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Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939 - 1945
Ships starting with V

Ships in Foreign Trade (allied service)

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= the ship was in Nortraship's Fleet
= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)

= steam ship
= steam tanker
= motor vessel
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Name of Ship
Managed By
  • D/S Vadsø NS
7198 gt
Built in Brunswick, GA 1944. Launched as Robert J Banks, completed as Vadsø.

Please continue to D/S Vadsø.

  • M/T Vanja NS
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
6198 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1929.

Read more about Vanja and her various war voyages.

  • D/S Varangberg NS *
Reinh. Mithassel, Oslo
(from 1939)
2842 gt
Built in Ohio 1915. Previous names: Morris Adler until 1916, Jotunfjell 1934, Varangfjell until 1939.

More information on this ship as well as details on her final fate and a casualty list have been added to a separate page, D/S Varangberg.

  • M/T Varanger NS *
Westfal-Larsen & Co. A/S, Bergen
9304 gt
Built in Amsterdam, Holland 1925.

M/T Varanger has more information on this ship, including info on some convoy voyages, her final fate and crew list at the time.

  • D/S Varangmalm * neutral
Reinh. Mithassel, Oslo
3618 gt
Built in Holland 1919. Previous names: Zwarte Zee until 1928, Oued Beht until 1934, Katingo Hadjipateras until 1936.

Pre war history (received fom Ron Young): "Registered in Oslo, 109.88m length, by a 14.73m beam and a draught of 6.35m. Built by A. Vuijk & Zonen at Capelle de IJselnear Rotterdam, Holland as Zwarte Zee in 1919. Purchased by Cie de Navigation Paquet of Marseilles in 1928, renamed Oued Beht. Sold in 1934 to C. Hadjipateras & Son, Piraeus, renamed Katingo Hadjipateras. Sold in 1936 to A/S Malmöfahrt, who was the owner at the time of loss, changed her name finally to Varangmalm. The manager and address for the new company was Reinh Mithassel, Sjofartsbygningen, Kongensgaten 6, in Oslo. Her single steel screw propeller was powered by a three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that developed 301hp using three boilers. Fijenoord built the machinery at Rotterdam. She had a speed of 9-knots and cylinder sizes measuring: 40.64cm, 101.60cm, 170.18cm-114.30cm (24in., 40in., 67-45-inches)".

WW II: Varangmalm sank after striking a mine on Oct. 29-1939, 53 50N 00 17E, on a voyage from Kirkenes to Antwerp with a cargo of iron ore. 1 died. Wreck dispersed.

Related external link:
Stavern Memorial commemoration
- Seaman Johan Andreas Kristoffersen is commemorated.

  • M/T Vardaas NS *
Arnt J. Mørland, Arendal
8176 gt
Built in Kiel 1931.

Please continue to M/T Vardaas for further details, incl. crew list and info on her loss.

  • M/T Vardefjell NS
Olsen & Ugelstad, Oslo
8316 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1940.

War details and a picture as well as a crew list can be found on my page M/T Vardefjell.

  • D/S Varegg NS
Egil Næsheim A/S, Haugesund
948 gt
Built in Bergen 1910. Previous name: Otto Sinding until 1938.

Please see D/S Varegg for more.

  • D/S Varild * neutral
Egil Næsheim, Haugesund
1086 gt
Built Bergen 1910. Previous name: Gaula until 1929.

D/S Varild has more information on this ship, as well as details on her final fate.

  • D/S Varøy NS *
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
1531 gt
Built in Sunderland 1892. Previous names: Lisabon, Hegre?

See D/S Varøy, incl. crew list at the time of loss.

  • M/T Vav NS
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
6415 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1931.

M/T Vav has year by year war voyages (and a picture of the ship).

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  • M/T Velma NS
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
9720 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1930.

Continue to M/T Velma for a summary of this ship's various war voyages.

  • M/S Velox NS
C. H. Sørensen & Sønner, Arendal
3831 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1922. Previous names: Arator until 1924 (1922?), Sveajarl until 1935.

M/S Velox has more information, including some convoy voyages.

  • D/S Veni NS
Peder Smedvig, Stavanger
3006 gt
Built in Sunderland 1901. Previous name: Tonbridge.

Again, all available information has been assembled on a separate page. See also Deane Wynne's account on life on board.

  • D/S Ven Koh NS *
T. B. Torgersen, Oslo
5752 gt
Built in Vancouver, Canada 1920. Previous name: City of Vancouver until 1936.

Seized by the Japanese Government in May-1941 - read more about this incident and her crew.

  • M/T Vera NS
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
6485 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1934.

