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Re: Italian merchant fleet
Posted by: LColombo (IP Logged)
Date: April 03, 2015 09:51AM

Here they are, though not all of them:

Acqui, motor cargo ship, 1794 GRT, former Guyane (French)
Aderṇ, cargo steamer, 2609 GRT, former Ardeola (British)
Albania, steam tanker, 286 GRT, former ??? (Yugoslav)
Alcamo, cargo steamer, 6987 GRT, former Hermes (B)
Altamura, cargo steamer, 3200 GRT, former Pascal Paoli (F)
Ammiraglio Viotti, passenger/cargo steamer, 254 GRT, former Topola (Y)
Aprile, motor cargo ship, 325 GRT, former ??? (F)
Aquila, cargo steamer, 3386 GRT, former Algerie (F)
Aquino, cargo steamer, 5709 GRT, former El Kantara (F)
Arezzo, cargo steamer, 1169 GRT, former Maria Nomicou (Greek)
Aversa, cargo steamer, 3723 GRT, former Kakoulima (F)
Bajamonti, passenger/cargo steamer, ??? GRT (but small size), former ??? (Y)
Bari, cargo steamer, 4706 GRT, former Tasis (G)
Belluno, motor cargo ship, 4279 GRT, former Fort de France (F)
Birbigno, steamer, 80 GRT, former Kozijak (Y)
Bivona, steam tanker, 1646 GRT, former Socombel (F)
Bojana, steamer, 249 GRT, name unchanged (Y)
Brarena, motor tanker, 6996 GRT, name unchanged (Norwegian)
Bravo, cargo steamer, 1571 GRT, former Junas (Y)
Campobasso, cargo steamer, 3566 GRT, former Bonifacio (F)
Capo Pino, cargo steamer, 4785 GRT, former Aveyron (F)
Capri, steamer, 154 GRT, former Vodice (Y)
Capua, cargo steamer, 600 GRT, former Osuro (F)
Castelvetrano, cargo steamer, 6665 GRT, former Bonneville (F)
Catania, cargo steamer, 6176 GRT, former Greek Adelfoi Chandreis (G)
Cattaro, passenger steamer, 1275 GRT, former Jugoslavija (Y)
Cervo, yacht, 33 GRT, former Jadrica (Y)
Conegliano, cargo steamer, 7997 GRT, former Min (F)
Corrado del Greco, passenger/cargo steamer, 179 GRT, former Jadram (Y)
Cosala, cargo steamer, 4259 GRT, former Serafim Topich (Y)
Cosenza, cargo steamer, 1471 GRT, former Ile Rousse (F)
Crema, cargo steamer, 1684 GRT, former Hebe (F)
Devoli, motor tanker [actually naval oiler, managed by Cooperativa Garibaldi], 3006 GRT, former Perun (Yugoslav Navy)
Diocleziano, passenger/cargo steamer, 2527 GRT, former Ivo Matkovic (Y)
Dubrovnik, cargo steamer, 996 GRT, former Dedinje (Y)
Enna, cargo steamer, 3325 GRT, former Montesquieu (F)
Enrico Baroni, steamer, 840 GRT, former Zagreb (Y)

(halfway with the list)

It seems that it was decided to name all the captured French merchants after Italian cities.

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