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Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939 - 1945
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Ships in Foreign Trade (allied service)

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= the ship was in Nortraship's Fleet
= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)

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= steam tanker
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Name of Ship
Managed By
  • D/S Asgerd NS *
J. & B. Marcussen, Askerøy
1308 gt
Built in Stavanger, Norway 1924.

Disappeared in Sept-1940. Find out more about her war voyages, fate and crew.

  • D/S Ask NS
August Kjerland, Bergen
1541 gt
Built in Dublin 1917. Previous name: Lambeth until 1927, Lowfield until 1935.

Please continue to D/S Ask for more information, including a Voyage Record.

  • D/S Askeladden NS
J. T. Farsjø & Co., Oslo
2496 gt
Built at Alloa 1920.

See D/S Askeladden for more information, including a Voyage Record

  • D/S Askepot NS
J. T. Farsjø & Co., Oslo
1312 gt
Built in Fredrikstad 1937.

Please continue to D/S Askepot (also includes a Voyage Record).

  • D/S Askild NS *
J. T. Farsjø & Co., Oslo
1930 gt
Built in Papendrecht, Netherlands 1918. Previous names: Megrez until 1920, Karpin, Bockenheim until 1924.

Ran aground near Chance Cove on Dec. 3-1942. Continue reading about her final fate. There's also a survivors and casualties list and a picture, as well as some information on her voyages.

  • D/S Askot NS
J. T. Farsjø & Co., Oslo
1323 gt
Built in Fredrikstad 1938.

See D/S Askot.

  • D/S Astra NS
Markus Chr. Stray, Kristiansand
2164 gt
Built Staten Island, New York 1919. Previous names: War Tramp, George Harbor, York Harbor until 1929.

See D/S Astra.

  • M/T Astrell NS *
Prebensen & Blakstad, Risør
7595 gt
Built in Dundee, Scotland 1925. Previous name: Athelchief until 1938.

M/T Astrell has more information on this ship and her war voyages, as well as details on her final fate at the hands of U-129 on November 5-1942 and a crew list.

  • D/S Astrid NS
2861 (2858?) gt
Built West Hartlepool 1942. Previous name Empire Pilgrim.

See D/S Astrid.

  • D/S Asturias
J. T. Fearnley & Eger, Oslo
1829 gt
Built in Fevig, Norway 1912. Previous name Ærø until 1915.

SOLD TO Finland in 1939 (owner Arthur Andersson, Mariehamn, Åland).

Britain also had a ship by this name.

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  • M/T Athene NS *
Jørgen Bang, Kristiansand
4681 gt
Built Newcastle upon Tyne 1928.

Please continue to M/T Athene for information on her voyages, as well as a picture, details on her final fate in 1942 and a list of survivors and casualties.

  • M/T Athos NS
Bernhard Hansen & Co., Flekkefjord
8267 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1937.

Please continue to M/T Athos (includes a list of Norwegian ships taking part in the Torch operations).

  • M/T Atlantic NS
Wilh. & Paul Jebsen, Bergen
7342 gt
Built in Newcastle upon Tyne 1925.

M/T Atlantic has more details.

  • D/S Atle Jarl NS
Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab, Trondheim
1173 gt
Built in Fredrikstad 1919.

More information is available at D/S Atle Jarl.

  • D/S Atna
Oluf Skjeldbred Knudsen, Kristiansand
(till 1939, then sold)
1846 gt
Built in Fredrikstad, Norway 1930.

SOLD IN 1939 to Reederij 'Oost Borneo' NV Batavia, renamed Loa-Koeloe and sailed under the Dutch flag.

A Dutch visitor to my website, Roel Zwama, says "after Holland had bought Atna she was rebuilt for service to the Dutch Indies, chartered by KPM, Koninklijke (Royal) Paketvaart Mij, Amsterdam. Scuttled on March 2-1942 at Port Sourabaya" (just before the Japanese invasion, one of several vessels scuttled at Sourabaya). He also sent a picture of Loa-Koeloe. His own website is linked below. I've also received a picture of a lovely painting of Loa-Koeloe, received from and painted by Jan Goedhart, Holland.

Related external link:
Shiplovers Homepage - Photo's and data of Dutch merchant ships from 1870 till present.

The book "Damp - Dampskipets æra i Vestfold" lists another Atna, built Sunderland 1911 for Wilh. Wilhelmsen. Sold to Germany in 1925 and renamed Godfried Bueren. Struck a mine in Limfjord, Denmark on Jan. 18-1941 and sank.

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Au- Av
  • D/S Audun NS
J. & B. Marcussen, Askerøy
1304 gt
Built in Stavanger 1925.

Please continue to D/S Audun for information on her war voyages.

  • D/S Augvald NS *
H. M. Wrangell & Co. A/S, Haugesund
4811 gt
Built in Dumbarton 1920. Previous name: Torrey.

D/S Augvald has more information on this ship, including pre war history, some convoy voyages and details on her final fate in 1941 (torpedoed by U-147 on March 2) as well as a crew list at the time.

  • D/S August *
Jacob Christensen, Bergen
5254 gt
Built in Sunderland, England 1911. Previous names: August until 1929, York County until 1930.

SOLD to Greece in 1940 and renamed Dimitris 1940. Shelled and sunk by U-29 (Schuhart) June 26-1940, 44 23N 11 41W, all survived.

Related external links:
U-29 | Otto Schuhart

  • D/S Aun NS
Finn Johnsens Rederi A/S, Bergen
1908 gt
Built in Middlesbrough, England 1930.

D/S Aun has a picture and information on her war voyages.

  • D/S Aust NS *
Lundegaard & Sønner, Farsund
5630 gt
Built in Stockton-on-Tees 1920. Previous names: H H Asquith until 1932, Nailsea Court until 1936, Nailsea Manor until 1937, Danybryn until 1938, Lasta until 1939.

Please see D/S Aust for some voyage information. My page about Norwegian Victims of Thor has details on her final fate.

  • D/S Austvangen NS
Gørrisen & Co. A/S, Oslo
2420 gt
Built in Danzig, Germany 1930.

Please continue to D/S Austvangen for information on her war voyages.

  • M/S Austvard NS *
Lauritz Kloster, Oslo
3677 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1925.

M/S Austvard has details on some of her voyages, info on her final fate in 1941 and a survivors and casualties list.

  • D/S Avance I NS
Jens Henriksen, Risør
1300 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1912.

My page about D/S Avance I has more information (includes war voyages).

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