M/T Vera has year by year details of her misc. war voyages.

  • D/S Veslekari
D/S Furenak A/S, Vartdal
296 gt
Built in Oslo 1919.

Seal catcher. Registered in Ålesund. Took part in expeditions to Jan Mayen, and served as rescue ship (salvage vessel?) around Iceland.

Some of her voyages are listed on this original document received from the National Archives of Norway.

Requisitioned by the Royal Navy in April 1943 and used as salvage vessel under the name Bransfield.

POST WAR: Returned to owners in July 1946.

Related external link:
Veslekari - The site also has a List of Greenland Convoys in which several Norwegian ships are listed. Here's the the main page.

  • D/S Vespasian NS *
Hilmar Reksten, Bergen
1570 gt
Built in Porsgrunn, Norway 1935. Previous name: Betta until 1940.

See D/S Vespasian (w/crew list).

  • D/S Vest NS
Lundegaard & Sønner, Farsund
5074 gt
Built in Stockton-on-Tees 1920. Previous names: Stonewall until 1923, Silverbirch until 1924, Ardenhall until 1936, Cefnybryn until 1936, Galeb until 1939.

Vest was one of several Norwegian ships that experienced the explosions at Bari in Dec.-1943. D/S Vest has more information, as well as a crew list.

  • D/S Vestfold *
Johan Rasmussen & Co., Sandefjord
(Panamanian flag)
14 547 gt
Built Middlesbrough 1931.

My page D/S Vestfold has more information, including convoy voyages.

  • D/S Vestfold I, II, III, V, VI, VIII, IX, X
Johan Rasmussen & Co., Sandefjord
(Panamanian flag)
273 - 355 gt

Whale catchers. Owned by Vestfold Corp, Panama, which was controlled by Johan Rasmussen & Co, Sandefjord. All sailed under the Panamanian flag. A separate page about these catchers has pictures and more information on each one.

  • D/S Vestfoss * neutral
S/A Thor Thoresens Linje
1388 gt
Built Oslo 1909.

D/S Vestfoss has a picture and details on her final fate.

  • M/T Vesthav
Trygve Lodding, Oslo
10 298 gt
Built Malmö, Sweden 1941.

Launched on March 11-1941 from Kockums Mek. Verkstads A/B, Malmö (217) as Vesthav for Trygve Lodding, Oslo, 10 298 gt, 6219 net, 16 450 tdwt, 8 cyl. 2 TDV MAN DM (builders), 5500 bhp.

Laid up in Malmö for the duration of the war.

POST WAR: Delivered in Aug.-1945 as Vesthav to Skibs-A/S Sydhav (Per Lodding), Oslo. Sold in 1956 to R. A. Oetker, Hamburg, and renamed Heinrich Christian Oetker (German flag). Sold for breaking up to Eisen & Metall AG, Hamburg, where she arrived on April 18-1963.

Another Vesthav was delivered in March-1964, managed by Per Lodding, Oslo, built in Copenhagen, 33 822 gt. Sold to China in 1974 and renamed Jian Hu, renamed Da Qing 253 in 1977, broken up in China 1995.

  • D/S Vestland NS *
Rich. Amlie & Sverre Amlie, Haugesund
1934 gt
Built in Michigan, U.S.A. 1916.

D/S Vestland has more information.

  • D/S Vestmanrød NS
O. G. Gjessens Eftf. (descendants), Skudeneshavn
691 gt
Built in Delfzijl, Holland 1919: Previous name: Snenut.

See D/S Vestmanrød.

  • D/S Vestvangen NS
Gørrisen & Co. A/S, Oslo
2420 gt
Built in Danzig 1930.

Information on her war voyages is available at D/S Vestvangen.

  • M/S Vestvard NS *
Lauritz Kloster, Oslo
4319 gt
Built in Rostock 1925.

More info is available at M/S Vestvard, which includes a crew list at the time of loss.

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  • M/S Viator
C. H. Sørensen & Sønner, Arendal
3053 gt
Built in Landskrona 1938.

SOLD IN 1939 to Germany and renamed Angelburg.

  • M/S Vibran NS *
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
2993 gt
Built in Helsingör, Denmark 1935.

M/S Vibran has a picture and details on her fate (w/crew list).

  • D/S Victo NS *
Bjarne Ruud-Pedersen, Oslo (from 1939)
3655 gt
Built in Sunderland 1906. Previous name: Skogstad until 1927.

See D/S Victo (w/crew list).

  • M/S Vigo *
Bruun & von der Lippe, Tønsberg
6755 gt
Built Glasgow 1919. Previous names Glenluce until 1936, Ionopolis until 1937.

