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Re: Gdynia-Gotenhafen
Posted by: pothkan (IP Logged)
Date: November 25, 2008 04:31PM

Yacht-Hafen: yacht REGINA III-L (24 t)

Becken II / Shipyard: Floating dock No.4 (2700 t) with torpedo-boat T 10 (840 t, KL Jürgen Brunk) - raised 4.6.1948, scrapped in Gdansk

Probably Becken II / Fishing Port:
fishing boat PIL-55 = HEIMAT (13 m)
Nebelträger D.23.G / POG 21 = CHRISTINE (15 GRT)

Becken III: tanker BLEXEN (759 GRT) - capsized; 28.2.1946 raised, rebuilt as Polish RYSY (20.8.1948), deleted c.1965, hulked, scrapped 1974 in Gdansk

Becken V: damaged SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN (22 killed, 46 wounded) 21.3.1945 towed to Becken entrance and scuttled, raised 9.1946

Becken VII: floating dock D.2.C (45000 t) - 1947 raised, 13.9.1947 towed from Gdynia by Soviets

U-boat support ship WALDEMAR KOPHAMEL (5600 t, KL Mollandin) - raised 1950, rebuilt by Soviets as KUBAN (10.1955), later barracks hulk PKZ-12 (1973), deleted 1978 & scrapped

Becken VIII: Torpedoklarmachschiff LEVERKUSEN (1273 GRT) - in 7.1952 wreck taken by Polish Navy (for rebuilt - planned name ŻYROSKOP), eventually not rebuilt, and scrapped in 1954 or later

Becken IX (probably): tug ZOPPOT / ex Polish TYTAN (274 GRT) - raised, found 3.1945 in Becken II; rebuilt as TYTAN, deleted 1980

Vorhafen: m/s FORTUNA (181 GRT) - raised 7.1948, taken by Soviets, probably scrapped

Damaged vessels (in various parts of port):

target ship (ex battleship) ZÄHRINGEN - burnt up; 26.3.1945 towed to internal entrance and scuttled; 9.7.1946 raised and towed aside, scrapped there 1951-52

(ships above were towed to Germany in 1-3.1945)

hulk (ex whaling base) UNITAS (21846 GRT) - 25 killed

U-Boat U 262 (type VII C)

Netzleger IX = GEMMA (2284 GRT)

U-boats support ship HEINZ (3994 GRT)

German cargo ship TRUDE SCHÜNEMANN (1260 GRT)

Danish cargo ship VIRGINIA (5343 GRT)


List is not complete. Probably other (smaller) vessels were sunk then.

Oskar Myszor

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