norwegian letters when I type them). My father was captain of this ship from 1954 until 1958, when she was scrapped. My mother and I sailed on her several times. I have a number of pictures of the old ship and several family members aboard her. It was like reading the war record of an old family member. During the war, however, my father did not serve on her. In fact, Nortraship moved him around quite a bit. He was a mate then, and not a captain. Thank you again.


Apr. 18th

From: Mark Henry

Captain Andrew Henry

I have been doing some genealogy research and have found that Captain Andrew Henry (Elisabeth Bakke), awarded the St Olaf medal in 1942 was my great great great uncle. Proud and interesting moment for sure. Does anyone have any other info on him?



From: Jean Hood


Re message on Jan. 10 2004 from David Gale

I am researching the story of a young German POW who died in an accident in his POW camp in 1946.I knew he had been a merchant seamen, a steward, but today I found out that he was part of the crew of the Gonzenheim ex Kongsfjord. I would like to contact Mr Gale who posted info about his father who was on HMS Neptune and picked up the crew of the German ship.

Would be sincerely grateful for your help. By the way, can I just say that your website never disappoints.
best wishes
Jean Hood


Apr. 11

From: DRW

MT Barbro

The South African War Graves Project has IS Kruyer from the MT Barbro now listed because apparently he came from Cape Town in South Africa. The Barbro is supposedly listed at Tower Hill on the Addenda panel, although we are still attempting to find out whether the panel is up already or not as we are unable to obtain an image of it.



Apr. 3

From: Clair Elliott

Hans Olsen 1943 - Merchant Ship the Hallfried

Hi, I am trying to piece together some family history for an uncle of mine who's mother became pregnant with him by a Norwegian Sailor in West Hartlepool, UK in the 1940's. HE was born illegitimate and brought up by his aunt because his mother couldn't cope with the fact that he looked so much like the Sailor she loved and I believe loved her and told her he would be back. Through your fantastic site I have been able to set his mind at rest that his father didn't desert him, he was actually on the HAllfried that was sunk on 31st October 1943 by a German U Boat and obviously with his mother not being married to the sailor at the time she would never have know that. She did go a little crazy after he didn't return, I've been told she was brokenhearted. The Sailor's name was Hans Olsen and I believe from your site that he was second mate on the Hallfried. I believe this to be the same Hans Olsen, and as he is deceased there would be no way to find anything else out about him. I wondered if Norway had an easily accessible genealogy dept., to find out if my uncle may have any siblings, aunts, uncles or cousins still alive. I know this is a long shot but it would mean so much to him as he has always believed that his father just didn't come back to him because he didn't want him. Any help or information you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards Clair


March 18

From: William Green

Halifax & Sydney NS Sept 1939-Dec 1941

Hello again, High School textbooks in Canada ignore the "critical importance to Britain of the 226 convoys from Halifax & Sydney NS during the first 27 months of the War. We plan to amend this oversight by referring Teachers & students to your site.
My question: Is there any information on the numbers of ships receiving bunker fuel in Halifax & Sydney both for their Eastbound voyage OR on their return ib Westbound convoy?
Many Thanks for your wonderful wealth of information! I meet regularly with George Evans a survivor of the sinking of the Norwegian freighter DS EINVIK in Sept 1941.


March 15

From: Neil Thomson

M/T Svenor


I am currently researching my local war memorial in Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland for my post graduate MSc. Radio Officer John Dinnie (originally from Lumphanan) was a casualty when the vessel was sunk by U-105 in 1942. I have details of where he is commemorated in Lumphanan and at Tower Hill Memorial the Merchant Navy Memorial in London if you are interested.




March 12

Fra: Karen Jorgensen

s s Halland

hallo frends
i wonder if anybody els can help the ship the s s halland sunck by german aircraft 14 sep 1942 22 men on bord only 5 men lived bless them all is there anybody that can help find out more kay henry jorgensen and allso his brother savan jorgensen went down on the ss halland is there anybody that can find out more my granfather kay was born in newcasil uk he got marred to my gran mother mary jan jorgensen ner havron she was from irland larn u may email leggykaren@live.co.uk


March 10

From: Gideon Pete

M/S Trondanger

I work for a tour company in Seattle, Washington, USA. Among the various artifacts that my employer has collected over the years is an amazing model of the Merchant Ship Trondanger. This model is approximately 45 inches in length and extremely detailed. I was told by a person who took one of our tours, that every ship upon being constructed, had an accompanying model such as this one. They served the same purpose as an architect's model does for a building on land.

At any rate, this fine model is not being curated in any degree or fashion that would aid in it's preservation. I am informing you of it, in the hope that it might be of enough interest to you that someone in your organization might think about the possibility of rescuing it.


Gideon Pete


Febr. 23

From: Lee

Convoy HX 209 & HMS Borage

Whilst doing some research on my grandfather Lt Cdr Aislabie Harrison during his time in command of the HMS Borage, I found your page on the convoy HX 209.
I have a letter from the Admiralty concerning my grandfathers action during the events concerned, if you would like a copy of the letter to add to the discussion, please feel free to e-mail me.
The letter does not contain a lot of detail, but it does back the engineer's theory that it wasn't a torpedo attack.



Febr. 22

From: Halvard Halvorsen

Halvard "Halvor" Halvorsen


Halvard was my grandfather's brother and I was given his name. He was not born (but probably lived) in Skoger, Drammen, but in Vandve, Dønna - see http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?urnread_imagesize=gigant&info=ingen&hode=nei&show=64&uid=346296&js=j

According to my late aunt he would call himself Halvor to make the spelling easy for others.