Built in 1919 by Harland & Wolff, Glasgow as Glenluce for the Glen Line, 405'9" x 54'2", 11 knots. Sold Febr.-1936 to P.Wigham Richardson, Newcastle, renamed Ionopolis, then sold to Skibs A/S Vigrid (Brun & von der Lippe), Tønsberg and renamed Vigo. Used as whaling supply ship in the Antarctic.

SOLD in 1939 to Rederi-A/B Jamaica, Stockholm (Sven Salen) and renamed Korshamn, in Sweden - West Indies service. Torpedoed and sunk in Convoy HX 112 on March 16-1941 (or March 17, depending on time zone used) by U-99 (Kretschmer), 61 09N 12 20W. 26 died, 11 survived ("The World's Merchant Fleets").

NOTE: Jürgen Rohwer lists the Swedish Korshamn as ex Vigeo.

Related external link:
Glen Line Fleet - Scroll down to Glenluce. A section of the Red Duster website, which also has the history of other Glen Line ships.

There's a Norwegian Vigo of 710 gt listed as sailing in Convoy HN 16 from Norway to the U.K. in March.-1940. This ship is listed in the Homefleet Section of this site. Germany had a steamship by the name Vigo, which struck a mine and sank in the River Weser on March 6-1944.

  • D/S Viggo Hansteen NS
7176 gt
Built in Baltimore MD 1943. Previous name: George M. Shriver until Oct.-1943.

One of 10 (11?) ships added to Nortraship's Fleet in 1943, on bareboat charter from the United States War Shipping Administration. See my page "Ship Statistics and Misc." for a list of the others under "Gains 1943". Viggo Hansteen was taken over in Baltimore on Oct. 20-1943.

See my page D/S Viggo Hansteen for misc. war details.

  • M/S Vigilant
Olav Ringdal, Oslo
4765 gt
Built in Hamburg 1923. Previous name: Talisman (Wilh. Wilhelmsen), Tønsberg until 1937.

See Ringstad.

  • M/S Vigrid NS *
Olav Ringdal, Oslo
4765 gt
Built in Hamburg 1923. Previous name: Titania.

See M/S Vigrid. When sunk, Vigrid had some American nurses on board - crew & passenger list is included.

  • D/S Vigsnes NS *
Kr. Jebsen Jr., Bergen
1599 gt
Built in Bergen 1930.

For more details on her war voyages, as well as a picture and info on her final fate, please continue to D/S Vigsnes (also has a crew list).

  • D/S Vigør NS *
S. Ugelstad, Oslo
1518 gt
Built in Langesund, Norway 1935.

See D/S Vigør for more information (includes a partial crew list).

  • M/T Vilja NS *
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
6672 gt
Built in Malmö 1928.

M/T Vilja has details on her war voyages and final fate (w/picture).

  • M/S Vilja
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
5313 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1942.

Built by A/B Götaverken, Gothenburg (563), launched in Apr.-1942, tweendecker, 5313 gt, 3983 net, 9470 tdwt, 442.8' x 56.8' x 25.3'. Laid up in Gothenburg for the duration of the war.

POST WAR: Delivered on Aug. 30-1945 as Vilja to Skibs-A/S Nordheim (Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co.), Oslo. From 1948, in the Pacific Orient Express Line, then T/C May-1950. From May-1953, British Phosphate Commissioners. Ran aground in Brockville Narrows, Lake Ontario on Nov. 30-1959, when outbound in heavy fog. Subsequently laid up in Prescott, Ontario until the spring of 1960, repaired that year. Purchased by A/S Krohn Brekkes Rederi e.a., Haugesund in July-1961 and renamed Bingo. In service Europe/America, Europe/The Far East (T/C). Sold in Jan.-1969 to Bright Greek Sky Shipping Co. S.A., Piræus, delivered in Bremen on Febr. 4 and renamed Silver Hope. To Silver Hope Shipping Co. Ltd., Famagusta, Cyprus in 1970. Sold for breaking up in March-1974, broken up in Taiwan. (Source: "Våre gamle skip", Leif M. Bjørkleund & E. H. Kongshavn, and info received from Tor Leiv Tørvik, Norway - his source: Dag Bakka Jr.).

  • M/S Villanger NS
Westfal-Larsen & Co. A/S, Bergen
4884 gt
Built in Newcastle 1929.

All available info on this ship has been assembled on my page M/S Villanger (includes a picture).

  • D/S Vilma NS
K. S. Nordgreen, Bergen
1314 gt
Built in Sunderland 1906. Previous names: Capitol, Grovemont, Tudhoe.

