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Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939 - 1945
Ships starting with C

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= the ship was in Nortraship's Fleet
= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)

= steam ship
= steam tanker
= motor vessel
= motor tanker
= turbine tanker

Ca - Ch
Name of Ship
Managed By
  • D/S Cadmus NS *
L. Harboe Jensen & Co., Oslo
1855 gt
Built in Copenhagen, Denmark 1926.

D/S Cadmus has the details on her final fate as well as a survivors and casualty list.

  • M/T Caledonia NS *
Lorentzen Rederi & Co., Oslo
9892 gt
Built in Hamburg 1936.

Please continue to M/T Caledonia for more information, incl. details on her loss and a crew list.

  • M/S California Express NS
Sigurd Herlofsen & Co., Oslo
3649 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1934.

Read more about this ship - includes a picture.

  • D/S Carl Oftedal NS
7176 gt
Built in S. Portland 1945. Previous name: George N. Drake.

See D/S Carl Oftedal.

  • D/S Carmelfjell NS
Olsen & Ugelstad, Oslo
1334 gt
Built in Oslo 1935.

A separate page about D/S Carmelfjell has a picture, as well as info on some of her convoy voyages.

  • D/S Carrier NS *
Valdemar Skogland A/S, Haugesund
3105 gt
Built in Le Trait, France 1921. Previous name: Capitaine Bonelli.

See D/S Carrier (includes a crew list).

  • D/S Cetus NS
Henrik Østervold, Bergen
2614 gt
Built in Port Glasgow 1920. Previous name: Moto until 1936.

More information is available at D/S Cetus.

  • D/S Charente NS *
Fearnley & Eger, Oslo
1282 gt
Built in Porsgrunn 1935.

According to a document received from the National Archives of Norway, Charente was at Bordeaux at the beginning of March-1940, departing on the 3rd, arriving Verdon that same day. Her voyage information is given as "Bordeaux for Oslo, but arrival Oslo is not given; the next piece of info in the document says simply "off Fuglø Island", March 10, adding that she was at a Scandinavian port on Apr. 11 (probably meaning Sweden) and at Varberg on Apr. 28 (Norway had been invaded by the Germans on Apr. 9).

She was one of the well known "Kvarstad"-ships that attempted to break out of Sweden on March 31/April 1-1942 following a long court case there. Only 2 out of a total of 10 ships involved managed to reach their destination (Operation Performance, Sir George Binney). Please go to my page Kvarstad Ships & Men for background facts and details on the breakout and all ships involved, with a crew list for each ship as well as info on their fate.

See also my Norwegian Warsailor Stories section for the story of someone who served on Charente at the time of the breakout, Monrad O. Nordby.

(My page Ships in Sweden has a list of, and information on the Norwegian ships there in 1940).

Related external link:
Astrup Fearnley
- the Fearnley company today.

  • M/T Charles Racine NS *
Sigvald Bergesen d.y. & Co., Stavanger
9957 gt
Built in Odense, Denmark 1937.

See M/T Charles Racine for information on some convoy voyages, as well as details on final fate and a crew list.

  • M/S Chr. Knudsen NS *
Gunnar Knudsen, Porsgrunn
4904 gt
Built in Copenhagen, Denmark 1925.

M/S Chr. Knudsen has the details on her final fate and a casualty list.

  • M/T Chr. Th. Boe NS
Olaf Boe & Co., Arendal
6192 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1930.

Learn more about this ship and her voyages.

  • D/S Christian Krohg NS *
Olaf Ørvig, Bergen
1992 gt
Built at Schiedam, Holland 1917.

More details and a crew list are available at D/S Christian Krohg.

  • D/S Christian Michelsen NS *
7176 gt
Built in Baltimore 1943. Previous name John M.T. Finney until 1943.

D/S Christian Michelsen has more information on this ship as well as a crew list at the time of loss.

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Ci - Cy
  • D/S Ciss NS*
Th. Brøvig, Farsund
1159 gt
Built in Trondheim 1925.

D/S Ciss has the details on her fate.

  • D/S Cissy
Jacob Kjøde A/S, Bergen
2166 gt
Built in Sandefjord, Norway 1920. Renamed Inger Elisabeth 1939.

See Inger Elisabeth for an account of what happened to this ship.

Norway also had a steamship named Cissy in WW I, built 1891, 3030 gt - struck a mine and sank off Ushant on June 16-1917.

  • D/S Clio NS
Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
556 gt
Built in Danzig 1922.

My page D/S Clio has information on her war voyages.

  • D/S Colombia NS
T. Evers, Haugesund
795 gt
Built in Bergen 1893.

Please see D/S Colombia.

  • M/S Cometa * neutral
Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
3794 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1921.

M/S Cometa has more info, incl. details on her fate.

NOTE: Another Cometa was built in 1941, seized by the Germans, listed here in the Homefleet section.

  • M/S Corneville NS *
A. F. Klaveness & Co., Oslo
4544 gt
Built in Copenhagen, Denmark 1930.

See M/S Corneville (includes a crew list).

  • D/S Corona NS *
H. M. Wrangell & Co. A/S, Haugesund
3264 gt
Built in Middlesbrough 1920.

Please continue to D/S Corona for more details.

  • D/S Corvus NS *
Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
1317 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1921.

D/S Corvus has more information and a crew list at time of loss.

  • D/T Crawford Ellis NS
Helmer Staubo & Co., Oslo
2161 gt
Built in Sunderland, England 1930.

From April 9-1940 till January 1-1945 this ship had sailed 311 129 nautical miles, transporting everything from bananas to cows to coffee to or from ports in South America, Jamaica, Savannah, Tampa, and many, many more. Very rarely sailed in convoys, and got through the war without mishaps of any kind, and with most of the original officers on board for the duration. I've written up a detailed account of her war voyages on my page Crawford Ellis (includes the names of some of her crew members).

  • M/T Credo
J. W. Prebensen, Oslo
5069 gt

Built in Gothenburg 1916. Previous names: Laid down as Varjag, then Hamlet until 1937.

Renamed M/T Realf II in 1940 - follow link for further history, including post war.

  • D/S Cresco NS
E. B. Aaby, Oslo
1270 gt
Built in Dordrecht 1916.

See D/S Cresco.

  • M/S Crux NS *
Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
3828 gt
Built in Copenhagen, Denmark 1923.

Follow this link to M/S Crux for more information, including a crew list at the time of loss.

  • D/S Cubano NS *
Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tønsberg
5810 gt
Built in Sunderland 1921.

See D/S Cubano for more details, as well as crew list.

  • M/S Cypria NS
A/S Rederiet Odfjell, Bergen
4366 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1931.

Please continue to a separate page about M/S Cypria, detailing her WW II voyages.

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