Thanks for all the good work.

kind regards,
Halvard Halvorsen


Febr. 18

From: Anne Kehlet Nielsen


After my mother died I found a "Ficha Individual" (Individual identification card). It is about my father, Hans Magnus Jansen, who served on M.S. Bralanta in WW2.
Siri I wonder if you like a copy of this?
Regards Anne Kehlet Nielsen


Febr. 15

From: Don Cody

My grandfather, Cap't. Olaf Paulsen

My granfather was born in Oslo and ran away to sea when he was 12 years-old. In his 20's he married in Scotland and worked for Denholm Shipping (a Norwegian company)and was captain of the MS Broompark when it brought the heavy water out of France in September 1940. He received an OBE and Lloyd's War Medal. I think he would be eligible for one of Norways medals for bravery. Any suggestions on how I could pursue this?

Thank you for any assistance

Dr. Don Cody, Ed.D.
Oxnard, California (02/15/16)


Febr. 7

From: Paul Gillespie

HNorMS Eglantine

My father, William Gillespie D/JX 224729, was Acting Leading Telegraphist on this Atlantic Escort Corvette between June '41 and November '43. He was awarded the Norwegian War Medal and bar, plus King Haarkon 7 Anniversary medalas a serving sailor on a Norwegian ship at the time of the King's 70th birthday.
However I also have a certificate signed by the King dated on the King's birthday (27 Oct '42) which refers (after translation) to his "skill and vigilance during U-boat battles in the Atlantic Ocean the night between 23 and 24 August 1942" He was subsequently 'mentioned in despatches' 20 April 1943. The battle refers to Convoy ON122. I have found a battle report on U-Boat.net
I would really like to discover the actions of HNorMS Eglantine and in particular what my father may have done to receive special recognition. Do you think there may be a report in Norwegian Naval Archives? Who could I approach?
Like many my father never spoke of his experiences but kept a 'special' box of memories. His posthumous Arctic Star has prompted me to try to fully pay tribute to his memory. These were ordinary but very brave men.
Thank you. Paul Gillespie


Jan. 29

From: Jeb Robinson


My Name is Jeb Robinson and i was the co owner of the Redcliffe Sands.
There was am updated posting on your site on April 21 2012 from Andy Mason.
We have lost contact over the years
Could you please send me a contact number or email please.
Best Regards
Jeb Robinson

I know the Email is different from Jebs
I am just helping with his research
Nigel Bowyer


Jan. 19

From: Odd Børre Grovassbakk

Alf Grovassbakk

Hi, my uncle was a war-sailer from Norway during the war. After the war he moved to Sydney-Australia and stayed there until he's dead.

Just before he died he sent me diploms and medaljs from the war period.

I want to know more about him, but i don't know how. Could someone help me pls?

Best regards

Odd Børre Grovassbakk, Norway

I've suggested the National Archives of Norway (Riksarkivet)


Jan. 19

From: Egil Kjerstad

M/S Sveve

Dear Siri,
I was made aware of your amazing page in connection with the opening of the Norwegian War Sailor register, which was opened today. They have a link to your page recommending it warmly and I certainly understand why. Well, my father Emil Kjærstad was onboard M/S Sveve when it was torpedoed in September -42. Although he did not talk much about the years at sea as a gunner, I remembered that he said that he had been one of the men that reboarded the ship to open up the valves, which was needed to make her sink. My father came back to Norway in the Summer of -46. He was 26 years at the time. Just a final note: I have learned something very interesting by reading the entries in your guestbook: M/S Sveve was torpedoed by the notorious U-96 under the command of Hellrieger!
Thanks again for a fantastic webpage!

My page about Sveve has the story of her sinking.


Jan. 19

From: Jon Erik Berg-Hansen

M/T Ida Knudsen

My father in law:
Crew: Ordinary seaman listed as Olav Nysæter.
Name miss - spelled.

Christened and registered in Norway as
Olaf Nysether.


Jon Erik


Jan. 17

From: Helge Reinertsen

E-mail request


I found a man on your guestbook who I sailed together with on a ship called Polyglory in 1964. I would very much like to get back in contact with him, so if you could send me his e-mail adress I would really appreciate it. His name is Eddie Thompsen and he posted a message on your guestbook 11.09 2006.

Best regards,

Helge Reinertsen

Address has been forwarded


Jan. 13

From: Terry Smith

convoy pq13

Hi, my father was aboard the Tobruk in convoy pq13, i have his discharge book which shows he was assigned to the ship for some 6 months and unusally i have his wage slip for his 6 month voyage which i can make available if anyone is interested.

Kind Regards


Here's my page about convoy PQ 13


Jan. 12

From: Janne Tervonen

Norwegian merchant navy


I run hastur.fi webshop, we have lots of maritime items, feel free to use the info on your page, if you need pictures, ask us.

You have really good informative website.



Jan. 11

From: Leonnie Marytn (nee Andersen)


Hello I am so glad I found this site as I am looking for information about my father who served on Norstraships oil tankers in ww2 my father's name is Yngvar Andersen. I have some of his records but not all. I will be in Oslo June of 2016 is there somewhere I could go for this information? I will definitely reply to your email
Regards Leonnie

The National Archives of Norway has Nortraship's archives


Jan. 8

From: George A. Francisco


I have come across 2 medals, one is a Swedish flag with the Sweden - Norway Union Jack on the upper left hand corner, a sword on the Left Hand side of the flag, under the flag appears to be a blade of some type. Attached to the medal is a ribbon( in poor condition ) of blue and gold? The other is shield shape with a crown on top and three crowns in a blue enamel, also with a ribbon of blue and gold?
Have you any idea what these may be and if need be I would copy and send a photo.

Thank You

I'm unable to help with this request

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