In the coal trade Svalbard-North Norway. (This ship ended up in Nortraship's register though it didn't get out of Norway).

Some of her voyages (to Apr.-1946) are listed on the following documents received from the National Archives of Norway:
Page 1 | Page 2

Attacked by British aircraft in Sognefjord on Dec. 3-1940, on a voyage from Fauske with cargo of limestone. The bombs did not hit, but subsequent machine gun fire badly wounded the cook, John Gerhardsen, and killed the pilot Hagbart Gustavsen. Vilma was damaged, but able to proceed to Knarrevik.

Related external link:
Stavern Memorial commeoration
- This is the pilot, mentioned above.

  • M/S Vindeggen
Chr. Østberg, Oslo
3124 gt
Built in Newcastle 1921.

SOLD IN 1939 to Germany and renamed Olga Traber (W. Traber & Co.). Later British Empire Orwell, 1945, Russian Poltava in 1946.

See also Tropic Sea.

Other ships by this name: Norway (Jens Folkman) had lost 2 ships named Vindeggen in WW I, one built 1895, 2610 gt - sunk by the German U-35 north of Mallorca on Sept. 27-1916, while on a voyage from Newcastle for Spezia with a cargo of coal. The other Vindeggen was built 1916, 3179 gt, sunk on June 10-1918.

  • M/T Vinga NS
A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen
7321 gt
Built in Danzig, Germany 1927.

Continue to M/T Vinga (w/ partial crew list).

  • M/S Vingnes
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
5201 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1941.

Built by A/B Götaverken, Gothenburg (548), launched Nov. 27-1940, 442.8' x 56.8' x 35.2', sister ship of Vilja above. Laid up in Gothenburg.

POST WAR: Delivered on July 17-1945 to Skibs-A/S Nordheim (Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co.), Oslo. From 1948, in the Pacific Orient Express Line until Jan.-1955, then on TC. Damaged by fire in Aug.-1959 in Hudson Bay, when on a voyage to Port Churchill for cargo of grain. Damages were considerable, and the steward lost his life. Repaired in Kristiansand, Norway. Sold in July-1961 to Sigbjørn Birkelands Rederi, Bergen, delivered in Sept. that year, renamed Ole Bratt. Sold in Jan.-1968 to Enomena Shipping Corp., Andros, delivered in Venice on Febr. 16, renamed Anemone. Sold to Chinese breakers in Jan.-1974, leaving Mizushima for Shanghai on Jan. 30-1974. (Majority of info received from Tor Leiv Tørvik, Norway - his source: Dag Bakka Jr., picture is available).

  • M/S Vinland NS
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
4436 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1924.

Read more about Vinland and her war voyages at M/S Vinland (also has pictures).

  • M/S Vinni NS *
Sverre Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
5181 gt
Built Gothenburg 1937. (Tonnage is listed as 5200 gt by Ditlev-Simonsen).

Built by A/B Gøtaverken, Gothenburg, in 1937. 425.6' x 56.8' x 21.6' (dimensions from this posting to my Ship Forum).

WW II: Captain Helmer Henriksen. On charter to British Phosphate Commissioners. Captured and sunk by auxiliary cruiser Komet on Dec. 7-1940, 5 miles south of Nauru 00 41S 16 55E, having recently arrived from New Zealand to take on a cargo of phosphate. M/S Vinni's Story has a summary of the main events of Dec.-1940 - includes crew list and a picture of some of the crew sent to me by the captain's grandson, Captain Henriksen's report about the time he and his men spent on Komet, details on what daily life was like on Emirau where they were all subsequently landed, names of the other ships that landed prisoners there, facts on Komet etc., etc.

Her voyages prior to capture are listed on this original document received from the National Archives of Norway.

Related external link:
The "Komet" Raider - Quite a bit of info, Vinni is mentioned. The main page has links to many more interesting stories.

Sverre Ditlev-Simonsen & Co. had another ship by the name Vinni after the war, and Helmer Henriksen also served on this ship from the end of Nov.-1946 until he retired in June-1947. This was Nortraship's D/S Leiv Eiriksson during the war.

  • M/S Vito NS
Olav Ditlev-Simonsen jr., Oslo
5181 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1937.

M/S Vito has a year by year account of her various war voyages.

  • D/S Viva NS *
C. H. Sørensen & Sønner, Arendal
3798 gt
Built in Fredrikstad, Norway 1938.

Please continue to my page about D/S Viva for more information, incl. crew list.

  • M/T Vivi NS
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo
6546 gt
Built in Oslo 1932.

M/T Vivi has an account of her misc. war voyages, as well as details on a fire in New York that took the lives of 9 crew members.

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