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Instructions for adding links, italic & bold text, pictures etc. to forum postings:

Phorum Code and automatic URL linking:
Users can use Phorum Code to spice up their posts. Phorum Code is much like the standard way many message board systems mark up posts.

To create a url that is linked, simply type it into your message - the Phorum software will automatically turn it into a link.

Other examples:

This will link the text 'phorum.org' to http://phorum.org.

Creates a linked email address

Creates an image tag that will show that image. It can be any picture, including jpg's, as long as it's already somewhere online.

[b]Bold Text[/b]
[u]Underlined Text[/u]
[i]Italicized Text[/i]

Makes the text bold, underlined, or italicized.

[center]Centered Text[/center]
Centers text.

[quote]Does this quote text?[/quote]
This will indent your text inside the tags.

Also, tags can be combined: [url=http://phorum.org][img]http://phorum.org/logo.gif[/img][/url]

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