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Re: Brand IV b.1938
Posted by: Platon Alexiades (IP Logged)
Date: August 27, 2006 02:36PM

Hello Terje, Maurice and Atle,
According to a Reuter report on 29 April BRAND IV was sunk on that day near Aalesund, 5 killed and many wounded.
Christopher Shores' book "Fledgling Eagles" mentions she was sunk on 28 April by JU-88 from KG.30.
There were many air attacks on 28 and 29 April and German reports are not always very accurate and it is quite difficult to assess which unit sank a specific vessel. I could not find any reference to a ship attacked near Aalesund on 29 April (but my information may be incomplete). KG.30 did operate in force on 28 April (34 bombers) but their effort was quite dispersed, hunting a British aircraft carrier (which was not located) and attacking a convoy 100 km NW of Aalesund. They also reported attacking a steamer of 2 to 3000 tons north of Aalesund, scoring a hit with a 500 kgs bomb, the vessel was on fire and beached herself. A tanker of 1 to 2000 tons was also reported hit west of Aalesund. The size of the targets may be misleading as airmen had a tendency to magnify the size of their victims.
I seem to remmeber reading something about the sinking of BRAND IV in a British report, there was something of a commotion as she was a hospital ship. Unforthunately could not locate in my notes.
Do you have any idea of the time of the attack?


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