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Dec. 29

From: Ingvald Tangen


Dear Mrs. Lawson,

This afternoon I was watching the program "Tore på Sporet" on NRK( Norwegian TV as you probably know. The program was shown on TV on the 26th of this month, and was regarding Olaus Gamst Johannesen (Olaus Johannesen on your page) who died after O.A.Knutsen was torpedoed and sunk off Bahamas. On this program, two of Olaus Johannesen's grand daughters was brought down to Bahamas where the place where Olaus Johannesen most probably was buried was found. Being a seaman myself I do enjoy your pages. And in relation to the O.A.Knutsen it was interesting to see an uncle of my classmate from navigation school, and later colleague, on the crewlist from when she was sunk.

Best regards, and a Happy New year to you.

Ingvald Tangen

Read about O.A. Knudsen on this page


Dec. 26

From: Brenda Harris

SMV Noesaniwi

My mother last received word from her brother David Griffiths from the above ship in a ship to shore letter(?) dated 1/11/1943. In the letter he said he would be going back to the States. Nothing was hard from him after that. I believe the sip was captured. If anyone has any information on my uncle, Dave, or the fate of the ship, I would be grateful if they could forward it to me at my email address


Nov. 19

From: Jim Kenny

SS Astra

My Uncle, also named Jim Kenny, served on the SS Astra from September 1940 to June 1941. He was then transferred to the Belgian ship SS Gandia. This was torpedoed and he died in January 1942 after spending weeks in a lifeboat. He was aged just 18. I have recently been shown his pay book from the Astra and was amazed to be able to match up the voyages on your site to his entries. I am sure I will be coming back frequently to your site to compare. If you would like to see scans of his book please feel free to ask.
Well done and thank you.

Astra is discussed on this page.


Nov. 10

From: Rob Brittlebank

Arctic Convoys 1944

What a pleasure to find this site after months of trying to get any information on the arctic convoys out of the Imperial War Museum! My late father was a deck officer on the ss Samgara in Convoy JW59, returning in Convoy RA60. I have his personal log which includes the navigational details of the voyage, and this site has helped me to put that into context - thank you! I have a query about the coding for the 'Cargo' details for Convoy RA60; please can you tell me what '803 standards D.B.B' mean?

(Here's my page about Convoy JW 59 and here's RA 60)


Oct. 19

From: Maria June

Brant County.

Hi," good news I have found my father at long last,his name was Ferdinand Eugene Olson, from Bergen, he died in the dingy, the ship was torpedoed, poor dad had 100% burns.The ship was the BRANT COUNTY. I have been involved with a project Manchester war museum called mixing it, it lasts for 1yr its about Norwegians and others. it will help in a small way to make my memorial to my dad and all merchant naval Allie's .
it was rather strange the day I got my father's photo you had a letter from Ivan Cloughety my first sweetheart "the one that got away. GOD BlESS YOU ALL.maria x.

Here's Brant County


Oct. 6th

From: Christine Parlow Ekman

Einar Karlsen

I am seaching for pictures and information of my ancestors, both born i Norway: Einar Karlsen born 11 September 1890 and Halvard Halvorsen born 2 March 1922. Everything is interesting :)


Oct. 3

From: Dennis Rolf

Nice Site!

I ran accidentally across your site while looking for WWII info (USA). Excellent site construction and information!

Ha en fin dag!


Sept. 29

From: Jan Nielsen

M/S Elin K


I notice in your ship listings that there is a crew list for M/S ELIN-K at the time of her sinking.
My father, Paul Nielsen, sailed on the above ship, from the 12th September 1940 to 21st March 1942, firstly as assisstant engineer and later as third engineer.
My father never claimed any medals he may have been entitalled to for his war time service, which is something I would now like to do.
I am writing to you, to ask if you have, or know where I con obtain a crew list for the time period my father sailed on M/S ELIN-K, as this is required by the medals department.
Jan Nielsen.


Sept. 16

From: Jens Inge Egeland

Norwegian medals

Hey, great page, thank you for your dads service, i am locating veterans to recommend for the Norwegian Memorialmedal, is your dad still alive? Best regards Jens.


