ancient ERIDANO, Bari 1943

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ancient ERIDANO, Bari 1943

Post by davidships » Sun Jul 19, 2020 11:58 am

In September 1885 British former cable-layer and Transatlantic liner EDINBURGH (ex-AMSTERDAM ex-EDINBURGH), built in 1855, was bought by Italian Government at Suakin, Sudan (she had been sent there earlier that year under charter to the British Government as a fresh water supply ship for the military campaign). Initially renamed TEVERE, she had a refit in Venice and then served as naval transport/colonial vessel ERIDANO, and later as a hydrographic vessel. As I understand it, she was deleted from the active list in 1907 she was used as an accommodation ship at the torpedo school at La Maddalena, Sardinia; then as an ammunition storeship at La Spezia until 1916. At the end of WW1 she was transferred to Opera Nazionale del Patronato, Rome, moved to Bari as a floating school for local children, including nautical training, and transferred to Bari municipality 15/1/1925. She apparently continued in this role until 1943.

I have two questions (and would welcome any corrections/additional info):

1 - It is believed that she was re-engined during her 1885 Venice refit. Does anyone have details of the new installation

2 - What happened to her in 1943? Was she damaged in military action, or just fell apart through old age (88 years)? Or did the school close but the ship remain there a bit longer?

Also are any photos known from her time at Bari?

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