Sept. 13

From: Lesley Newton

M/S Santos

I am trying to piece together the fascinating family history of an elderly lady from our church who told me her brother, Ranulf de Roos Norman, was the Radio Operator on a Norwegian ship that was lost during WW2, called 'Santos'. Until I found your website I mistakenly assumed this was the Santos attacked by a U boat on 24 Feb 1940, though now realise Ranulf was only 15 then! The story she told me was that her brother knew there were 2 young boys who were stowaways on the ship, who had got on board in Liverpool. When the ship was hit he told them to stay with him in the radio operator's cabin, but they panicked and ran off. He never saw them again. Ranulf's sister put a poppy cross at our church war memorial in their memory, every Remembrance Sunday until she became too old to do so, since her brother was very upset by the loss of the two boys. Interestingly your site names two young boys who went down with the ship: an Engine Boy and a Mess Boy.

Here is my page about Santos


Sept. 12

From: Thomas Weis

Missing Norwegean Vessel

Hello Siri,
I am missing the entry about this vessel:


295 BRT, 38,40m x 6,55m x 3,96m


With best regards

(There are several ships that are not included on this website, I have concentrated on Nortraship's fleet)


Sept. 11

From: Kevin Dawe

Typo correction...


It should read U-621.

(Kapitänleutnant Schünemann, Horst)

I really appreciate your efforts here!


Kevin is referring to A. Hague's info about ships in Convoy ON 136 on this page.


August 26

From: Abbas Al Zadjali

D/S Dah Puh

Allow me first to thank you for your great effort in creating this most informative and useful site.

I am from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman and wish to publish an article based on your findings regarding the sinking of Dah Puh and wonder if it is possible to have a picture of the ship itself before or after the tragic incident, or a picture of a similar ship for publishing.

Awaiting your kind reply

Here is Dah Puh (I don't have a picture).


August 7

From: Amy


I was very pleased to see your webpage. I have been working on my family's genealogy and discovered my Maternal Great Uncle James Smith was a Merchant Mariner. He was the Head Steward aboard the SS Massmar. He perished along with all others aboard on July 5th, 1942. This was a truly wonderful man. According to my mother after their father had died, this man came home to take care of his newly widowed younger sister and her eight children. My mother was the youngest at just four years of age. Uncle James made sure that his little sister, nieces and nephews were taken care of before leaving.That would be the last time they would see him. Even in death he continued to look after my Grandmother "his little sister" and her children. She along with another sister were made beneficiaries of his life insurance policy. I am so proud of this man for the service that he has given his country.

You can read about Convoy QP 13 on this page.


August 7

From: Marc Celie


Good Afternoon,

I recently came in to possession of a framed picture of DS SVEIN JARL depicting the vessel
at anchor in an unidentified port. The photograph unfortunately got damp at one time or other over the years and is stuck in places to the glass, making removal impossible without damaging the photograph.

I have managed however to take some pictures which give a fair rendition. If you should be interested to have these, give me an e mail address in order to forward them.


August 4

From: William Green

A Convoy question

Hello again; I will be creating a website to explain "the importance of the cities of Halifax & Sydney NS during the first 27 months of the War" when over 220 convoys left for Britain which "proved absolutely fundamental to Britain's ability to survive as an independent country" as described by PM David Cameron on Sept 22, 2011. I hope one of your readers can explain the difference between "tanker B" and "tanker W"
Many Thanks, Bill Green


July 27

From: Aud Christiansen


I was in contact with you some years ago, and today I found an interesting entry in your guestbook, March 15 2010 (?) from Ron Murray. My dad was Gunnar Roll-Larssen, 2nd engineer when the ship was sunk in January 1942. Mr Murray had found his uncle's story about that fatal day, and I would be very interested in obtaining a copy. Would it be possible for you to give me Mr Murray's contact details? Hopefully I can get in touch with him, even though it has been 5 years since his guestbook entry. Thank you!
Aud Christiansen

Address has been forwarded


July 17

From: Kailey

Ole Jacob - 2nd Mate

My great grandfather is Johan Jacobsen, 2nd mate on Ole Jacob. He ended up in San Diego, California after the capture. He waited there for the duration of the war, separated from my great grandmother and young grandfather who remained in occupied Norway. They were reunited in San diego after the war; my grandpa was about 8 years old by then. They lived there for the remainder of their lives. His documents say that he arrived in San Diego on foot by way of Mexico. I'm not sure how he got there but I know it was after he left Japan.

Thank you for the information on the ship and capture.

My information on the capture of Ole Jacob can be found on this page


July 10

From: Casper Kaars Sijpesteijn

Fred Olsen, Bomma and Baden

Dear Sirs, I came across your site by sheer coincidence. I am very impressed by the site and it brings lots of memories of these old and beautiful ships. I noted that you have an open ended question on the utilization of these two ships in their post war times. These ships were trading between Amsterdam and Kristiansund and took on passengers as well.
I have sailed in the early sixties on both the Fred Olsen freighters Bomma and Baden as a passenger.
We as a family of 6 spend several consecutive summer holidays in the Oslo Fjord, on the island of Tjome. For us going by sea was an efficient way to travel and of course it also had its associated adventure. The car, an Opel P2 station car, was loaded on the front deck. As far as I remember we made the trip 3-4 times.
I hope this was of interest.
Best regards
Casper Kaars Sijpesteijn

Here is Bomma and here is Baden


June 30

From: Brian Ives

SS Skagerak

I believe there are 2-3 graves at St Mary's church Shotley Suffolk England with unknown Danish sailors buried by the CWGC in the Church cemetery bottom corner.

At the very bottom of my page about the Norwegian Skagerak, there's some information about the Danish Skagerak.


June 14

From: Maryann Hurt

Charles Thompson on the Rosenius


There is an old message on here:

"June 6-2002

From: R. Larkin


hi and thanks first would you have a list of mariners names for a ship Rosenius out of Norway 1880 I am looking for a Charles Thompson who sailed on her my grand father.

I tried to reply to this message several times, but my mail came back as undeliverable".

I'm interested in this, as my great-grandfather was Charles Thompson and he had a daughter who married an Arthur Larkin. I see that you tried to respond. Did you have any information?

(I've forwarded a contact address to this poster).


June 13

From: George Bingham

Oslo fjord

Hello my hobby was diving when I was able, I have some small items that I found on the wreck i.e. an egg cup and very unusual to find one but I found three clay pots that cream was stored in them a fish knife and another two clay pots could try and put photos of them on here if you thought it appropriate. It was nice to read the history of the ship.

Here i Oslofjord.


Good Afternoon,

I was wondering if anyway had any knowledge on the Vibran ship, made I believe 1935 and was sank by Germans in 1942, the reason I ask is because my Grandad (Arne Hopsdal) had sailed this ship several times during his Norwegian naval career (fortunately not when it was sank and all aboard perished)
And he was painted a picture of the Vibran by a close friend, M.Knudsen or Knutsen, it's quite a large oil painting.
I can send photos if anyone is interested.

If you know anyone who could shed any light on the artist I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks,


I'm unable to help with this.


May 25

From: Kelly Everitt

General Ruge sailor

In an Oct. 29, 2001 post by Gerry Strong in this forum, s/he mentions Einar Forsman had given him/her photos, etc from his time on the General Ruge during WWII as a signal man. I am Einar's granddaughter. I see that the site the info was to be used on was saveourtales.com which now appears to not exist. Does anyone know where this info went or if Gerry is available to contact?

Feel free to contact me personally or on list.

Thank you.

I've passed on Gerry's address.


May 19

From: Leanne Crabb

Crew list on the Alfred Olsen

My father Monrad Otterå, was one of the sailors rescued in a lifeboat after the sinking of the Alfred Olsen on May 9th, 1941. I would just like to correct the spelling of his name, you have him listed as Monrad Atterå instead of Otterå. I'd really appreciate this to be corrected. Thank you for all the information you have provided.
Kind Regards,
Leanne Crabb

Here's my page about Alfred Olsen.


May 13

From: Mike Smith

D/S Sigurd Jarl

Dear Sir,

In June 1864 Arthur Smith Woodward and his wife travelled on the D/S Sigurd Jarl to the north of Norway for their honeymoon. He was a very important British palaeontologist who was knighted after retiring from the Natural History Museum in 1924. Following a successful celebration of the 150th anniversary of his birth last year we are writing a proceedings that will include some of Lady Smith Woodward's memories, including their honeymoon. I would like to include one of the images which are from postcards credited to Bjørn Milde, specifically the lefthand image with the fjords in the background. I need to contact Bjorn to obtain his permission. Can you help?

Yours sincerely

Mike Smith

Address has been forwarded.


May 6

From: Linda Sorrell née Murray

Alexander Muurray

I have just found out that my dad Alexander Murray was on the boat that split in two during the second word war I was wondering if he received any medals for this time
Thank you
Linda Sorrell

I'm guessing Linda is referring to Vardefjell? I have no way of knowing whether he received medals, I would have imagined his family would have known whether he did or not.


May 6

From: Krayzmsn Inora

Sailor Dij Repin Killoran 1927-1929

I published an article about Windjammer Killoran, about with losses Swimming
1927-1929 and Russian sailor Dij Repin.(Sjöhistorisk årsskrift för Åland 2014). I ask: who has more a photo of seafarers knows more about swimming Killoran 1927-1929 email me please <ika20033@googlemail.com>.
Best Regards Krayzman Inora


May 4

From: Kelli Louie

Bjorn Pedersen, Norwegian Airforce, POW

Hello, My mom is turning 93 this year and we are trying to find out information for her. Bjorn Pedersen was mom's fiancé. He was involved in the Norwegian underground when Russia attacked Finland before WW2 and involved in the Norwegian underground during the war. He got his wings in Toronto and he was sent to England.
He was on a mini sub looking for the turpits in England. Mom can't figure out why they put him in a sub when he just got his wings. The sub was bombed and he was sent to one of the Stallag camps. Everything she sent to him in camp was returned to her via the Red Cross shortly before the war ended. Do you know how we could find out what happened to him or where he might be? Thank you!

I've suggested the National Archives of Norway, but they would need his birthdate.


Apr. 30

From: David "Deke" Kennison

Thank You For Your Work

I just wanted to deliver thanks for having taken so much of your time to establish your excellent website. I found information about several vessels that my father served on in WWII and am grateful for the hard work and dedication on your part that made those discoveries possible. Keep up the good work and, once again, thank you.

Regards, David "Deke" Kennison


March 24

From: Peter Bergerson

Locating an Uncle in the Atlantic

Thanks so much for this great warsailors site. It is the only one I know of which allowed me to see exactly what one of my RCN uncles (Scottish Drybrough side) aboard a Corvette was up to when escorting convoys between N. America and UK. It was also satisfying to see the Nordic sources of the site, given my Norwegian-side ancestry (Bergersen/Hornnes/Halvorsen/Madsen et al.) largely from the Skjeberg area.
Good on ya!


March 21

From: John Churchill


I was looking over the name of the ship my parents traveled to China on in about 1949.
I have a picture of the ship with the name on it. FERNHILL OSLO. Records show that the Fernhill was sunk in the mid 40's by a U-boat.
I can not find any records that there were two ships with that name.
Any ideas about this mystery?

(Another Fernhill was built in 1948).


March 15

From: Eduardo Grandio

Whale Catcher KosIII / Süd VI Wreck.

I want to thank you for the usefull info gathered from your site.

It helped me in the process of identification of a Canarian wreck as the Süd VI (ex Kos III), norvegian (Kosmos) whale catcher sold to german Deutsche Ölmühlen Rohstoffe GmbH. The ship wrecked, April 1938, off the Baja de Gando reef (Island of Gran Canaria, where I live and dive)

Lots of info at:


March 12

From: Dawn Meredith

HMS Avon and Tonsberg Tarifa

I am writing a book about a local Vet Jim Haynes, (Edward James Haynes) who was a british sailor onboard HMS Avon when it picked up survivors from the torpedoed Tonsberg Tarifa near Aden. We're anxious to get our facts straight. At 90, Jim's memory is a little dodgy! I am pretty fluent in Norsk, so messages in Norwegian are fine. If you know anything or have contacts, we'd love to hear from you. time is running out for these guys. Not many of them left. I want to preserve what they did.

Here's my information on Tarifa (I can supply Dawn's E-mail address; my contact address it at the bottom of this page).


Febr. 23

From: Mike Bean

D/S Makefjell

My Grand Father, Haakon Meitzner, told me that his brother, Erwin Meitzner, was the Captain of a Norwegian
Merchant ship when it struck or nearly struck a German submarine.

I found information on your site in which the D/S Makefjell came in contact with a German submarine in 1940, off the coast of Ireland. The Captain's name was Oywind Meitzner. I think this is my great uncle and I would like to know if and where I could find more information on this incident?

Here's Måkefjell


Feb. 12

From: Joanna Ray nee Londal

Further research

My Dad has been researching his Dad's whereabouts during WWII and we are now trying to track down where the injured Norwegian sailors where located in Scotland. We know Grandad's boat was sunk and he was picked up and brought to Arbroath and from there we believe he was then sent to Oban to recover. Does anyone know the exact name of the house/home/manor/hospital that the sailors were taken to for recovery? I can't locate any of this information and we have a chance to visit Scotland this summer and would love to take my Dad there.... Many thanks, in advance for any information.


Febr. 10

From: Ulf Pedersen

m/t Gard

My father Kristian Pedersen was captein on this skip from building 1938 to 1945. together hanging 5 years( the war ) plus 2 years direct after that.

Here's my page about Gard


Febr. 10

From: Malcolm Calvert

Captain Calvert

Captain Calvert was the father in law of Captain G.R.W.Holdsworth of 'Master Standfast' who died on 10/11/43. He was on the 'Ball Bearing Run 'and the only man to die in this action.

(See also the message re. Captain Calvert a little further down pon this page).


Febr. 2

From: Greg Fromyhr

MT Teddy/MT Ole Jacob

Hi Siri,

The site is still going well, excellent.

I notice this comment against MT Teddy, " However, I've received an E-mail from Scott Parry, the grandson of Able Seaman Kaare Nilsen (see crew list above) stating that he too heard this tale growing up." Is there any way I could contact Scott as I think I have mentioned before the story of the "fabricated measles" in Kobe I had heard from my late father Thoralf Frømyhr way back in the late 1950s and 60s. With these comments now from three different sources from direct descendants of merchant mariners from Teddy/Ole Jacob who have never had contact with each other there seems to be some truth or a good story made up in 1940 and passed down (which is unlikely).
Cheers...Greg Fromyhr, Brisbane, Australia

The note referred to above can be found in my text for Teddy


Febr. 2

From: Roar Venås

Leif Venås

Hello Siri.

What a fantastic job you have done. You have been able to create so much war historie and put it in a wounderful frame.

A few weeks ago I send you a little store about my father Leif Venås. Who were in Nortraship whole war, and in 25. april 1942 got the war medalj for his tribute to save the ship MT STIKLESTAD.

Hope that this story are something you can be interested in.

Greetings from Roar Venås

Stiklestad is discussed on this page


Feb. 1

From: Malcolm Calvert

Lloyds Medal

My grandfather, Captain J.W. Calvert awarded the Lloyds Silver medal for meritorious services by the Norwegian Shipping and Trade Federation 14th. January 1943.
We have the medal along with his O.B.E.and the letter stating this.
He was Captain of B.P.Newton.

Here's the account on B. P. Newton's escape from Sweden, with crew list.


Jan. 13

From: Colleen

Borgholm/ Henrich Wesenberg

Since I wrote to you we have actually uncovered more photos in the homestead we are restoring. Amongst the photos are several photos of crew and the ship including the guns etc. Do you have any interest in posting these photos??

See my page about Borgholm (pics will be added).


Jan. 13

From: Erik Brun

American Army

A number of former merchant sailors ended up in the Norwegian American 99th Infantry Battalion (Seperate). 99ThBattalion.org.


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